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  1. Could i get a copy of So This is Christmas and Spongebob The Very First Christmas. Thank You.
  2. Does anyone have a copy of the song Donde Esta Santa Clause. My wife would be much appreciated. Thanks
  3. I would like a copy also. Thanks Frank@kbselectric.com
  4. Could i get a copy of this also. Thanks frank@kbselectric.com
  5. I would like a copy if at all possible. thanks frank@kbselectric.com
  6. I want to make sure i am getting everything out of my controller for my mega tree. I bought a new controler this year, for my tree. Its a 30amp 16 channel. It is 10' tall. I have 8 white lights and 8 red lights. The question is. In order to do more colors i would have to get another controler. Correct or not. Thanks
  7. Could i get a copy frank@kbselectric.com thanks
  8. I have all kinds of LED. It has never been a big deal to me or anyone looking at them. I buy my lights at walmart, lowes, and home depot. I would not worry to much about it.
  9. I bought a new 16 channel for a mega-tree. But i'm not sure how many different colors i can do or how many strings i should use.
  10. This is my first mega tree. I bought a new controler just for the mega tree. So i have just 16 channels to make it look good. I need info on how to build one. I have the idea, but not the specific. Does anyone know of a link. I want to use two or three colors. I saw on one site that said for 16 channels only use 2 colors. Can any one suggest something or a link. Thanks
  11. Thanks alot. I think that is going to work great.
  12. Has anybody ever used the wowlights sequencing. I am wanting to put lightning in my haunt this year. But want to make sure it is worth the money or is someone willing to share. Thanks
  13. I am not to good at sequences. i am looking for a 16 channel one. WoW lights have one, but i didn't want to pay $80. Thanks
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