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  1. I have an indoor light show that I run from a laptop with synchronized video for each sequence, that is displayed on an extended monitor (my 72" family room TV). Everything runs great and I was able to successfully select my video preferences so it runs in full screen mode on the secondary monitor. However, at the end of each sequence, the video window shrinks down to a smaller window and just sits there in the top left corner of the screen. It does clear as the next song/video begins, but just as a housekeeping item, I would like to see if there is a way to close/minimize this window in between, so it is not visible. Anyone have any thoughts? I'm on v3.8.0 Advanced
  2. I currently use the miniDirector to run my Halloween show as a standalone show, without the use of a computer. But for Christmas, I use my LOR system to display an indoor show, complete with videos diplayed on on a large HD TV. To date I've only been able to run the show off a laptop so that I can send video output over VGA or HDMI cable to the TV. Does a hardware device exist that will allow me to run the show standalone without a laptop, but still continue to display video?
  3. I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this same issue. I don't see any resolution of the issue posted here in the forum. I created an Instant Sequence using Super Star, then exported to an LMS format. When I attempt to open the LMS file in Sequence Editor, I get the same error message mentioned above. Yet if I attempt to just create a sequence directly in Sequence Editor and use the original MP3 file, it plays just fine. Any thoughts on how to resolve this?
  4. Did you ever get an answer to this question? I've done an indoor show for several years where I synchronize lights to music/video - showing the video on a 42" TV. I've struggled before in getting the video to display on the TV instead of my computer, but this year I can't seem to find the magic trick to get it to work again. New laptop, so I'm having to find all new settings again. Any luck getting it moved over to the other screen all the time?
  5. Anyone have any ideas? I believe I have found that if I start playing a sequence and then stop it and minimize the video window, then when the show actually plays the video window will stay minimized in between sequences. I'm still testing this thoroughly, but was hoping someone else might have a more legitimate way to accomplish this.
  6. I have a show with all musical sequences, where each sequence plays a .wmv file and displays video on an HDTV. Videos work great, but in between each sequence the window that is displaying the video shrinks to a small window and won't go away till the next sequence begins. Anyone know how to get that screen to completely close or at least minimize out of view in between sequences? I've found that I can click on the window and select Minimize and it goes away, but not realistic to do this as the entire show is playing. Thoughts?
  7. Pardon my ignorance but how would I use Audacity to modify the sampling rate? I have opened my file in Audacity and found a Sampling Rate setting under Preferences, but it already said 41,000 and no matter what I try, the exported version continues to report the same error that it has a sampling rate of 48000. Anyone know what I'm doing wrong? UPDATE: Disregard this post...I figured it out!!! Found a couple different places where you needed to set the sample rate for the project, save and then export, and it worked just fine. Thanks everyone for the input re: use of Audacity.
  8. Just upgraded to v3, including SuperStar, but am having some difficulty with the use of SuperStar. I downloaded a song and then attempted to use it in an Instant Sequence, but when I click on "Open Audio File", at the end of the process it gives me the following error message. Error: The audio file sampling rate is 48000. A wave file with the standard sampling rate of 44,100 is required. Is there any way to handle this error on the LOR side, or do I really need to find a way when downloading/converting my file to do so with a sampling rate of 44,100.
  9. I have a CTB16PC. The hardware utility seems to recognize the controller, it just doesn't want to accept any sequence in the Standalone portion of the utility.
  10. Thanks everyone for your responses. I've explored the Standalone feature of the controller and everything indicates that it should work exactly as you are all stating, however I keep running into a size issue. The help file even offers information about keeping the size to a minimum, and offers suggestions, but I still can't seem to make it work. I've created the simplest of animated sequences where all it does is turn ON all 16 channels for 5 seconds (don't know how much simpler I can make it!). Yet, when I attempt to upload it to the controller, it tells me the size is too large. It says the Download size = 8 and Max Unit Load = -1 (I don't really understand these items). Can anyone offer any assistance?
  11. Rather than setting up my controller outside, where nobody really comes down my street, I've decided to create an indoor display using all of my family room christmas decorations, including the tree!! When everyone is over on Christmas Eve, they're in for a real treat when the room transforms into a muscical show! However, when the controller is not connected to the PC and not in use during the week, is there any way to leave all 16 plugs connected to my controller and keep all the lights on? Currently, as soon as I end a show or disconnect the PC, the controller goes offline along with all the lights. Any ideas, or do I really have to unplug everything and plug them in elsewhere until I'm ready to use the controller?
  12. Using a 16 channel controller being controlled via PC, is there any way to create an entire show and then rather than scheduling it to run at very specific times of the day, run it on demand? I know you could just change your daily schedule constantly and keep scheduling the show for a few minutes from the current time, but that's a nuisance. I'm using my system for the first time this Halloween and would like to run the show on demand when I know I have a large group of spectators outside. If I run it on demand from the Sequence Editor I can only run one sequence at a time, and I prefer to have no delay in between sequences, which I would have while loading new sequences in the Editor. Any thoughts?
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