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  1. I would recommend 4 separate verticals and then create a group containing the 4 of them (arrangement=horizontal stack). That way you can easily sequence them separately if desired, or as a group. This also makes them easier to position within the preview. Matt
  2. MattBrown

    RGB Sequence Programming

    Regular channels are always displayed as ramps. RGB channels are always displayed as fades (just as they are when collapsed in SE). Matt
  3. MattBrown

    Dimming Curves question...

    But can I create anything less than the 50% that is in there - like make my own custom 30% one? -- sure, you can create any curve file you want! I just thought I would create 30% and 40% because it has come up a few times now. We will distribute them with the next release. Matt
  4. MattBrown

    Dimming Curves question...

    "Pixel 60%" is running at 60% of full brightness -- correct. if I find I need to dim below 50% can I create another dimming curve that is custom at a lesser percent? -- correct, some users may have already done this but I haven't seen any files posted in the forums. I will try to create 30% and 40% files today. If you change the dimming curve setting in a prop definition, as with any change to the preview, you will need to re-save the playback files for every sequence that uses the preview. A little more information on the dimming curves: Matt
  5. MattBrown

    Preview Design Issues

    In Preview Design, groups are displayed with blue text. However, in the sequence grid, all rows are displayed with the same text color. This includes preview groups. Matt
  6. One quick way would be to go into the Manage Archived Props window, select all, then click the "Move to Preview" button. http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.4/help/manage_archived_props_dialog.htm If this is a sequence you upgraded, you could also try upgrading again. But before you do, ensure the channels defined in your preview are the same channels used by the sequence being upgraded. Matt
  7. MattBrown

    Adding Pixel Strings

    This was addressed via the help desk. Matt
  8. MattBrown

    S5 Sequence Previewer issue(s)?

    Since we don't currently have a predefined shape for that star, you will need to create one using the custom shape. Alternatively, if someone has a Visualizer fixture file for it, you could import that. Matt
  9. MattBrown

    MIssing Pixels

    When you say they are missing, do you mean that those RGB channels are now empty? If a change to a prop's definition causes the number of channels to change, the channels that are no longer present in the prop are not archived. The only way to get it back is if you saved a copy of the sequence: File > Save A Copy is great for this. Also, there is a backup file made when you save a sequence (.LOREDIT.BAK). If you have only saved the sequence once since you noticed this issue, it's possible the backup file could be used to retrieve your data -- if the sequence file is called "mysequence.loredit", then use Windows Explorer to rename "mysequence.loredit.bak" to "mysequence-old.loredit". Matt
  10. MattBrown

    Video playback issue in shows

    Unfortunately, that is the way it works for now. Matt
  11. MattBrown

    Video playback issue in shows

    I was able to duplicate the issue of the video window resizing in the S5 Sequencer -- that will be fixed with the next release. However, I was not able to duplicate the issue when using Show On Demand. Sequences with video media played just fine one after the other. You might look for updated display drivers for your PC... Matt
  12. MattBrown

    Video playback issue in shows

    Have you set the right side of the Sequencer's video preferences tab? http://www1.lightorama.com/downloads/5.1.4/help/video_preferences.htm Matt
  13. MattBrown

    Pixel editor

    In version S5, the functions of the Sequence Editor, Pixel Editor, and Visualizer have been combined into a single program - the S5 Sequencer. This is one of the key things that makes S5 easier to use - you don't have to switch between programs when sequencing. Matt
  14. MattBrown

    how to transfer

    Right-click on the file in your web browser and select "Save Target As". Then select a location on your computer. Now you should be able to open it in the S5 Sequencer. Matt
  15. MattBrown

    how to transfer

    When you say "exsiting lor sequence from the internet", are you referring to a sequence that you purchased from Light-O-Rama in the Sequence Store? Matt