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  1. print channels

    Thanks, thats Correct. From preview list window highlight the preview. Click info. Then there is a copy button by channel list.
  2. print channels

    how do I print visualizer prop fixture list in S5
  3. I would like a copy also. sakone1@hotmail.com
  4. Lost

    i was told whole light strings would light when the correct color would move by in the sequence. As in red strings light when red part of butterfly effect is on.
  5. Lost

    my display is all ac lights i am layering 4 colors on most props/fixtures. How do I use motion effects on Whole display.
  6. Previewer

    Wrong again only thought that worked. I am trying to start using S5 with non pixels. All props are being created in S5. i have C9's in 4 colors on my eaves. Created a 4 channel prop and assigned the correct channels. On the Preview it look as planned, but the channels under the track box are brown showing archived. on Other props the channel list changed to black. And when I play sequence they don't work in preview.
  7. Previewer

    I figured it out. i had to close and reopen the sequence.
  8. Previewer

    in S5 is the sequence editor the pixel editor? I created a mega tree and then played my wizards sequence, Tree works as expected. I then added 4 arches and 2 Marty fans that show in editor and the channels are set. When i play the sequence only the Mega tree appears in preview.
  9. Previewer

    the first prop i created is the only one that works when i play a sequence. the props added after show up in preview design, but do not light up when sequence is played. I do not have a network connected to this computer. My show is running on s4.
  10. Lights For Riley 2011 Sequences Now Available

    Thanks for posting these.
  11. First *new* sequence of 12'

    good job
  12. favorite sources for ideas and help.

    some of my favorite how to sites. http://www.christmasutah.com/#howto http://www.woodinvillewonderland.com/howto.htm http://www.kindlachristmas.com/HowToMenu.asp
  13. I am looking for websites that have good decorating technical tips. How do you build things that move? How do you light them? Wireframe, Wood cutouts and Coroplast.