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  1. I was wondering if anyone used a LED scrolling light sign to inform people of their radio stations and other information they may need to know. I am contemplating on whether to get one.. I am getting kinda tired of painting several signs but they make a nice decoration. IF anyone does, what do you have, and do you like it? I have seen some sign running for 130 +dollars, and wondering if this would be sufficient. If you have one, is it easy to read from 50 to a couple of hundred ft? thanks for the info.... Jon
  2. Is there any homes for sale in your neighborhood :} lol i would love to live on a street like that. great job!!!
  3. Has anyone tried to get a town block or several neighbors to sync all the home together? I think it would be neat if someone would do this. would this even be possible? I cannot as I dont really have the neighbors that would be willing to do this... Just food for thought. Jon
  4. I was wondering what a good number of channels should be dedicated to 1 arch. so far I build four arches with four channels per arch. They seem to work well, but i am wondering if i should make them with more channels. I am taking people input on this topic. Thanks Jon
  5. Thanks to all for your help, I am interested. Thanks
  6. When the time comes will someone let me know when the EDM LCD group buy is. I am in need of the transmitter, and seem to miss the group buys that I have seen on here. I dont check this everyday. I was wondering if anyone knows about when the groups buys are, that would also help me to save. Thanks for the Help Jon
  7. I am in town, flat terrain, house backs up to a field, heck I dont even need 1/2 mile, 500 ft, would be plenty, but the more coverage area the better. maybe enough to broad cast for the town, the town is only .5 Square mile. What would you recommend.
  8. I have been to all my local electronic supply stores, and none of them carry a FM transmitter that will broadcast like 1/2 mile or so, like the EDM or the WHOLE HOUSE TRANSMITTER.. I am not for sure how to obtain one, the reps at the store said that If I bought a transmitter that I may not be able to use it due to FCC or some federal regulations. They seem to think I need to obtain a Amatuer Radio liscence, IS this correct? Those of you that have one, did you get the Liscence? Where would the best place be to Buy A transmitter, "GOOD DEAL". Thanks for your Time Jon
  9. Heres the low down, My wife is complaining the she does not light the color of the white LED. She is use to the traditional incandescent bulbs. I already have most of them up, and well I probably cant return them now. I was wondering if anyone has ever painted the bulb casing to match the traditional bulb?? Only my house and garage would be the LED's as the rest would be the traditional bulbs, so I also get the fear that the display wont match. Anyones thoughts are VERY welcome.. Thanks in advance. Jon
  10. I Bought some Walmart brand of LED's thinking they all were the same, well as I read some of these forums, I have learned they are not. I am having this particular problem with my LED not fading correctly. I have 8 strands of C9;s tied together, and well i think like 3 strand fade correctly, while the next 2 dont, then 1 does, and then the other 2 dont. Does this make sense to anyone? Also, Do I want full wave, or 1/2 wave, I think those are the terms, I cannot seem to find this information on the boxes, for the the lights. I have read that I may need a "snubber", and I was wondering How to make this Item. Thank Jon
  11. I am new to the whole LOR era, and this will be the first of many yrs of using this project (if all goes well this year). I am learning the tricks and nontricks, starting with the lighting. For the past years I have used standard lighting so I have several strands. I am upgrading my house lights to LED, small fortune, so I am wondering what people thoughts are, if the show mixed LED, incadescent. I dont want to have to buy all new light this year, for the fact that I have bought 2 light controllers. Thanks for your thoughts. Jon
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