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  1. building2

    Time Scale not Moving

    I found the problem. In the tools menu there is a section for playback preview. Contained in that section is a selection for the "fast playback marker", I unchecked that selection and the scale is now moving with the timing grids. Thanks for all that replied.
  2. building2

    Time Scale not Moving

    Yes, I am clicking on the far left arrow to play the sequence from the beginning. Thanks.
  3. building2

    Time Scale not Moving

    There are a couple of options for the timing grid. "Lock timings" and "drag events with timings". I tried checking and unchecking the options but the condition still exists. Thanks.
  4. building2

    Time Scale not Moving

    I'm using PE version 4.13.18 Pro. On playback, the timing scale does not move with the sequence. Is anybody else having this problem? I used an MP3 music file and I'm wondering if I should be using a Wav file instead. Thanks.
  5. building2

    Timing Marks in PE

    Thank you very much!
  6. building2

    Timing Marks in PE

    I should have made my request clearer. I'm not talking about timing grids, I'm referring to beat marks. Sorry for the confusion.
  7. building2

    Timing Marks in PE

    I’m just starting to get familiar with the pixel editor. Can timing marks be added when sequencing in PE? If it’s possible, I can’t seem to see how it’s done. Thanks.
  8. building2

    Oldest Sequencer Here?

    I'm curious. Who is the oldest sequencer on this site? I'm 71!
  9. building2

    Change Clipboard Size

    Is there any way to change the clipboard window size? It gets very crowded and the text gets hard to read. Thanks.
  10. building2

    Power Supply for LOR Servo Dog

    I use an old 12 VDC battery charger that has a provision for a jump start. It works great with plenty of ampacity.
  11. building2

    10 W RGB Floods

    Thanks for the information it is very helpful. Sorry for the delay in response but I haven't been able to get back to the forum until now.
  12. building2

    10 W RGB Floods

    In relation to an incandescent flood light, about how bright is a 10 W RGB Flood? Thanks.
  13. building2

    Servodog Digital Outputs Inoperative

    I'm using relays to control a 12 VDC gear motor that will raise and lower a stage curtain for my animated Santa. Servos will control his mouth action.
  14. building2

    Servodog Digital Outputs Inoperative

    Solved my own problem. It was a stupid mistake on my part. I failed to configure it properly. FYI I'm using it to control a 12 VDC load through a relay. The relay is switched by a transistor. Thanks for the responses.
  15. I cannot get my digital outputs to work on my ServoDog. I have used this for servo control but never as digital outputs. I have 5 VDC at the output pin 2 on the output header but can't get the outputs to work. Can anyone provide some ideas where to look for a problem? Thanks.