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  1. Very Clever. Must have been a slow night.
  2. Sorry about the fire, we got rain that day too and I always shut down during the rain. The equipment is just too fragile to risk it, even with wet connections after the controller. Snow is never a problem. For the right price I'm sure this stuff could be made for scuba diving but we would be gasping for air. Hats off to Marty for offering up a spare.
  3. Try turning a shallow plastic storage tub upside down over it, paint it black and you won't even notice it. Has worked for me for many years.
  4. Just add more lights and leave it alone, unless you have a good attorney. Once the cars start lining up you will be better off with it on. Not to mention kids are running across the street all the time.
  5. That came out awesome, great job. Any chance you would share that sequence?
  6. You got it, and I'm now hearing about Dad's playing this thing as well. Almost as bad as programming Christmas lights. lol
  7. Something different for Halloween this year. The video game is like crack to kids.
  8. How about a CTB16D w/ V4.01, is it upgradable to 500K?
  9. Laptops and pixels, why does that sound familiar?
  10. Looking good, nice job!!! Do you have one in the works for attaching the pixel perpendicular to the banding?
  11. Noticed the same thing in visualizer and removed all the pink cells by hand. After forgetting a few and playing it back live, I realized that it was really a white value. Learned the hard way I guess. The effects still look awesome.
  12. Just my 2 cents but I put each of them under a low profile tote from HD. Spray paint it black and turn it upside down covering both the controller and dongles. The only issues I've ever had were with plugs exposed to the elements both on the ground and in the air.
  13. Dad02

    2012 contest

    If your kids eyes light up when they see the display then you've won. (no announcements yet, but you have to figure how big that contest list must be getting every year)
  14. Nice to see not all the old timers abandoned ship.
  15. Is all the hardware listed on the summer sale page equipped with the firmware to handle 500k?
  16. Was able to generate a RGB flame from nutcracker........ fire.las
  17. +1 Just asked someone else about this the other day.
  18. That will throw a wrench in your show.
  19. Thanks, had a feeling that's the way it worked but wasn't 100%. It was more of a discovery by accident, when you do things (set unit IDs) for years the same way you forget the old ways. Should have read the manual first.
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