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  1. Help file for S5?

    Keyboard shortcuts in the S5 Sequencer are not editable. However, the "?" icon on the toolbar will display the list of sequence grid shortcuts for you. Matt
  2. E1.31 disconnects after loop

    By "looping a sequence", do you mean an animation sequence that has loops? Is this sequence part of a schedule created with the LOR Show Editor? Is the sequence set as a background sequence? Matt
  3. Help file for S5?

    In the beta phase, our focus has been on fine-tuning the functionality. There will be a full set of documentation for the production release. Matt
  4. New setup for ccc-II

    Do you have ribbons, bulbs, or pixels attached to the CCC-II? Where along the string is the light the wrong color? Beginning, middle, end? How long are your strings? Is it correct for some colors, but not for others (indicating one of either the red, green, or blue leds for that light as failed)? Matt
  5. Timing marks feature request

    Thanks for the great suggestions! We will consider those for a future release. Matt
  6. Show Player Problem

    Thanks for the suggestion! We will certainly be working to make this process simpler going forward. Matt Brown
  7. not playing after merging the intensity file

    Everything looks to be correct. After starting the LOR Control Panel, does the Comm Listener window ("CL" icon on the taskbar) show that Com 7 gets opened at 500K? Any errors reported on that window? Matt
  8. S5 Questions

    You should use the LOR Hardware Utility to create your SD card -- go to the "LOR MP3" tab. Matt
  9. not playing after merging the intensity file

    Have you reviewed this document? http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/PEwithPixelTree16x25-RevA.pdf Can you post a screen shot of your Prop Definition screen? Matt
  10. Preview has a mind of its own

    If you make the changes to the preview with no sequence open, does that make a difference? Matt
  11. Getting Non Pixel props in to PE...

    In your preview, you can define props that are part of your Sequence Editor sequence. Just make sure the channel assignments match and that the Sequence Method field in Prop Definition is set to "Sequence Editor". This has 2 benefits: 1) those channels can be displayed (read-only) in the Pixel Editor's sequence grid 2) the props will be displayed during playback You may need to click on the "Props" button above the Pixel Editor sequence grid and select those props for them to display in the grid. Matt
  12. AR01 Show Flashes

    Your "tune to" sign needs to be in a separate preview (with no other props) for use by the background sequence. For the main preview, you can either: 1) delete the "tune to" sign from the preview, or 2) change the device type for the "tune to" sign in the Prop Definition screen to "undetermined" Matt
  13. Pixel Editor will not run

    Please create a ticket with our help desk, and someone will assist you in fixing the issue. http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ Matt Brown
  14. Please create a ticket with the LOR help desk. In the ticket, please mention that you have already un-installed and re-installed multiple times. http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ Matt
  15. Name of prop in the View window

    Row #33, column #23 -- which is a reference to a cell in the custom prop definition. I've added it to my list of potential enhancements. Thanks for testing the beta version! Matt
  16. In Preview Design, select Item > Channel Summary. There should be fewer clicks using that screen to change channel assignments. Matt
  17. Parameter is not valid error

    Although I was unable to reproduce the error, changes have been made to the code that should prevent this error from appearing in future versions. Matt
  18. In the Sequencer, could you please go to Help > About, click the copy to clipboard button, then paste the contents into a PM to me? Thanks, Matt
  19. Switching from SS to PE for CCR's Question

    Just about, except for the next part. Yes, this needs to be done. The fastest way is to do this from PE: Sequence > Migration Tools > Remove prop channel data from Sequence Editor. That should work ok as long as there is no sequencing whatsoever in the Pixel Editor for those 3 songs. And more technically, for sequence "ssarches.lms", there cannot be a "ssarches.lms.pe.lid" file. Matt
  20. Good question! Yes you can, but the subsections are rectangular. Right-click on the name of a motion effect row, then select "Motion Effect Row Properties". In the pop-up window, click the radio button for "Apply effects in this row to a rectangular subset of pixels". Then specify the region. Note that this is a property of the motion effect row, so it is part of the sequence (not the preview). If you want to use the same subregion definitions in another sequence, you will need to use Sequence > Channel Configuration > Export (then import on the other sequence). Matt
  21. Name of prop in the View window

    Great suggestion! The suffix on custom props will be removed in the next beta release, providing the prop has a single string. The "Waving Santa" in your screen shot will remain as is in order to distinguish the multiple strings. Matt
  22. Losing Pixel sequence

    Great news! Enjoy the lights!
  23. Losing Pixel sequence

    Is the network you are trying to control from PE marked as "enhanced" in LOR Network Configuration? There is a list of things to check when the lights don't come on in PE: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/control_lights.htm Matt
  24. Testing Sequences in S5

    There is an issue that has been logged about not being able to play to lights when not all networks are plugged in: However, you should be able to create playback files and burn those to an SD card using the Hardware Utility. Matt
  25. Losing Pixel sequence

    There is not a "default preview". A PE sequence is linked to a preview, and it will stay linked to that preview forever, unless you use the "Assign Preview" function to link it to a different preview. Also, the link is not based on the name of the preview. Each preview has a hidden unique identifier associated with it and that unique identifier is stored in the PE sequence file. So you can rename a preview and sequences will stay linked to it. Matt