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  1. Thanks for the video - it was helpful. Matt
  2. Error reports have been received and will be addressed in the next release - coming soon. Matt
  3. This should be fixed in the next release - coming very soon... Matt
  4. Hi JR, Sorry to hear that you are losing some of your work. I am the one who reviews those crash reports. In the report I just received, it looks like you had finished the custom layout and then opened the Motion Row Defaults screen when the crash occurred. Is that correct? Matt
  5. This will be fixed in the next release. The bug was introduced in version 5.5.0. Matt
  6. This will be fixed in the next release. Thanks for pointing it out! Matt
  7. The way the sliders for effect parameters are generated did change in 5.4.4. Previously they were all generated during startup. Now they are created as needed when you change the type of effect. This is what improved the Sequencer startup time. Does it only happen after you have been using the program for a while? Matt
  8. We may add that feature in the future. In the meantime you need to use the "Change Sequence Length" command to change the total length. Then use Sequence > Skew All to move the existing content where you want it. Matt
  9. All motion effects are 2-dimensional effects - they work on a matrix of pixels. For example, it is pretty easy to see that a pixel tree is really a 2-d matrix. In fact, all pixel props have a 2-d matrix associated with them - an effect buffer that controls how effects are applied to the prop's pixels. The mapping of physical pixels to the effect buffer is what you see in a prop's Layout View. With the advanced shape, you have complete control over how this mapping takes place. Hope that helps, Matt
  10. Check out the tutorials page: http://www1.lightorama.com/tutorials/ The first link there will take you to a whole series of new videos from Luminous Harmony. You may find other resources on that page useful also. Matt
  11. For RGB pixels: The Custom shape defines both the pixel's physical location and its location in the effect buffer. The Advanced shape only defines a pixel's location in the effect buffer. You are free to place the physical pixel in any location. This is ideal for things like snowflakes, where we want the 6 arms physically pointing 60 degrees apart; but in the effect buffer it is very convenient to point all 6 in the same direction - so effects that move left or right move around the snowflake and effects that move up or down radiate in or out. I'm not sure what options you w
  12. Right-click on "GE CE", and choose "Enable Channel Level on Pixel Prop". This will create rows in the sequence grid for every "GE CE" pixel. Then you can copy/paste from the archived RGB channels to the new RGB channels. Make sure the archived RGB channels and "GE CE" rgb channels are in the same order! http://www1.lightorama.com/help/item_list.htm Matt
  13. You've done an amazing job creating the preview. You have created grid views. You can zoom in on the preview during playback, just like you can during design. I'm trying to understand what features you need in order to move forward with your sequencing. I'm not trying to defend the software, I'm trying to figure out what more we can do feature-wise to help you -- realizing that there are probably short-term and long-term answers to that question. Right now, I am most focused on the short-term. Matt
  14. Or maybe we just save the playback window zoom settings with the grid view? So if you switch grid views, it remembers where you were last zoomed to with that grid view. Matt
  15. The Youtube video is marked private - so I can't view it. Sorry. Would an option to only show the props/groups in the currently selected grid view during preview playback help? Matt
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