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  1. Can someone please send me the mix that is going around?!? khaberst@gmail.com Thanks!
  2. Hey james, Can I get a copy please? khaberst@gmail.com thanks! Nevermind I found it in my SPAM! Thanks for sending.
  3. If anyone still has this, could you please share? khaberst@ksu.edu
  4. If anyone has this still can you send it to me please! Khaberst@ksu.edu
  5. Well since everyone else is getting in on this, could someone shoot me a copy too? khaberst@gmail.com
  6. HAHA Thanks for explaining it to me, i'm stressing out and failed to see this logic. So the weird thing is with the Hardware Utility I can turn on All Lights on a single controller at a time and they all work. When I try to do a chase using the Hardware Utility on the 2nd controller, a couple channels from the main controller (damaged one) light up, and a couple lights on the one connected don't light up. Seems to be some crossover that I didn't think was possible as you can only control one controller at a time with the Hardware Utility.
  7. I cant use the other port bc the damage was done on the controller connected to the computer, so it is in use...
  8. Had an exciting morning as I was pulling out of the garage the ethernet cable that connects my main controller to my secondary controller on the other side of the garage wraped around my truck tire (must have frozen onto it over the night) and pulled really hard on the 2nd Ethernet port of the main controller. I tried doing some tests, and the results were sporadic, so I am going to hope the show works right tonight. The Ethernet port appears to be still attached to the solder points, but broke loose from the small line of hot glue (?) that binds all the ports to the board. If it doesn't work, can I use the telephone cable port to connect the 2nd controller? Is there a way to repair this part?
  9. Thank you. I just remember burning out a couple of dimmer switches at the house when I was a kid by leaving them on at the lowest dimmer position, just wanted to make sure that I wasn't going to burn my board up!
  10. I had some issue last year with theft so I am going to run my lights after the show at around 30% for a few more hours just to add some light to the yard. Question I have is, is there any harm that can be done to the Mini lights or the controllers by leaving it at a dimmed setting for an extended period of time?
  11. I was in the hardware utility turning all light on and they kept turning off for some reason. I attempted to turn them on again and they would not. Now the Hardware cannot find the controller. I check the unit and the red light is steadily flashing. Anyone know why all the sudden this isn't working?
  12. I will have to check that out. I was looking all over the box, but couldn't find anything. Didn't think about checking the actual strand.
  13. Based on the spreadsheet that everyone uses to calculate their Channel capacity it show that if I use 15 strands on Mini 100 lights (the ones from Wal-Mart) on a single channel it will only be drawing 3.13Amps, well under the 8Amp Max. Is this 3.13 wright? Seems like a lot of strands, but I have a lot of roof line, and don't want to over load a channel. Could someone verify this for me.
  14. Hey what did you use for the stobe effect on your roof (and a couple other places?) TIA
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