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    We had an old 32 channel chaser that died and looking on the internet we found 128 channels cheaper than our old chaser. That was Light-O-Rama's second season.
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  1. Thanks guys for the help.
  2. I am looking for wire frame clips for 1/4, 5/16 and 3/8 rod, using m5 mini LED sets. Looking for 10k to 20k each size. I'm not having much luck finding anything on line.
  3. For now I would just be using them for timers on LED strands. Then in the future some animation.
  4. Can I use ELL's in a new large display with buildings, trees and parking lots?
  5. I've got Sia's Snow Man if you want it...........
  6. OMG 2.5 hours of moving channels back to the right locations there is a better way I am sure, this is going to take 16 hours or more to relocate channels. And then if it keeps sorting A-Z I could make a template renaming all the channels with a letter in front of the old names to see if that trick works but that still will take forever. I have tried taking a new sequence exporting the channel config, opened an old sequence imported the channel config and nothing happens. Also no tracks copy over.
  7. I am cleaning up sequences from years ago and in the past it was easy. I just used my last channel config file to create a new sequence and copy and paste everything. But with S5 I have tried everything to keep the imported config file from sorting A-Z how do you stop the sorting its driving me nuts?
  8. I've tried everything. But I think as do you the problem could be somewhere else but that is crazy with all the other cards working fine. I took a 16 channel CTB and put snubbers on it and it's working perfect now. If it makes it to the end of the year I will tear into it more.
  9. This is my 11th season with LOR. With this controller, number 7 of 9, in the mix with the other 8 controllers it can not be found. I pulled it out, pulled it directly into the computer and it can be found but with a different address than the two dials on the card. Using the hardware utility I can change the address and now find all nine controllers in that network but all 16 channels misfire and act confused. The other 8 controllers work as expected. The big problem is when I pulled that card out and replaced it, the second controller acts the same way. My next move to replace it with a 16 channel PC controller and see if that will get me through the season. Makes me go hummmmmmmm. Could the ISO dongle be causing a problem, don't think so because the other 8 controllers work fine.
  10. This controller is 7 of 9 and 1-6 and 8-9 work fine. I noticed no matter what the dip switch setting you have the card on it will not come up in HU. So I plugged it in by itself the address never changes so I forced it in the HU and it worked until you run the show. All channels are crossed with each other. Today I had time to change the card with a new one and same problem, can't find it in HU and all 16 channels are crossed up. Sounds like a comm problem but all other controllers work great. Please help soon.
  11. Thats what had me stumped as in post 1. No matter what the dip switches were set to the HU came up with 56 as the address. As of right now its working but the dip switches still don't work. Makes you go hummmmmmm. I should be able to fire up the show tomorrow night for the first time this season and we will see if it works.
  12. I just reset the card, reread it as 56 but the address on the card is set to 5E. I was seeing a conflict with the first card addressed 56 so I disconnected that one reread the 8 remaining cards found the last card as 56 changed it in the Hardware tool to 5E and reread to find 5E. Reconnected the first 56 now I find all 9 cards. Turned off the laptop, disconnected the network, reconnected everything, rebooted and reread to find all 9 cards. Looks like for now its working. Any ideas as to whats going on or should I change that 5E card to be on the safe side?
  13. I have 9 old CTB 16's in a group on their own network. One card had a connector problem so I replaced it with a factory repaired card from last season. In the "Hardware Editor" I can only see 8 cards. I had set the address of the replaced card to 5E but I could not see it. I connected that card straight to my laptop to find the address as 56 not 5E. I changed the address on the card to different addresses and no change still 56. So I changed the address in the "Hardware Editor" to 5E, reread the card and it came up as 5E. I reconnected the other 8 cards, reread the network to find 8 cards and not 5E. Is the card damaged or is there something I'm missing?
  14. A copy would be greatly appreciated jshelby@rhema.org thanks so much for all your hard work.
  15. To give you an update. The largest file size is 30999 bytes with only one track. Mine came in at 28122 bytes but when you look at it on your desktop it says it's 632kb I don't understand that but it works. The sequence was 30 channels at 3:30 long. It will work great for my gingerbread scene.
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