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  1. jeff sleek


    We have pro license. I am checking to make sure it is downloaded onto new HP Envy laptop.
  2. jeff sleek


    LOR users for years. trying to add 1 pixcon16 unit to our display. anyone in south florida area that can help us get it set up. Using high speed USB485 adapter and HP Envy laptop with Windows 10. Can not get laptop to recognize pixcon16 box on network configuration.
  3. jeff sleek

    no red light

    checked with volt meter , both fuses getting power,
  4. red light will not come on. worked over the weekend. checked fuses and power is good.. 1602x . any ideas....
  5. jeff sleek

    new ccr11

    I t am trying to find out about ccr11. Can't find anything on length on ribbon.
  6. jeff sleek

    This is what I am using this year

    Can you please send 6,14,15,22,28,29,34,35 in the 64 channel version. THANK YOU jefftsleek1@gmail.com
  7. jeff sleek

    272 channel sequences avalibale

    Hello, im interested in music box carol of the bells wish listz thanks jefftsleek1@gmail.com
  8. jeff sleek

    Sharing 32 Channel Sequences

    Could you also send me the audio files...THANKS