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  1. Steve, I'm having trouble creating a picture in my mind of what you are proposing. Is there any way you could sketch something and post it here? Sounds like a great project! Matt
  2. MattBrown

    How to import from SS to S5

    The video in this topic should give you a good idea:
  3. In my experience, RAM issues result in random crashes, whereas your issue seems to be very predictable. Have you tried creating a sequence with WAV or WMA media files? Have you opened your previews? Do they look ok? Matt
  4. I would highly recommend running version 5.1.0 (first production release). Many bugs have been fixed since 5.0.18. Uninstall 5.0.18 before installing 5.1.0. Matt
  5. Can you select Help > About from the Sequencer menu, then paste the results here? Thanks, Matt
  6. What kind of media file (MP3, WAV, etc)? Is Windows Media Player able to play the media file? Matt
  7. MattBrown

    Windows Command

    When upgraded to S5, sequences created using S4 (or earlier) keep the same key into the cmdmap.lcm file as they were originally assigned. New sequences created in S5 each get their own unique key into the cmdmap.lcm file (there is no key reuse). If you look at the file, keys for sequences created in S4 are longer and have no dashes in them: Key created by S4: <command key="EEF10544681809E39F71515C482FBC0DFD1AA29294666B36828422E59AD02EF9" Key created by S5: <command key="cf95014b-38f3-4e8b-86ce-c08cba588fe9" Both key formats can peacefully coexist in the cmdmap.lcm file. I hope that helps. Matt
  8. Thanks for the detailed feedback! The Renumber Strings dialog has been fixed and the updates will be in the next release. See the screen shot below. You are correct. In version 5.1.0, keeping the channels used by master props and sub-props synchronized is a manual exercise. In the next release, the "Other Warnings" tab in Preview Design will at least display a warning when they are out of sync. We will work to improve on that in a future release. Matt
  9. MattBrown

    Exporting a visualization file

    There is a nice explanation of how it works in the video posted under this topic: Matt
  10. In Preview Design, the "Channel Conflicts" tab is also great for making bulk changes. 1) On that tab, change the first drop-down to "All Props". 2) Then use click, shift-click, and/or ctrl-click to select the items you want to change. 3) Click Change Selected Props > Renumber Strings. You can also use it to move items to a different LOR network, LOR unit id, or DMX network. Matt
  11. MattBrown

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    The strange file name happens because you are using an MP3 file. S5 converts the MP3 to a WAV file behind the scenes and uses the WAV file while you are sequencing. What you are seeing is the location of the WAV file. As for the error, try googling for the error code: https://www.google.com/search?q=c00d11e5+error Something is causing the audio device in Parallels to disconnect. Not an error I have seen before. Matt
  12. MattBrown

    Whole House Effects

    Sure - same method as in S4 Pixel Editor. This requires a Pro license... In Preview Design, create a group that contains all of your RGB-based display elements/props. When creating the group, set the arrangement to "preview". The slider next to the preview arrangement controls the resolution - low resolution may result in "blocky" looking effects, but will calculate faster and take less memory. Then in your sequence, make sure the new group has a motion effect row. Now on that row insert your pinwheel effect, curtain effect, or any other effect. Matt
  13. MattBrown

    Multiple errors when importing S4 visualizer

    There is no copy/paste in Preview Design (but it is on our "to do" list). You can copy an item by selecting a prop, then choosing Item > Copy from the menu. This is an "intelligent copy" in that it knows about numeric suffixes in item names and will auto-increment that number in the copies that are made. It will also assign the next available channel to the copy(s) so that channels don't overlap. Note that if you are doing that just to align some lights, there is no reason to delete. There are many formatting commands that will align props -- just select the props then right-click and choose the type of alignment or spacing you want to perform. Matt
  14. MattBrown

    Multiple errors when importing S4 visualizer

    Glad you got it working! The errors were for channels in your SE sequence that did not match anything in your Visualizer file. In S5, such items get "archived" -- they are still part of the sequence but they no longer control lights. Archived items have an "@" prefix when listed in the grid. This can happen for several reasons: 1) these are items you had in your display at one time, but not any more 2) these ARE items in your display, but you didn't have them in your Visualizer file 3) these are beat channels. S5 handles beat channels separately, so they can be frozen at the top of your sequence grid and always in view. You can see the archived items by changing the grid view to "Show All Items". If you go to Sequence > Manage Archived Props, you can select how each of the archived items should be handled - buttons for all 3 scenarios outlined above are provided on the Archive Management window. You can also choose to just leave the archived items as they are. Then you can copy/paste their sequencing to other props/channels. Matt
  15. MattBrown

    Renaming RGB channels?

    The channels within a multi-channel prop (RGB or traditional) do not support renaming at this time. The automatically generated names refer to a row ("r" prefix) and/or column ("c" prefix). In Preview Design, select Item > Layout from the menu to see those rows and columns and the channels they are assigned to. Matt
  16. MattBrown

    Animation window

    Yes, you can import: 1) an SE Animation (what you edit when you click the filmstrip icon on the SE toolbar) 2) a Visualizer full visualization (LEE file), prop file, or fixture file 3) an S4 PE preview If you don't have any of those, then you can you have S5 auto-generate a preview for you when you upgrade a sequence to S5. It won't look like your house, but it will contain enough information to allow you to sequence; and you can always edit the auto-generated preview if you wish. Matt
  17. MattBrown

    Animation window

    In S5, you create a "preview" which contains props that define your display elements and the channels they use. You can make your preview as simple or as detailed/realistic as you want, so long as it defines all of the channels you are using in your display. If you have a Sequence Editor animation, it can be imported into a preview. Click on the vertical "Preview" text on the right side to open the Preview window, then click the Export icon, then select "Import SE Animation" from the menu - as shown in the screen shot below. You are also given the opportunity to import an SE animation when you upgrade a sequence to S5. Matt
  18. MattBrown

    Renaming RGB channels?

    What kind of prop is this? If "dumb RBG", then renaming the prop should rename the channel in the grid. Matt
  19. MattBrown

    RGB channel settings problem/missing

    Note that this is fixed in the production release (5.1.0):
  20. MattBrown

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    Agreed. I have put that on the list for a future release. Thanks for the feedback! Matt
  21. MattBrown

    5.0.24 RC2 Reports

    Actually what happens is Windows won't display fonts at certain small sizes, but it depends on your display. So if the prop names disappear, then just move vertical zoom up or down a step. Matt
  22. MattBrown

    S5 Random Crash

    Please create a ticket with the help desk so that we can schedule a remote session. http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ Thanks, Matt