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    Max number of pixels

    In Preview Design, go to the Channel Conflicts & Bulk Changes tab. http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.2.0/help/channel_conflicts_and_bulk_cha.htm Change the drop-down next to "Show" to show LOR devices. Use Ctrl-click and/or shift-click to select the props you want to change. Then select Change > Set LOR Network. Matt
  2. MattBrown

    Glitching Tree/Show?

    PM sent
  3. MattBrown

    Multiple errors when importing S4 visualizer

    During the sequence upgrade process, matching an S4 channel to an S5 prop isn't done by name, but rather by the physical channel settings. I'm guessing that "Roof 7" and "Roof 7 (2)" have different channel settings. You might want to make a copy of your 2018 preview and call the copy "S5 Upgrade" (or 2017 Christmas). In the "S5 Upgrade" preview, assign the channels the way they were last year, then use that preview when upgrading sequences. After a sequence is upgraded, select Sequence > Assign Different Preview to switch to your 2018 preview with this year's channel assignments. Matt
  4. MattBrown

    Glitching Tree/Show?

    Is each Alphapix output a separate universe? So 48 universes for the tree and 6 universes for the star? Matt
  5. No way to do that in S5. You can only reduce intensity for a prop for the entire song - by setting a dimming curve in Prop Definition. However, I have put it on our list of requests for future consideration. Matt
  6. MattBrown

    Having trouble with channels

    You will need to copy/paste your effects from the archived channel to the new channel (move to archived row, select row, copy or cut, move to new channel row, select row, paste). You can use the Manage Archived Props tool to make some changes to your archived props: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.2.0/help/manage_archived_props_dialog.htm Matt
  7. MattBrown

    Sequencer channels gone nuts!

    I think you will find answers to all these questions on this page: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.2.0/help/concept_grid_views.htm I recommend sticking with version 5.2.0, as several crash scenarios have been fixed in it. Matt
  8. There is a backup copy of the sequence with an .LOREDIT.BAK extension. Rename that file and remove the BAK extension. Try to open that. Matt
  9. Sorry about the crash. Please create a ticket with the help desk and attach the sequence (LOREDIT file, zipped up). http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ Another approach would be to upgrade a sequence and choose "Auto-generate a preview". This should create a preview where the channels match last years sequences and nothing should be archived. Thanks, Matt
  10. MattBrown

    sequence editor change whole row color

    I am assuming you are talking about an RGB Channel, in which case there are commands to help: 1) Make a selection, or select row (R shortcut key). 2) Right-click and select: Existing Effects (foreground) > Apply Toolbar Color or Existing Effects (foreground) > Apply Toolbar Hue The toolbar color/hue is the color shown on the Color Fade button, or in the Color Fade window if it is open. Of the 2 commands, Apply Hue is preferred in most situations because it will preserve any fades to black. Matt
  11. Is the LOR Control Panel running? Are your Pixel Editor effects going to an Enhanced LOR network or a DMX network? If LOR, is "enhanced" checked in Network Preferences? There is a checklist here: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/4.3.36/help/control_lights.htm Matt
  12. MattBrown

    Preview Design Issues

    In the Comm Listener window (CL) it should show a line something like this (your COM port number may be different): 2018-10-28 13:25:52 15:LOR-AuxA [INFO ] COM4 opened as AuxA with speed 500K Is the Hardware Utility closed? Are shows disabled? The status LED on the Pixie controller is on solid? Could you please attach a screen capture of the Prop Definition window for you matrix? Matt
  13. What kind of prop is this? What shape? You say "simple color changes work fine" - do you mean ColorWash effects? What effects do not work? Matt
  14. MattBrown

    Preview Design Issues

    How is LOR Network Configuration/Preferences set up? Is the Pixie16 on an enhanced network? Does that match its Prop Definition in Preview Design? Is each pixel string assigned a separate unit id? Matt
  15. MattBrown

    problem enabling comm port

    Well I did add a reminder to the existing message. Thanks for the suggestion!
  16. MattBrown

    problem enabling comm port

    Just to be clear, COM5 should not be mentioned on the CL window because it isn't enhanced. The following article is a bit technical, but it does list all of the steps required to find which process has the serial port open. https://knowledge.ni.com/KnowledgeArticleDetails?id=kA00Z000000P8CLSA0 Also, the Sequencer trace file should list the reason it could not be opened: "\Documents\LORSequencer-trace.txt" Matt
  17. If you click on the effect in the sequence grid, does it display in the playback window? By default, motion effects are displayed in the sequence grid alternating gray and white (first effect in a row is white, next is gray, etc). Matt
  18. MattBrown

    Making the big conversion

    Since it was posted in the S5 forum, I was assuming the OP was using S5 and that their profile was out of date. Maybe @kj11856 can clarify? Matt
  19. MattBrown

    Making the big conversion

    In S5, the sequencing on the rope lights would be archived when you upgrade the sequence. Then you could just copy the rope light effects to the clipboard and paste them directly onto the motion effect row(s) for the pixel strips. S5 does the conversion from channel effect to motion effect automatically when you paste. Matt
  20. MattBrown

    Pixie 8 STANDALONE mode requires .las ???

    You need to create a playback file for your sequence, then use the Hardware Utility to upload the resulting .PLAY.LAS file . See the flow chart at the bottom of this help topic: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.4/help/sequences.htm Create Playback Files is on the file menu: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.4/help/sequencer_file_menu.htm Matt
  21. The solution shown above will work because selecting "new command" forces a new key. When you select "existing command" it uses the same key. So will have control over what happens going forward. Matt
  22. MattBrown

    Adding Pixels to Sequence

    In S5, either way you are adding it to the preview. If you are trying to make your preview look realistic, then I would use the "Create a new prop" option because you can specify the shape. Matt
  23. MattBrown

    Strobe effect - CF50D

    See page 11 of the CF50D manual to see how the strobe channels behave: http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/CF50D_UF50D_UserMan_Web.pdf Matt
  24. MattBrown

    Strobe effect - CF50D

    An easy way to get the strobe channels created in Preview Design: 1) Click the "Add Item" button 2) Double click on "Add a Light-O-Rama Device" 3) From the drop-down list, select "CF50D Flood" Matt
  25. MattBrown

    How To Re-Enable Archived Props?

    Select Sequence > Manage Archived Props from the main menu. http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.4/help/manage_archived_props_dialog.htm Note the "Move to Preview" button on that screen. Matt