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  1. When you import an xmodel file with sub-models, those sub-models create motion effect row defaults in Prop Definition. Per the Help File: Use the "Motion Effects Rows" button to define default motion effect rows that will be incorporated into new sequences (this setting has no effect on existing sequences). The number in parentheses on the button reflects the number of default motion effect rows that have already been defined for the prop. To get those motion effect rows into an existing sequence: 1) open the existing sequence 2) double click on the name of the prop to open Prop Definition 3) click on the "Motion Effect Rows" button in Prop Definition 4) click on the first motion row 5) shift-click on the last motion row, which should select all rows 6) click the "Copy" button 7) click "Cancel" to close the Default Motion Rows window 8) click "Cancel" to exit Prop Definition 9) right-click on the prop name and select "Add/Modify motion effect rows" from the menu 10) click the "Paste Append" button. All of the rows copied in step 6 should now appear in the list 11) click the "Save" button to return to the sequence
  2. And for those wondering what a "Peace Stake" is, here are a few videos:
  3. Not exactly Peace stakes... However, after a user pointed out the following video from Richard Holdman, I went ahead and modeled some of it in S5. The attached sequence shows one approach to sequencing vertical pixel stakes, including the use of the Picture effect. Matt Pixel Stakes 10x25x20 FLAG.loredit
  4. After talking with more customers, I don't think 64 will be enough. The limit in the next release will be 100. Matt
  5. All of the models from Gilbert Engineering should define sub-models (subsections in S5 terminology). When you create a new sequence with that preview, you should end up with motion effect rows for each of those sections -- allowing you to apply different motion effects to each section. Matt
  6. Thanks for the feedback! This has been suggested before, and at first glance was harder than it sounds. However, we will circle back around and take a deeper look. Matt
  7. Hopefully the video from @default gets you up and running. However, I would like a file so that we can get the code in the Sequencer corrected. Were you using the Pixel Editor in S4, and that is the part that is not scaled correctly? Or is this a preview you created by importing a file from the S4 Visualizer (.LEE file)? Matt
  8. @default Thanks for the video. Have you opened Windows Event Viewer to see it is reporting any errors when the Sequencer fails to start? If you need help with that, please open a help desk ticket and we can walk through it together. Matt
  9. If you don't want it to show in the preview, go into Prop Definition and change the shape to "hidden". If that doesn't answer your question, then maybe you can post a screen capture of the Prop Definition screen for your prop. Matt
  10. There can't be any special color coding on the left side of the grid because those colors are all controlled by the theme. Matt
  11. Uninstall the version you currently have installed. Then try installing 5.4.2. It contains some fixes for installation issues. Matt
  12. Thanks for reporting the issue and creating the video to explain it! After selecting the entire row and then selecting "Insert Motion Effect", the result should populate the entire row with the new effect. This is a bug! What you *should* be able to do is select the entire row, then right-click and select Prompt For New Effect > Modify Existing Effects, and have it do what you want. However, that also only changes the first effect in the row. Both issues will be fixed in the next release. Matt
  13. Glad you got it working! We'll increase the limit to 64 in the next release. Matt
  14. You can add motion effect rows to groups with 1 prop. You just need to select an arrangement other than None -- Horizontal Stack should work fine. BTW, how many motion effect rows do you need? We can raise the limit in the next release. Matt
  15. If you have any questions about how to use the feature, help can be found here: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/manage_picture_effects_dialog.htm Matt
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