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  1. So does DMX listener run when I am sequencing or jsut when I have shows scheduled? I mean to say, is there a program I have to load or does the Control Panel just run it automatically? I do not see an app names that and assume it is something that is called by the CP or the SEQ.
  2. Thanks man! I appreciate it. On another topic, does LOR send E131 data out to the lights in the sequencer editor? I mean, when I am sequencing, it always would control anything plugged up and on but not for my E131 so far. LSP does, Madrix does, but LOR does not so far. Is that normal or might I have a config issue?
  3. In the beginning almost a year ago, I made the arbitrary decision to use 3 - 50pixel strings per cluster to stay under the 680 pixel limit each S681 had. With 50-pixel strings, the 681 (without what I now am told is an upgrade) can only handle 2040 DMX channels. So if I filled out each cluster with 4 strings of 50, I would exceed that. If I load up the first three clusters and not the last, I have an unbalanced load on my power side which actually doesn't matter to me any longer because of the way I am hitting it with power. So, I am hearing there is an upgrade to the 681 that lets it handle more pixels?
  4. DUH----- OK. I see what you are saying. Still limited to total number it will handle but the cluster will go more than one universe. Mea Culpa
  5. Been using another SW package for RGB but tired of crashing. What is the best way to set up RGB channels in LOR3? I mean, I have 16 universes of pixels to start with and probably at least that many more if I decide to use it. I want to be able to set up 450 channels in each of 16 universes. Seems like a lot of manual config unless there is a device I can add or something..... Advice?
  6. Hey guys- hate to argue- but no, on my 681, the universe is assigned by cluster. Only one per cluster. What am I missing here? R
  7. A universe may not cross a cluster on the E681. So, when you get to 450 (3 strings of 50), you have to go to the next cluster. That leaves one connector unused and the balance between the 450 and 512 unused as well. Apparently, the 682 solves this problem but I do not have those yet.
  8. How much are the controllers? How many does each controller handle? Will each controller handle more than one run of nodes? Is the controller the same controller whether it is cat 5 or PL with just an option to make the difference between the cat5/PL or are they totally separate animals?
  9. I agree. If we KNOW what to plan for LOR nodes, then we will not spend hundreds of thousands on other's solutions. I know I have about 5k budgeted for it this year but it would be nice to know what and when on the LOR nodes instead of what I am looking at now. May not be possible of course- but I am always adding NEW stuff to my display and I prefer an official LOR solution over any other if they are available. R
  10. Good- I have a 36" wide roll of frosted mylar. That was what I was thinking of using.
  11. But what did you shoot it ON? I have a piece of frosted mylar that looks like it would work but no reason to reinvent the wheel if there is a PERFECT home made solution.
  12. What did you use to display it? I have the DVD but did not use it becuase I got it late. I havea projector but was wondering if that is what people are using.
  13. I really like the way the outline effect works for your house. It is different on everyone's and is nice to see where it REALLY works well. RW
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