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  1. A copy would be great mike@liftinglarge.com
  2. Hello Does someone know where I can get a sample pixel sequence. I have the 16 strip x 25 pixel tree from LOR . I would like to take a look at a completed sequence. It does not have to have music or be long. Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks guys. No CFL in display at all. I will double check data cable and highlight the flickering channels and hit delete to make sure and see what happens tonight
  4. I am running 48 channels for halloween and I seem to get what I am calling bleed over into channels 14,15,16 and controller 1. I use those channels strictly for a talking with witch that runs between musical sequences. However the lights on those channels flicker a few times during each musical sequence. Those channels do work correctly when the witch sequence is running though. Any ideas? Oh, I am running only led lights on all channels
  5. BTW. I did go and set my video preferences to full screen. When the sequence start it goes full screen for 1/2 second then shrinks to a small screen
  6. I have 2 videos playing with my Halloween display. They are to be projected on a screen. I am trying to get it all to run but am running into problems. When the first video start it pops up on the screen in a small minimized screen. i need it to be full screen right away. I am suing windows 10 and cannot find out how to do that.
  7. Can all versions of the LOR controller dim led lights. A friend gave me all his led lights but some of them do not seem to dim. Either on or off. I have several versions of the controllers that I have bought over the years
  8. I understand but how do I get the video to start at the same time
  9. I want to run a LOR 32 channel sequence with audio and have a .wmv file start on the computer at the same time to project some images while it is running. They use the same audio track but the audio track for the .wmv is embeded. I can just mute the .wmv audio but am not sure how to get it to start plating at the same time as the LOR sequence. Does anyone know if this is possible?
  10. Thanks everyone. Premier we are up the cost from you in Warrenton
  11. I just moved into a new house on the Oregon coast and have a much larger house to set up. I wanted some input on channel set up on my house. I have attached a picture of the house. I am going to use 48 channels on the house split into 2 groups of 24. 24 for the white lights and 24 for the blue lights. Everything on the house will be double strung in blue and white. I just don't know where to start. My old house was single story with 6 windows across the front and this house is much larger. Any help is appreciated. I am going to use another 48 channels in the front yard but that part is much easier to see in my head for some reason. Thanks
  12. I let me computer update from windows 8 to 8.1. I cannot open the LOR program now. It shows it is on my computer but does nothing when I click it. I downloaded a current copy and re-installed it. Same problem. Also I get an error on install now that says "Failed to load control. Your version my be outdated".. Any ideas?
  13. If I found a tablet with actual USB ports could I run LOR software on it. I need to replace the computer I have running my shows but do not want to buy a laptop.
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