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  1. In the next release, there will be a new Sequencer Preference that controls whether Windows shell commands are run in: 1) the Sequencer and Show Player, or 2) only in the Show Player. Thanks for the feedback! Matt
  2. For those who have Peace Stakes (or are thinking about using Peace Stakes in their display), I have attached an S5 sequence to this post for an array of 8 by 11 stakes (88 stakes total). Each stake has 5 pixels on it. The display is controlled by a single Light-O-Rama Pixie 8 controller (though you could use any pixel controller with at least 8 outputs). Each row of 11 stakes is attached to a controller output. You will need version 5.4.0 or later to open the sequence. Music is available from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00W88KRU0 Here is what it looks like at night: And here is what it looks like during the day: More about Peace Stakes can be found in this topic: Hope you have a safe and happy 4th of July! Matt July 4th Peace Stakes 8x11x5 with Music.loredit
  3. See the "Motion Row Combination Mode" section on this page: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/motion_effect_rows_dialog.htm Matt
  4. Brad, SuperStar effects get converted to a movie (they are essentially movie effects in the Sequencer). The movie has no alpha transparency - so that is why anything beneath cannot show through. Changing to the "Blend" mode should allow effects behind the SuperStar effect to show through. Matt
  5. Since your prop has more than 170 pixels (510 channels), there will be a value in the "carryover" column. This number is used to place channels in subsequent universes - automatically. In fact, if you used 100 pixel strings and configured them in the controller to each be a separate universe, then setting Max Channels to 300 in prop definition would drive your lights correctly. Bottom line - showing a single universe in Prop Definition is not a problem. Matt
  6. See the "Options Menu" topic on this page: http://www1.lightorama.com/help/design_tab.htm There is a "Show Pixel Numbers" option in Preview Design. The next release will also have a "Wiring View". Matt
  7. If it is correct in the preview, but up-side-down on the real lights then the issue is with the "Start location" in the prop's definition. If it is wrong on the preview, then reverse the order of the rows when you paste into the sequence. There is an option for that in the Paste Special dialog. Hope that helps, Matt
  8. I am not blackmailing anybody. If you need help with Light-O-Rama software, I will freely give it. However, in an email to Dan, you said And in another post you talked about migrating your sequences to xLights. I am sorry you are not satisfied with the service I and the rest of Light-O-Rama were able to provide. But if you have switched to xLights, then I saw fit to close the ticket and move on to the many other users that need my assistance. So which is it Greg, are you sticking with S5, or are you moving to xLights? I wish you the best of luck with your display either way. Matt Brown
  9. You have not provided enough information to investigate the issue. If you would like us to investigate, please open a help desk ticket and provide screen shots, copies of the sequences, and a detailed description of the actions you took before the problem occurred. Matt
  10. Actually you are wrong. I have spent several days working on the issues that you reported recently. They will be in the next release. Because it is not released, I am not prepared to say how they were addressed. Matt
  11. I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing these issues. I will contact you directly so that we can arrange a time to walk through them together and see if we can get things straightened out. Matt
  12. Did you see the second line of the pop-up message? It says that "Effects to be changed must be completely contained within the selection box". In your video, all of the color fades extend before and/or after the selection box. Same thing in the first video - the lines that changed were completely contained in the selection; the ones that weren't didn't get changed. This is by design. Matt
  13. It depends on the shape chosen for the prop. For example, a 16x50 pixel tree is 16 columns by 50 rows. Props with a custom grid are treated as rectangle with the same number rows and columns as the custom shape has. Matt
  14. In Preview Design, select a single star, then select Item > Layout. This shows how the pixels are arranged when effects are applied. Notice that for a star, the pixels are in a single ROW. If you are going to group the stars together, then you should use the arrangement Vertical Stack. Subdividing that group into rows should yield your original stars. Matt
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