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  1. In the next release, "Insert SuperStar Effect" will handle props with traditional strings correctly -- as long as there is one channel per string (no bundles). However, it will not work as expected when the prop's string type is set to "channel per color" and there are multiple colors selected in Prop Definition. Therefore, props with bundled strings, like RGBW, will need to be defined as separate props for each color if the user plans to sequence them with SuperStar. Matt
  2. New to LOR and pixels

    Looks like the video stops before you get to the issues... Matt
  3. DD05 Copy and Paste

    I found the issue. It will be fixed in the next release. Matt
  4. The issue was that there was preview group that had itself as a member (which formed a circular reference). This situation will be detected in the next release. Matt
  5. DD05 Copy and Paste

    I don't have an answer yet, but I am working on it. Matt
  6. DD06 Views no longer working

    Strange! Very glad you got it working. Matt
  7. Spiral RGB Mini-tree prop (for S5)

    We are listening! Spiral trees are coming in the next beta release:
  8. Great solution! Thanks for sharing. Matt
  9. Spiral mega-tree in Preview?

    In S5 Preview Design, you can import Visualizer fixture and prop files. So any Visualizer files you have containing those props/shapes can be imported into a preview. You can also still use user-created tools that produce Visualizer files (e.g. LOR Object Creator can create spiral trees) and import the results. Matt
  10. You should be able to zoom in to a level where the cursor doesn't cover up adjacent pixels. Matt
  11. Preview Management

    This had been a low priority because you can export a preview by creating a sequence that is associated with that preview. Opening that sequence on another computer will import the preview (if it doesn't already exist). This works great if you want to share a sequence with someone - they automatically get a copy of the preview also, so they can play it back. That being said, the next beta version will have the ability to explicitly import and export previews. Thanks for the feedback! Matt
  12. Yes, you have to move each individual pixel. However, by enabling Format > Preferences > Show Pixel Numbers, you shouldn't have to guess which pixel is which. And the pixel numbers shown in the design view correspond to the node numbers when you select Item > Layout. Matt
  13. 1) There is a new tab on the Prop Definition window labeled "Advanced". This is kinda like the Custom tab, except that you are going to want to place the numbers for your pixels the way you have them layed out in the SuperStar grid. Use numbers 1-64 for the first string, 1001-1064 for the second string, 2001-2064 for the third string, and 3001-3064 for the fourth string. Assign the starting channel numbers for each string. Save the prop. 2) Each pixel in an "Advanced" prop can be moved individually (just like the bulb shape, if you've used that). So you will need to move each pixel one by one (time consuming I know), and keep things linear and spaced evenly by hand. Also, to make sure you are moving the correct pixel, you will need to show pixel numbers by selecting Format > Preferences > Show Pixel Numbers. Also remember that you can zoom in and out in Preview Design, which can be very helpful in this process. 3) Check the prop in SuperStar. In fact, I would do this BEFORE step #2, just to ensure you got step #1 right. Matt
  14. Making copies of pros in S5

    You would create a separate preview for each season: "Halloween 2018", "Christmas 2018", etc. In the preview management screen, you can copy previews (e.g. 2017 to 2018) and then open the new preview, move things around, add new props etc without disturbing the old version. You might even have 2018a, 2018b, 2018c previews as your plans for the season develop. Then copy your 2017 sequences in preparation for 2018 updates. When you open the 2018 sequence for the first time in the sequencer, then use Sequence > Assign Preview to assign the 2018 preview to the sequence. Matt