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  1. Thanks for reporting the issue -- your screen captures are always so helpful! The fix won't be in the next release (5.0.20), but the following one. Matt
  2. MattBrown

    chase and pasting issues

    Thanks for the feedback. Could you post some before and after screen shots? That would help me understand the issue better. Matt
  3. MattBrown

    Preview Problems

    I think the next beta version will fix the problem shown in the video. Please give it a try when it becomes available -- and let us know how it goes. Thanks for reporting the issue. Matt
  4. MattBrown

    Preview Problems

    Note that when a sequence is upgraded to S5, the Pixel Editor effects get put into a separate grid view. During the upgrade process: After the upgrade, in the Sequencer - note the "Pixel Editor" grid view ("Show All Items" will be in the 5.0.20 release): Matt
  5. MattBrown

    S5 Suggestion

    Good suggestion. Which effects in particular did you have in mind? Matt
  6. MattBrown

    Trouble installing 5.0.18

    Steve, I recommend creating a ticket with the LOR help desk and referencing this post. They can help you clear out the half-install. http://helpdesk.lightorama.com/ Licensing for S5 will remain the same. LOR licenses are renewed on a yearly basis. Those users that have renewed within the last year are entitled to download and install the latest releases, whether that be a minor upgrade or a major one. This is stated here, along with links to other licensing questions: http://store.lightorama.com/sopr.html Matt
  7. MattBrown

    'Sub-Models' in S4 Pixel Editor?

    You will be able to easily do that with the forthcoming S5 version. Matt
  8. Thanks for reporting this issue! It will be fixed in the next beta release. Matt
  9. MattBrown

    'Sub-Models' in S4 Pixel Editor?

    Not in the Pixel Editor. Not sure exactly what you mean by "sub-models" -- perhaps you could provide some more detail. The forthcoming S5 version has some advanced capabilities that might meet your needs. Matt
  10. Starting with the next beta release: * When right-clicking on the grid, all of the items under the "Existing Effects (foreground)" sub-menu will apply to RGB channels as well as regular channels. * In addition, the "Scale Intensity..." function has been added. Thanks for the feedback! Matt
  11. We will provide some way to monitor the show. It may not be in the same way that Visualizer did and it may not be in the very first production release. Matt
  12. MattBrown

    TC70 Corrupts Preview file

    Could you please provide some more detail about the steps you took and the error message you are getting? Thanks, Matt Brown
  13. One more thing you need to do... In Prop Definition for "AAAATEST", set "Uses the same channels as" to your roofline prop. Matt
  14. In the next release, "Insert SuperStar Effect" will handle props with traditional strings correctly -- as long as there is one channel per string (no bundles). However, it will not work as expected when the prop's string type is set to "channel per color" and there are multiple colors selected in Prop Definition. Therefore, props with bundled strings, like RGBW, will need to be defined as separate props for each color if the user plans to sequence them with SuperStar. Matt
  15. MattBrown

    New to LOR and pixels

    Looks like the video stops before you get to the issues... Matt
  16. MattBrown

    DD05 Copy and Paste

    I found the issue. It will be fixed in the next release. Matt
  17. The issue was that there was preview group that had itself as a member (which formed a circular reference). This situation will be detected in the next release. Matt
  18. MattBrown

    DD05 Copy and Paste

    I don't have an answer yet, but I am working on it. Matt
  19. MattBrown

    DD06 Views no longer working

    Strange! Very glad you got it working. Matt
  20. MattBrown

    Spiral RGB Mini-tree prop (for S5)

    We are listening! Spiral trees are coming in the next beta release:
  21. Great solution! Thanks for sharing. Matt
  22. MattBrown

    Spiral mega-tree in Preview?

    In S5 Preview Design, you can import Visualizer fixture and prop files. So any Visualizer files you have containing those props/shapes can be imported into a preview. You can also still use user-created tools that produce Visualizer files (e.g. LOR Object Creator can create spiral trees) and import the results. Matt
  23. You should be able to zoom in to a level where the cursor doesn't cover up adjacent pixels. Matt
  24. MattBrown

    Preview Management

    This had been a low priority because you can export a preview by creating a sequence that is associated with that preview. Opening that sequence on another computer will import the preview (if it doesn't already exist). This works great if you want to share a sequence with someone - they automatically get a copy of the preview also, so they can play it back. That being said, the next beta version will have the ability to explicitly import and export previews. Thanks for the feedback! Matt