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  1. I buy mine off of Ebay. Lot of selections and length. Prices good.
  2. Advanced. I think it is the controller that it is piggytailing off is bad. The cat5 connector that you plug into on the other controller might be what is bad. Did some switching around and the controller was found. Hopefully that is the problem. Merry Christmas. Thanks for the advise.
  3. Sent the topic to LOR. They had me reset the controller and it will not find controller. Tried changing CAT5, hooking up direct, and nothing works. Thanks for the reply. I think it is in the controller. Thanks again.
  4. I recently purchased a CTB16PC Contoller. Put it together and everything worked fine. Utilities Hardware found the controller, everything worked. Took controller outside and daisy chained the controller and couldn't find that controller. Unit # is 7 and it searches up to 15. Took controller back in the house and it worked fine. Took outside again, couldn't find the unit. I have changed CAT5 cables and everything. Now it will not work at the computer either. Any ideas what could be the problem? Thanks for any help.
  5. They have some on ebay. Look for outdoor Christmas decorations and type in Snoopy.
  6. here is an attacment that will not work. forgive the visualizer, I just wanted to see movement. Ed Attached files Chipmuck Christmas 2010.lms
  7. I can't get Macro Maestro to work. I used it last year with no problems. This year it will not work. I have Superstar Sequence Editor, but I would like to mix them us some. I deleted my old macro maestro clipboard and replaced it. This will not work.
  8. Looks like something else to try with my ccr strips. Thanks for the pictures.
  9. Hey Paul, how did you make a mega pole with i1 CCR strip.
  10. I can use one. Please let me know how you want paid. edepinet@woh.rr.com
  11. Yes I switched the controllers. The mistake does not stay in the controller. The mistake I get is whichever unit is unit #4 it acts up.
  12. Switch the units #'s on the CCR. Same identical results. Acting the same way. Question, can Windows 7 be uncompatible with this program?
  13. Each CCR goes through the 1st fade up and fade down right then the strips start acting up. The top CCR #7 pixels come on blue after the 1st fade down until the CCR turns on again. Then the top CCR comes on the fade up and the last 10 pixels shut off before it gets to the end. Then 2 more pixels come on the top until it turns on again and finishes the fade down. Then more 2 pixels come on again. Start the next fade up and the last 10 pixels do not come on. Meanwhile the bottom CCR is functioning alright. It is only screwing up in the fade ups on the top unit. Pixel #1, 7 & 8 come on at time.
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