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  1. Matt, I had success using option #3, although a little convoluted but registration was eventually successful. Option #2 gave the same issue as before "Activation Issue 7". Thank you.
  2. Matt, I already own the Pro version, so asking us to purchase an upgrade to test beta software is probably not the best professional answer to give. I would hope that you will have this problem isolated and fixed before it's officially released.
  3. Hey Matt, I'm also having the same exact problem as John. "Activation Issue 7". Confirmed that I was using the correct name and license key. Also, made sure there were no spaces. Worked fine when I was using 5.0.16. Doug Hall
  4. I agree with this request. My sequence folder is full of those AVI files. We need S5 to be better at housekeeping.
  5. Looks great. Can you tell me what video camera you used to record your display. Thanks.
  6. Sure scodavis, The Snap-N-Glow" panels (once discontinued) are available in some places on the Intenet. I believe Amazon may still sell them. Anyways, I created a EMT frame and attached the panels to the frame. In my example, "HEAR THE LIGHTS" and "TUNE TO FM 94.9" each letter requires one panel. Each panel shares the letter for each phrase. So for example the "H" in HEAR THE LIGHTS and the "T" in TUNE TO FM 94.9 will share the same panel. Within each panel, the lights are placed where needed to form each letter. 1 channel will control the "H" and then a 2nd will control the "T". But for each light that is shared between each character, that light will then become a common light which would become the 3rd channel, which basically mean it comes on with each phrase. The same goes for each letter on each panel. Did that make sense? It's actually very simple and looks great. It's large and can't be missed by all the cars.
  7. I have dedicated 3 LOR channels and used "Snap-N-Glow" panels to make a Tune-To sign. Here is what it looks like. http://www.deckthehalllights.com/signlight.html I set it up as a Background animation and it runs for the entire show and shuts off at the end. The sequence is only 1 minute long.
  8. Bob, I have a short 45 second spot sequence. I can play it manually with the Control Panel on and Control Lights is checked and it works fine. But after playing it 2 or 3 times it locks up. The time cursor returns to the beginning, but the play button is greyed out and the stop button does not work. Here is a image I captured. I hope this does not effect the actual show and lock up after playing each song. I have upgraded to 4.2.10 and the problem is still present.
  9. Are there any updates to this problem? I am experiencing the same issue with 4.2.6.
  10. So we will no longer need to use your "back door" method of using keywords in the comment line of a prop?
  11. Hey Brian, with the new roll out of S4, can you tell us what new features or fixes will there be in SuperStar?
  12. Can anyone answer the question? What is the maximum channel count that LOR S3 can support? That's including LOR devices and DMX devices. I can't seem to find a definitive answer to this question.
  13. Thanks Don, so to confirm if I wanted to use a USB485-HS for only a 57k~115k network I'm good to go? Just wanted to confirm before realizing at the last minute.
  14. So that brings up a very good question that I haven't read a response for yet, can the USB485-HS support high speed devices (500K) as well as slower older Gen2 PC boards (115K) on the same network? And if you had no high speed devices on the network at all, will the USB485-HS throttle down to slower speeds to support the older hardware?
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