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  1. It should be fine. You'll need to have the appropriate connector on the end, of course, to mate with the twist-lock connector on the dock. The short answer is, 120V is 120V - the actual current supplied is determined by the amount of lights you have. However, if you have the 16-ch LOR board, you should feed the power to both sides of the board (don't use the on-board jumper to power both halves off on power input. Reason being, you'll only be able to pull 20A per board that way, as the wiring on the board is not rated for higher, and you'll blow the on-board fuse. By feeding both halves separately (from the same 30A source), you'll be able to use all 30A (not more that 20 per side, though). In this configuration, the 30A supply becomes the limiting factor, even though the card can do 40A total (with the heatsink). Don't exceed the 30A or you'll pop the breaker on your shore power. Of course, if you know you don't pull over 20A across all 16 channels, you can ignore the previous paragraph and use the jumpers.
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