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  • How I learned about Light-O-Rama -
    miller lite commercial and Carson Williams
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  1. Lights For Riley 2011 Sequences Now Available

    Thanks for posting these.
  2. First *new* sequence of 12'

    good job
  3. favorite sources for ideas and help.

    some of my favorite how to sites. http://www.christmasutah.com/#howto http://www.woodinvillewonderland.com/howto.htm http://www.kindlachristmas.com/HowToMenu.asp
  4. I am looking for websites that have good decorating technical tips. How do you build things that move? How do you light them? Wireframe, Wood cutouts and Coroplast.
  5. Downs display in OK

    wow. cool display
  6. please beat up my enttec pro

    i still have the same problem using a Lynx DMX dongle. usually if I run any programs in addition to the always running Zara, weatherwatcher and LOR control panel. most times unloading and reloading control panel will solve the problem, unless it locks up the computer. then I have to reboot.
  7. hallelujah

    thanks Jon.
  8. hallelujah

    does anyone have a sequence of hallelujah.

    hook a computer up and make sure all controllers show up. I have changed the ID on one before and it not take affect. So I had to reset the controller. and then set the ID to the correct one.
  10. Eating memory

    cpu pentium 4 2.4ghz ram1.0 gb requirements from the LOR FAQ page What are the minimum PC requirements?500 MHz or faster CPU Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP or Vista 25 MB free disk space + space for audio files and sequence files 128 MB RAM -- Enough memory to run the OS installed One serial port or a USB to serial port adapter (adapter is available from LOR) You will NOT need to install any hardware in your PC.
  11. Eating memory

    Just got home memory usage up 371mb. DMX Listener error 10055 no buffer space is available is repeating very quickly. the mouse will not move so I will have to kill power to stop it. no schedual is setup. no programs are being run other than LOR control panel and DMX listener. without LOR control panel running the computer sat there for 24 hours without the memory changing more than 4 mb.
  12. Eating memory

    I have S3 setup on my show computer with 1 LOR network using serial port connector and LOR usb485 for a DMX network. MY PF usage has gone from 217mb with no LOR files running to 233mb when I started LOR control panel now it is 336mb. this is in 5 hours.
  13. DMX Listener Error 8

    today i have popup window named "Error Relaunching DMX Listener" inside window "Invalid procedure call or argument" and ok button when I went to bed show had finished. everything appeared to be waiting for next show. schedule runs 6:50pm to 10:00pm.