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  1. I have upgraded to Win 7 from XP and changed hardware on several computers over the years But now I am at the 5 computer license maximum. Is it possible to remove a license from a computer or reset my license to 0 then add my license to my computers am running S3 on? Paul
  2. I'm not fast enough with the vacuum, But the braid works better after applying flux to the braid first. Paul
  3. [align=left]Green board is the older version blue is the newer version. Both board do the same job. Paul [/align]
  4. .shg wrote: I have seen a string of clear C9 light twinlkle on a tree done by member Severex, cool affect, thay replaced all the C9 bulbs with clear twinlkle bulbs, if I remember wright the C9s did not take to long to start twinlkling. I hope this helps
  5. [align=left]LightORamaDan wrote: Dan: I was able to reset the controller by installing a jumper at # 2 pins and setting the switchers to 00 (at this point problem still there) then I removed jumper and set switches back to 01. Now LED does not shimmer when lit and everything works normal except channel 16 is out, I can worry about that later. [/align]
  6. I was wondering what parts on a LOR controller affects all the channels?
  7. On one of my CTB-16D blue boards, all the channels are dim and shimmer all the time at about 20-30% also the LED on the controller shimmers whenever it is lit, also channel #16 is out. I can still use it in a show except for the lights will stay on at about 20-30% when they are suppose to be off. I have turned off everything and unplugged the Cat5 cables and still every light connected to the controller are dimly lit and shimmer whenever the controller is powered on. The funny thing is I had this problem about two weeks ago and I reset the controller and, problem gone. I have tried resetting the controller several times since with no success, I even tried reflashing the firmware but still have the problem. I was wondering if anybody has any other ideas I Could try!
  8. Steven, Thankyou for the ideas, I have several blue lights on the grass as a lake. but the GFI trips even when all lights are off (During rain) so I coudnot use the HU to find the problem channel, if I un plug the blue lights it works. I did move all my plugs off the ground (grass) today.
  9. My GFI's trip when it rains, I know that is what they are designed for. My question is does most LOR users have this problem, and want can I do to fix this problem or slow it down?
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