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  1. http://www.cdirect.com/jallen/ The interface is "home grown" to fit around the many other projects etc. Maybe utube is abetter option but this is mine..... Jerry
  2. With snow/rain/snow and _cold_ http://www.wunderground.com/US/NE/Scottsbluff.html I am HAPPY to say, the system is good to go Jerry
  3. Tonight is my test run of the scheduler/show. If it is running when I get home at 5:30, everything is ready, the rest is just polishing off and adding my last 16 channels if I hae time/weather permitting. Jerry
  4. Steven wrote: Yes GFCI outdoor. Curious, will a GFCI blow due to the hot/nuetral touching each other? Looking at the specs of 16 guage wire, I am hesitant to believe that 16 guage is capable of blowing a 15 amp fuse it may continue to melt until it melted your main plugs and _then_ the fuse would blow. I will be adding 7 channels worth of ~2 amp fuses at the controller before these channels, the house is part of the lighting on these 7 channels and it is simply not feasable to have 7 cords in the 10-12 guage range capable of handling 15 amps in this particular instance. I feel an experiment coming on... 15 amp fast blow fuse, 120 volts and a dead short in 16 guage wire will most likely blow the fuse, but I doubt ramping a triac in the same situation would blow the fuse. Zip cord fuse holders? Anyone?
  5. First let me define my setup and most setups. WALL-15/20-AMPS==LOR=CHANNEL (?)--display-item-with-1amp-fuse. You have the ability to burn up many types of wire causing a fire if you use standard plugs/cords for any distance. Now if you move the fuse to the plugin on the LOR unit, the problem is minimized. How do you handle this? Jerry
  6. Thank you, I have a wire form built I finally quit trying to put the rope on it out of frustration. I have a new found respect for those who can do wire form! Jerry
  7. Any pointers for building a Ribbon/Bow to go on my 48 inch wreath? I have a cloth bow and have tried to place rope light on it but it never turns out looking quite right.
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