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  1. Movie Conversion

    You can search this forum and the Pixel Editor forum for the word "movie" to find related threads. This is one such thread:
  2. Scroll bar

    Having the scroll bar to the right of the sequence grid is consistent with previous versions. It is also consistent with the way Microsoft Excel works when you have "frozen" columns and rows. Matt
  3. Have you tried a different SD card? Matt
  4. We've improved the performance of the effect generator for the next beta release of S5 -- it will be able to support props with more pixels. Also know that we have tested the Show Player (scheduled playback) with over 700 DMX universes. So we look forward to your feedback once 5.0.18 is released (date is tbd). Thanks for testing the S5 beta! Matt
  5. Back to S5

    Double-click to edit. Works on anything - SuperStar effect, motion effect, regular channel, rgb channel, loop in animation sequence. Matt
  6. If it were me, I would define these as 3 separate props - so each has a name that is clear in the grid. Then you can group the 3 props in a preview group (arrangement=none) to keep them together. In the sequence, you can create something called an "RGB aggregate" that can be expanded like S4 RGB channels -- if you want to go that way. But then you have to remember that red is the drum head, etc. Matt
  7. Frustrated with S5

    The user interface for S5 takes some getting used to, but it can control AC channels just as easily as it can control pixels. Do you have any specific suggestions that would make it easier for you to use? Matt
  8. Preview Prop number of "bulbs"???

    If your pixel tree has 50 bullet nodes, then the prop must be defined as having 50 nodes. Here's another idea... You could create the tree using the lines-connected shape. In the attached example I've done this using 50 pixels and 7 line segments. Done this way, the single block effect works as expected - lighting the string from one end to the other. Matt
  9. CCR Question

    Jim, Did you get your CCR arches working with the new preview? If not, perhaps you could send me the sequence? To answer your other question: until we add better support for CCR macro channels in S5, you can create the macro channels manually using the predefined shape "hidden" (one prop per macro channel). Matt
  10. Having the movie effect accept more formats is on our "to do" list. Matt
  11. Back to S5

    Jim, I look forward to the feedback! Preview groups are more robust in 5.0.16 -- you can now rotate each member of the group individually. For example, if you have a CCR tree with Brian's 6-channel star, you could group the star and the ribbons before, but the star would not be in the correct orientation for existing SuperStar sequences. With the new group capabilities, this can be fixed. In 5.0.18, we hope to include some pre-built props like the S4 Visualizer came with (CCR trees, etc). Matt
  12. Frustrated with S5

    There are several more on our tutorials page in the S5 section: http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/ Matt
  13. Frustrated with S5

    I hope you are trying out version 5.0.16 of the beta. It contains many improvements made over the course of our beta testing. S5 should work well whether you have RGB elements or not. If you do have RGB pixel elements, then S5 is decidedly easier, because you do not have to flip back and forth between the Sequence Editor and Pixel Editor like you do in S4. S5 is still in beta testing and we are still working to make things easier to use -- based on user feedback. The more specific the feedback, the better. There is not a lot of documentation on S5 yet, but we will be creating it soon. Start by creating a "preview", which defines all of the elements in your display. The S5 preview replaces the S4 Visualizer, S4 Pixel Editor preview, and S4 Sequence Editor animation. There are some helpful hints about S5 previews in this presentation: http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/ShowTime5-ModelingYourDisplay-RevA.pdf Once you get your preview created, you can start sequencing. Some helpful hints are in this presentation: http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/ShowTime5-TraditionalLights-RevA.pdf Matt
  14. Timing Grid limitations?

    Thanks for the feedback! This will be fixed in the next beta release. Note that in S5, your selection box isn't restricted to the timing grid like it is in S4 -- so you can select and insert a 0.02 second effect without such a fine grid. Just hold down the control key while you make your selection. Matt
  15. Version compatibility question

    It sounds like you might have an extra timing mark that you don't realize. If you zoom in time-wise, perhaps you can see it? Matt
  16. Thanks for the screen shot! This will be fixed in the next beta release. Matt
  17. CB100D Won't control lights.

    In order to play motion effects on lights, your CB100s must be on an enhanced LOR network (ELOR). Also, it is easiest to set up CB100s in an S5 preview using dual-normal mode -- especially if you have props that span more than one string. You can manually set up channels in the preview to support CCR macros, but the macro effects will not display during preview playback. If set up correctly, they will drive your lights however. Better support for CCR macros is planned for a later beta release. Matt
  18. What beta version are you using? And what Windows version? I am not seeing this with 5.0.16 on Windows 10. A screen shot might also help. Thanks for using the beta version! Matt
  19. Try downloading the latest NVIDIA driver here: https://www.nvidia.com/Download/Find.aspx Matt
  20. Responsiveness/performance of the Effect Generator will be better in the next beta release. Matt
  21. In the S5 Sequencer, when you have finished your sequence select File > Create Playback Files. This will create an LMS (or LAS file), and an intensity data file if you have a Pro license. The "playback file" will have a ".play.lms" extension that can be added to a show or written to a LOR MP3 Director SD card. See pages 38-40 of this document: http://www1.lightorama.com/PDF/ShowTime5-TraditionalLights-RevA.pdf Matt
  22. problems with copying

    If you are sequencing on more than one computer, then you should also copy/synchronize all of the files in the "\Light-O-Rama\CommonData" folder. Matt
  23. Version compatibility question

    No need to convert S4 sequences, the S5 Show Player will play them. Matt
  24. Version compatibility question

    The play files have not changed in format -- so you can mix play files from any version of S5 when scheduling shows. There are changes in 5.0.16 in the way 360 degree pixel trees are handled - particularly when the start location setting is left, right, or front. So effects on that type of tree may get rendered differently. Otherwise, it should be safe for you to upgrade. Thanks for being a beta tester! Matt