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  1. http://www.cdirect.com/jallen/ The interface is "home grown" to fit around the many other projects etc. Maybe utube is abetter option but this is mine..... Jerry
  2. :? The Ramsey has 2 Varactor diodes / varicaps. D1 and D2. The Vastelec uses the same BH1415 chip. D1 is frequency control, "If the desired frequency is less than the reference frequency, U2 sends negative going pulses out of pin 7. This in turn increases the voltage on the collector of Q4 (we will get back to this) causing an increase in the voltage across diode D1 (the main varactor diode in our oscillator circuit).", D2 "By adding an extra variable capacitor D2 (another varactor diode) along with C9 into the VCO circuitry, the composite signal is fed in to the VCO at a specific level after dividing it by R6 and R7. D2 connects to composite audio, OSC and ground, D1 connects to OSC and ground only, which one? Jerry ' Attached files
  3. Richard Hamilton wrote: Yes, the encoder is hooked up between the computer and the transmitter. Richard, From what I read in the manual the PIRA32 uses composite audio not stereo audio, how are you getting composite into and through the PIRA32 and then into stereo line level for the Ramsey FM100B? Ref. http://www.pira.cz/rds/pira32.asp?p=PIRA32_Box Bottom of the page.
  4. With snow/rain/snow and _cold_ http://www.wunderground.com/US/NE/Scottsbluff.html I am HAPPY to say, the system is good to go Jerry
  5. Tonight is my test run of the scheduler/show. If it is running when I get home at 5:30, everything is ready, the rest is just polishing off and adding my last 16 channels if I hae time/weather permitting. Jerry
  6. Steven wrote: Yes GFCI outdoor. Curious, will a GFCI blow due to the hot/nuetral touching each other? Looking at the specs of 16 guage wire, I am hesitant to believe that 16 guage is capable of blowing a 15 amp fuse it may continue to melt until it melted your main plugs and _then_ the fuse would blow. I will be adding 7 channels worth of ~2 amp fuses at the controller before these channels, the house is part of the lighting on these 7 channels and it is simply not feasable to have 7 cords in the 10-12 guage range capable of handling 15 amps in this particular instance. I feel an experiment coming on... 15 amp fast blow fuse, 120 volts and a dead short in 16 guage wire will most likely blow the fuse, but I doubt ramping a triac in the same situation would blow the fuse. Zip cord fuse holders? Anyone?
  7. First let me define my setup and most setups. WALL-15/20-AMPS==LOR=CHANNEL (?)--display-item-with-1amp-fuse. You have the ability to burn up many types of wire causing a fire if you use standard plugs/cords for any distance. Now if you move the fuse to the plugin on the LOR unit, the problem is minimized. How do you handle this? Jerry
  8. Thank you, I have a wire form built I finally quit trying to put the rope on it out of frustration. I have a new found respect for those who can do wire form! Jerry
  9. Any pointers for building a Ribbon/Bow to go on my 48 inch wreath? I have a cloth bow and have tried to place rope light on it but it never turns out looking quite right.
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