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  1. BLAH!! Now I know I've worked to much OT. Yep that worked Thanks DevMike and it is the Background Properties. Zman don't you be laughing either, you know I should have found this.
  2. This is most likely a enhancement request… :cool: I have several machines I use too Sequence on. The main computer resolution is 1620x1080 x 2 (dual monitors) and I have created my picture just sort of the full screen resolution so I can see everything in my yard all at once, Front and South side. This works great since I have dual monitors and can utilize them both. Visualizer on one and Sequencer on the other. My problem is taking that and going to a Laptop with a smaller or reduced resolution. I don’t see a way to reduce the scale of the Visualizer like we can with the Animator. I do get a Window with scroll bars but thats not what I need. Can only see 1/3 of the work area. I would like to be able to scale the entire work area down so I can fit it on other computers or a verity of resolutions.
  3. Looks like I have an open channel as well. Noticed it last night after running a few tests. I unplugged the box, did as others suggested in other blogs but to no avail, it just stays on - Very Dim but on. I'll be changing that channel and may have to email LOR ot open a ticket. Perhaps get a couple new Triacs and replace them after the season. From what I've read a triac has or is going bad. Sometimes resets but eventually problem comes back. The box I'm having issues with is one I purchased in 2010 about the time a bad batch of triacs hit the market (so it was mentioned).
  4. Found something else of interest. I remembered that long extension cords also create a load in itself. Most of my testing has been with 8ft lengths of SP2 wire. After making a few Dual Channel 25ft Extensions I Pluged them in on my test wall... Yes I have a test wall in my home office. *Grins... And No Flicker. With 2 70ct LED strands. So you may not need the snubber for runs over 25ft (roughly). At least it doesn't look that way for me. Just the short ones.
  5. Something to remember when buying clamshells to place at the end of the LED strings. The LED string ends are non polorized therefore the female and male end do not have a larger prong. So if your going to buy clamshells for the snubber make sure you get the type that are non polorize (both male spades same size)!! Next, do they exist? Time to start look'n.. *grins
  6. I just built 3 of these and the channels I placed them on seem to be more under control. Fade still not as smooth as I would like it but at least the sporadic flicker has been reduced. 2 set of 70 with the resistor load sporadic flicker gone. 1 set of 70 flicker reduced. Now to make up another 40 or so of these. Just a quick question... The Clamshell used in the example. How would I go about making it water proof? Fill it with clear silicon? Thank you for the tip! :]
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