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  1. rstately wrote: I must have read this a thousand times, it a thousand posts,...and it still cracks me up! Just me havng some fun. If more people lstend to Jeff when it comes to AC wiring, this would be a safer world.
  2. The simple answer is: You can tap an audio signal, though you will get some loss. You cannot tap a digital signal. It will throw off the timing and induce noise.
  3. I too have been buying a lot of RGB DMX devices and I await the new DMX adapter. I have more computers than I need so I feel this adater will meet my needs. I just need the time frame and cost.
  4. Phone cable will get you about 1/4 the distance of Cat5 cable. And with phone line, you will get a lot of noise.
  5. SteveMaris wrote: Good question. Now we wait for the answer.
  6. I want to add CCRs and go DMX. Just not sure where to spend money first.
  7. I went for a CCR, Mini-Director and a Easy Light Linker pair. I will have new toys to play with and I am very happy.
  8. Wait... What? There is a sale?
  9. Ideally, you want a website wrapped around a blog. You use the blog to communicate with people and allow them to comment on your entries. The rest of the website will be used to share static information, images, and everything else. Then you tie in FaceBook and Twitter to drive people to your website. And it just grows from there.
  10. Jeff, I got your package today. I'll start working on it next week.
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