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  1. In the S5 Sequencer, there are 2 ways to arrange channels by color: One way is to just manually drag the channels you want into the desired location as shown below. This can be tedious, but it works -- as long as you are in a grid view other than "Show All Items". The second and more efficient way is to create a group in Preview Design. After saving the preview, the group will show up in the "Show All Items" grid view, where you can then use the Sort option on the right-click menu. Using this approach also results in more useful labels in the grid.
  2. I've added your request to allow for adjustment of the speed of GIF animations in picture effects to our Future Enhancements list. Thanks for the feedback! Matt
  3. Sharing intensity files among sequences is not supported. For each S4 sequence, you can have: 1) an SE sequence file (.LMS or .LAS) 2) a PE sequence file (.LPE) 3) a PE intensity data file (.LMS.PE.LID or .LAS.PE.LID) 4) a SuperStar intensity data file (.LMS.SS.LID or .LAS.SS.LID) All of these files will have the same base name (e.g. "Wizards 2019"). If you change the name of the SE sequence file, then you need to manually change the others. Matt
  4. Of course, once you have the background removed, you can use the Picture motion effect also. Also, try googling for "christmas stickers gif". "Stickers" often have transparent backgrounds. Matt
  5. Your profile suggests you are running 5.3.8. I strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version. Many bugs have been fixed since 5.3.8. Matt
  6. Preview arrangements and Custom arrangements are completely different and will almost always result in groups that are different sizes (as shown on the Group Definition screen). The differences between the arrangements are explained here: http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.3.14/help/group_definition.htm To get fire coming from the top: create a new group containing only the prop or group you want flipped choose any arrangement except preview -- Horizontal Stack will work and you don't have the extra columns to deal with like you would with Custom. change the orientation to flip-vertical apply the fire effect to the new group and it will do what you want In this screen capture, I show the Group Definition when flipping the ribbons for the 16-ribbon SuperStar tree: That said, I will add a direction parameter to the Fire effect. Matt
  7. I've responded to your original bug report for 5.3.8. Matt
  8. Thanks for the video! 1) Importing a prop and not having the Channel Conflict tab update is a bug. It will be fixed in the next release. 2) The issue with editing a group and then having to edit the SuperStar effect(s) on that group in order to get it to re-render is the expected behavior. 3) Having your effects altered when you change the size of a group is also expected behavior. In general, motion effects scale well to various prop sizes and SuperStar effects do not (they work well for the prop/group size they were originally created on). That's why there are separate SuperStar sequences sold for 12x50 trees vs. 16x50 trees, for example. That wouldn't be necessary if those sequences were created using motion effects. Matt
  9. @default The title of this topic is "ANOTHER BUG FOUND IN 5.3.14". Besides this one, what other bugs have been reported in 5.3.14? I want to make sure we get them all addressed. Thanks for your continuing feedback, Matt
  10. Thanks for reporting the issue and recording the video. The video made the problem clear and easy to identify. SuperStar effects in 5.3.14 work on props but not on groups. The bug fix has already been coded and will be part of the next release. The sequencing you have done in SuperStar is fine and not lost. The problem is with the rendering in the Sequencer. Sorry for the disruption this has caused. Matt
  11. Motion Effects can only be played back to "enhanced" LOR networks and DMX networks (USB or E1.31). So make sure network that your tree is attached to is marked as enhanced in LOR Network Preferences. Also, the Comm Listener (CL) must be running. For more, see the "Why Aren't My Lights Turning On?" topic here: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/control_lights.htm Matt
  12. Version 5.3.12 is now available for download -- and includes the bug fix for motion effects that respond to music. Once you have it installed, you will need to get the Show Player to re-convert the affected LOREDIT sequences to playback files. You can do this by simply opening the sequence in the Sequencer and clicking the Save button.
  13. There is a problem with the group "Group - Trees (Traditional)" -- notice the negative size below. I recommend changing the arrangement for that group to None.
  14. Yes. SD cards had the same issue and will also benefit from the fix. Matt
  15. Glad you found a work-around. For now, subsequences in S5 sequences can only be in the S4 format (or playabck files as mentioned above). We are looking at supporting subsequences in the S5 (LOREDIT) format in 2020. Matt
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