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  1. Your pixels in the back are visible? Holidaycoro tells me that they won't be visible.
  2. What kind of lights are you using on your pixel tree? My current mega tree (led lights) was 360, but I thought you wouldn't be able to see the pixels on the back of the pixel mega tree. That is why I was leaning toward a 270 degree tree. Can you share how your tree is set up?
  3. Got it. Thanks again. I just watched the TSO house and now I think I like the 360 tree better! I was thinking 270 b/c I didn't think you would be able to see the pixels in the back.
  4. That video was great. Helped a lot. Where can I view the other ones?
  5. I am watching your video now. Thank you.
  6. I haven'e tried SS, but was wondering which would work better. i figured with just adding a pixel tree that PE would be best for me.
  7. Thank you so much. I updated my drivers today and was able to get it working. I have been through the LOR tutorial and some of it is starting to make sense! Do you like pixel editor better than superstar?
  8. I started the tutorial for the pixel editor today. Trying to make sure i have plenty of time to learn it ! I am getting the following warning "The display drivers on your computer are too old. Sequence playback will be disabled". Please help.
  9. Godman - I would really appreciate a copy if you are still sharing. I just finished Let it Go but would like to see the mix. Thanks, Darryl dclark6623@yahoo.com
  10. please send it to me. my wife would love it. dclark6623@yahoo.com
  11. dclark6623

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    How do you delete a picture from your profile that shows up as a download? I know this is a dumb question, but I have been trying for an hour with no luck. I meant to set an Avatar, but put it in the wrong place.
  12. You should have 120 volts when testing from the fuse to the neutral. LOR will also tell you to test the fuse and GFI that you are connected to.
  13. Test with a volt meter and see if you have voltage from the fuse to the neutral. Be careful.
  14. I would contact LOR. They shipped a new board to me. Do you have the single or double power cord? I had the double power cord. Test from the left side of the left fuse to the left neutral. Do the same on the right side. If you don't have voltage on the left check, you probably have the same problem that I had.
  15. I contacted LOR and they sent me a new board. I purchased the kits also and didn't do the soldering. It has to be a problem with the board. I am very pleased with their response and would recommend LOR to anyone. Thanks for the input.
  16. Thanks. I have contacted LOR. Hopefully they will respond tomorrow. I fogot to mention that I have the boards with two power cords.
  17. I purchased two CTB16PC Kits (Already Soldered) in March of this year. I tested in the house and everything worked fine. After putting up my display, Channels 1-8 on unit 2 have no voltage. I have tested the fuse and it is good. I have tested the power cord and its good. What else could it be? Please help.
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