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  1. I honestly have searched for a good while on this subject. Started in the FAQ, then on to the forums, but did not see it. (did see a bunch of threads get derailed real quick) So I ask this question... Can you have an hour long sequence? 2 hour? If I missed it I apologize. Ted
  2. TEDDER1

    Different uses

    A pot' is used to advance the pulse on a strobe. The more power you give the faster it flashes. I imagine it could be configured to use the channel on one of these LOR's. All these channels do is provide a desired amount of power to a circuit at a programmable level. I see some items will need a relay as the amp draw would overwhelm the system. This is some good stuff. Ted
  3. TEDDER1

    Different uses

    Ok I did the math correct hopefully. I wanted to buy one of these to syncronize music and party lights. Circuits can take it according to my calculations. My questions: How long can a single session be? 30 minutes? Think batches of preprogrammed music and light displays... If you hook up a strobe to a channel and slowly increase the power to it... Since it is capacitor based will it start getting faster? Leave them on full and play with power levels for desired pulse frequency... It can be used as a circuit switch correct? Switch on a fog machine, or a series of fans for an effect of sorts. As long as they dont exceed the amps of the channel... Could you theorhetically create a halloween fun house where the channels control "animatronics" and light effects? Ted the rookie.
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