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  1. So I have a LOR Pro 1602 - CTB16DV7 Blue with 4.40 firmware. My HW Utility sees it fine. I can't see any visual differences in the color of the triacs and it's extremely odd based on all the threads I've read on triacs to only have 2 channels (6 & 16) running 100% on LED when the unit is turned 100% on instead of having a couple of channels that STAY on when the unit is turned OFF. I'm using 2 power cords (30A config) and I've already tried switching around fuses from two other Pro 16 boxes with no luck. I've also reset the controller and it comes back up with the correct designated channel and firmware version. Any suggestions on how best to further test/find the problem without breaking out the rubber gloves and praying I don't cross a wire putting a voltmeter on it and if that's the only option, please point me to a video or pics that show the bast way to confirm hardware failure. Thanks in advance
  2. Excellent! Thanks for sharing with the LOR community. You home, while not as traditional as most in the US, serves as an excellent background for such a wonderful lighting display. Can wait to see other sequences.
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