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  1. Here are a couple of videos of my display this year. I had a food drive and raised over 600 pounds of food and $300. Too much fun. 2 houses, 32 channels - I have a great neighbor Carol of the Bells The Little Drummer Boy Next year I want to do something with the huge tree in the neighbors yard you see in the video and hopefully triple my channel count. Take care all!
  2. Amazing. Does it give anyone any ideas?
  3. Here is the link to the article about our display and food drive in our local paper. http://www.mercurynews.com/sunnyvale/ci_19508967 I guess this post is pretty much a personal blog at this point so I will stop posting now. Happy Holidays all.
  4. The local newspaper called today to interview me about our display and food drive. I hope we have a good turnout and collect many bags of food. This is exciting and gets me thinking on what to add for next year.
  5. I received word back today from a couple of city councilmen that they will be at my food drive on this Sunday. I am pretty excited about that. Anyone in the area feel free to stop by. PM me for address.
  6. Hi all. I am still trying to figure out how to get a good video recorded so bear with me. The city planted a tree in front of my house and so I had to incorporate it in so I just went static on the tree this year since it is so funky looking right now. We are having a food drive on Sunday night and so I needed to send out a teaser to all invited. Let me know what you think and any advice is greatly appreciated. Happy Holidays and Happy Lighting How do you embed the video, it is so much nicer that way. LOL
  7. I took last year off, so this year I tried to add more. I included my homage to Madame Leota. We had over 400 ToT's so it was a great night indeed. Now I am so ready for Christmas! Happy Holidays all!
  8. Oh good grief...sorry to bother, that did the trick. Thanks so much...happy haunting AB
  9. Hi, ok so I have been a major flake this year and have been so busy with my props and decorations that I didn't bother booting up the computer to run sequences until tonight. So now when I go to open the sequence editor nothing at all happens. All other LOR editors open just fine it is only the sequence editor. I haven't tried running a show yet as I was going to tweak one sequence first. I am running windows XP and using LOR v2.0.16 which I have not used since last Christmas when everything ran just fine. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. AB
  10. Sure enough I had a couple of lights that were loose and that solved the problem. Thanks all and I think I will definately get me the Light Keeper Pro. thanks again
  11. I have two strings of lights plugged in to each other and on the first string only the first half are lighting up the second half are out and the secong string are just fine. I replaced the fuses just in case and that didn't help. Also the strings are supposed to stay lit if one bulb goes out and I didn't see any burnt out the previous night. Any ideas or do I need to replace the whole string? Everything was working fine two nights ago and then just last night I noticed the one half not lighting up. thank you
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