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  1. Absolutely brilliant Don! Thanks, You're a star!
  2. Don Gillespie wrote: Don, thanks! I think that's just about sorted me! If you have a picture, that would really help. It's probably a situation some other decorators might face.
  3. Surfing4Dough wrote: Brilliant! Well that's the arches sorted! The mega tree will be fine also because of the sleeve below the man hole in the center. Just need an idea now for the mini trees You guys are just so helpful, thanks!
  4. Hi folks! Since we were featured in a Network national documentary, We've been contacted by a zoo to design and create their display. We travelled the 3 1/2 hours to visit the directors. They want the same display as we have here, which they came to visit since the TV show aired. www.paultoole.co.uk On visiting the Zoo and seeing the area which we will transform, they have changed it from lawn to 'Astro - Turf' fake grass! In the centre of the area is a manhole with a sleeve for a tree, so location for a mega tree won't be a problem. But I'm really not sure how to secure Arches & Mini Tree's, as we won't be able to make holes within the astro turf. Any ideas guys? Here's a picture.................... Attached files
  5. Wonder if this product would work in the same way? http://www.amazon.com/Brite-Star-Imports-F-39-031-23-Christmas/dp/B005QI7MEI/ref=sr_1_30?ie=UTF8&qid=1330563265&sr=8-30
  6. DLTSLC wrote: *Bump* I'd be interested to know the answer to this also. Regards
  7. Christian, That was a great video to watch! Really really brilliant. You must be so please that all your hard work has been featured on TV. Merry Christmas to you & a wonderful new year!!
  8. Hey folks, For our American friends that didn't have a chance to see the documentary, here it is on youtube. Enjoy!
  9. I absolutely third that! He does such amazing voice overs! I'm one please enthusiast here in the UK. Thanks Kevin!
  10. miaskiewicz christian wrote: I know Christian. Its getting near now, Exciting eh?! What date is your switch on this year? When do you think you will start your set up? I can't wait to get outside & start. Although the weather here at the moment is very un-seasonable! Temps today of 29c. Are you currently having this hot weather? Its been the hottest start to October on record, But i think it will only last another few days and then it's set to drop quite quickly.
  11. My vote is White - But they both look great!
  12. You've done a really neat job there John. Looks absolutely lovely!
  13. Yep - You'll find there will be problems using lights with Low Voltage transformers. I'm based in Somerset, England - I use 240v Mains LED lights. I haven't had any problems using these. They fade, shimmer etc with no problem at all. If you need pointing in the right direction at anytime, don't hesitate to send me a line!
  14. R Weiland wrote: Ah, Of course TEA! How could I forget that? I'll go pop the kettle on right now!
  15. wallleyes wrote: Awww, Thanks so much! You guys here really are lovely!
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