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  1. Can a sequence in LOR3 safely call a super star lights file (filename.sup) as a sub-sequence ?
  2. Is there a keyboard shortcut to switch between "Paste by cell" and "Paste by time"
  3. well... I feel really stupid. I was comparing the original setup track to the working track and didn't even notice. There was never any problem to begin with. apparently brain fade is already setting in
  4. you are right, Tim. I was thinking of the old twinkling fades. Guess my mind is fading too
  5. I understand what you are saying and I've seen that happen. If you have a group of channels in track 1 and you copy that group to a second track, you have to degroup the channels beofre rearranging them what has happened here is that I have track 1 with no groups, then I created a duplicate track for the working track as track 2. Track 2 has channels groups. All was going well while I was using LOR 3.4.x. I finished a sequence, upgraded to LOR 3.8.0 and went to create a new sequence and when I imported the LCC file, it rearranged all of the channels in track one into what looks like a half-hearted attempt to put them in order by controller. In this new sequence though, track 2 has been unaffected. If I reopen the completed sequence with the updated LOR 3.8.0 the channels in THAT sequence also get moved all around as well.
  6. I just upgraded to the new 3.8 and when I open a sequence, all of the channels are being rearranged in the main track into a manner that really makes no sense. Has anyone else experienced this? is there a fix for it? They aren't in order by controller, channels, or anything else The odd thing is that the second "working" track with groups created has NOT been affected by this
  7. the old fashion way of making twinkles was to divide up your timing line into sections about 0.02 seconds apart, then create a random effect manually with quick bursts of on and off. You can do the same to your new Non-LOR RGB lights to create twinkling white lights
  8. I feel pretty silly about this now. it turns out that you can't "degroup" the channels while they are expanded which is what I was attempting
  9. I'm working on a sequence and have elements done up in groups for simplicity (great feature) but when I duplicate the track and then try to degroup the channels in the new track, this option isn't even available in the new track. Has anyone else experienced this? I also noticed that when you create the duplicate groups in a new track and try to move channels around in the new track, the original track reflects the same move changes
  10. thanks a million. popping to the top is a good thing, but so is being able to control the SE from the visualizer
  11. if you mean to be able to create an effect on channel one and then have channels 1 thru 25 do the same thing there's an easy ways to do this... create the effect as you normally would, then click and drag down from channel 1 to ch25, then hit the H key which is normally used for a chase effect. If you only chose one cell it just creates a vertical feature
  12. when building a sequence, I do the entire song piece by piece using the play visible screen, but not that I'm using the visualizer, I have to click play in the editor then click over quickly to catch the whole thing. Is there a way to play a sequence from within the visualizer so I can eliminate so much back and forth? and if not, then let me add this to the wish list of items for the next iteration of S3
  13. still using S2, is this something that it keyboard shortcutable in S3 though? if not, it would a good addition
  14. Does anyone know if there is a keyboard shortcut for switching back and forth between "Paste by Cell" and "Paste by Time" ?
  15. you can use .wav files for sequences and the show, but the flies are much bigger which isn't an issue unless you are using a mini director The sortware has always done the out of sync thing when doing selected areas but can be rememdied by zooming out and backing the area up a little bit as for the 1/2 speed thing, it does it with mp3 and wav files
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