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  1. I am in north east ohio as well. In the place I haved used the cheap plastic child safety covers from the dollar store and put them in the ends of any open plugs on the connectors for my lights. I have not had any problems with not taping them.
  2. My 10 year old daughter wanted to do a song this year. What the heck I gave her a try. All she was programing it looked more like she was just drawing cool patterns on the screen, I was not expecting much. She did a 21/2 minute show for 32 channels in about 45 minutes. Again not expecting much. Just got in from watching the song. I will be dammed if she didn't do a nice job. It's nice to have the next generation going at it.
  3. I purchased my S3 but now where do I go to download it. Every thing keeps taking me to S2. Thanks for the help.
  4. Has any one tried to make a Bow out of a CCR. I want to try some thing different. What does everyone think of the idea of a bow and do you think a CCR could be bent to make one. Thanks for the input. Jim
  5. Thanks I have seen that, but alot of things can change from june. Madison, Ohio
  6. I understand from the PDU that it is hopeful for a S3 release next week. If the software is that close is the any kind of spec sheet that can be released? Thanks.
  7. Can any one help me with how to set up and save a template of my channel information so I do not need to re enter every thing when I start a new song. I sure that it is easy but I am just missing something. Thanks in advance.
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