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  1. Holidaysoft has not updated in over a year, despite repeated promises. Important features do not work as advertised. I would stay clear of this product until updates are released and the product works correctly.
  2. I wouldnt expect too much from Holiday Light Designer. I bought their program 2 months ago. The mega tree function does not work well, and there is no real easy way to build a simple arch. 2 request to their tech support has yet to be answered. I finally switched to Light Show Pro. Much easier and a lot more functionality. Just my 2 cents worth.
  3. Will you be offering the kit with a selection of LED color? For example, would it be possible to order 5 that are white, and 5 tubes that are blue?
  4. Ribbon Gone Ballistic and The Strip Tease 150
  5. Use books for the foundation of your project, such as the history of why people display Christmas lights, and you could also do personal interviews with people as to why they enjoy looking at these types of displays. Both of these would be citeable in MLA or APA format.
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