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  1. Thinking of Dan & Co during this time. Hoping that damage and financial setback to the business is minimal. Keep us posted, please.
  2. It's pretty simple to reproduce: Steps: 1) New sequence, add at least one RGB channel 2) Tools-> Channel Configuration 3) Attempt to delete the RGB channel by deleting its components* 4) Say Yes to the "Are you sure" dialog 5) See the error mentioned in the original post. * The Channel Config is not smart about groups are RGB channels. There is no way to delete an RGB channel from the Channel Config dialog, at least in S3 which I'm still using. This seems to be a major omission. But in the meantime you can only delete RGB channels by right clicking on them in the main SE window. And that can be really tiresome.
  3. It's super easy to obtain a piece of coro (Home Depot sells it), trace out whatever you like, and punch out a design with an awl or something. I've never really understood why people pay so much for pre-punched coro props when you can create your own, 100% unique ones so easy and so much cheaper.
  4. Other then someone mentioning they found a workaround on the LOR-UG group nobody was even TALKING about Facebook, so the little aside about that group was off topic at best and obviously caused frustrations to flare up even more. Let's stick to the topic - getting to the bottom of this nasty bug. I'm still running S3 this season (for reasons that have nothing to do with my trust in LOR's upgrades and everything to do with my personal schedule this year) so I'm not affected, but as a developer I know these sorts of issues can be really frustrating to track down when you can't reproduce them in-house. Has anyone been approached to send their entire show (all files, etc) so you guys have a chance of actually reproducing it? I did that with a similarly-evil bug that was affecting a much smaller handful of us a few years back and Bob was able to reproduce it right away once he had my full configuration, which led to a proper fix. And thanks for checking into whether the Dan Baldwin FB account is genuine or not.
  5. There's a recent post by "Dan Baldwin" in that group, and there's some thought that it may not be authentic. Can you confirm or deny that the real Dan Baldwin wrote that post? If not, he should probably report the account to FB as an imposter. I wouldn't expect an unofficial FB group to be moderated in the same way a vendor forum is. In general I hang out there to have some fun and hopefully help with some folk's issues along the way. Haven't been on these 'official' forums (or any other forum for that matter) much at all in the past year or so but I do get on FB regularly so it's nice to have some contact with the community, even if it's dysfunctional lol.
  6. Just for completeness, here is a video of our fountain, made with 4 of the $24-ish Ray Wu DMX floods. Note that these are NOT intended to be submersible, but I beefed up the waterproofing of them and they've now been through two seasons of summer use with no issues. Really looks great and I get a lot of complements on the. The shown sequence is really basic and is the sort of thing we run most of the time. I do have a peppier red/white/blue one I use for the 4th of July. I run it off of an iDMX in standalone mode. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=10200985306702113&l=3107867062102766116 P.S. This makes me miss summer, the pond is totally frozen over now.
  7. Let's move this thread back into a more positive direction: To Dan and LOR: It would be great if you could provide some details, even vague ones, about what you expect in the pipeline and a very rough ballpark time frame. As I indicated earlier in this thread, I'm really not in a bind for the 2014 season... I won't be adding significant channel count this year (I know that is not true for everyone else... I'm just commenting on my personal situation). So if you said that there were major changes coming that wouldn't make it for this season, I'd still be OK with that. A lot of us have used LOR hardware and software for a long time and would like to continue doing that. But it really seems that LOR has changed directions in teh past few years, moving from powerful controller that even the low end can afford and use, to more of a "value-added" retailer of lighting products. It's disturbing to me that products that were planned for the 2012 season (including an E1.31 bridge for LOR controllers, powerline data for LOR pixels, etc) still haven't seen the light of day. And the sequence editor hasn't had any major features added in 2 seasons either. It's frustrating that even something as simple as the "4GB patch" hasn't been officially recognized, much less implemented. -Tim
  8. I suggest you grow a pair and realize that sometimes when you start a discussion in public, it doesn't always go the way you envisioned Furthermore, I think if LOR admins were to lock this thread, it would speak volumes. They can, of course, feel free to clean it up as they see fit to remove personal attacks and keep it on task. But this is a very important question that, if avoided, speaks more than any official post could.
  9. And I kindly ask that you do not. There are a lot of people, myself included, acutely interested in what, if anything, LOR plans to do with the software in the near future. Dan as already promised an update, and locking this thread serves no real purpose. If people can't control their own off-topic rants, then deal with them directly.
  10. Actually it's been a month since the first "an update is coming", and 2 weeks since the last "the update is still coming"
  11. I'd message Dan, since he was the one who said it earlier in this thread (via quote anyway). It seems LOR is having trouble communicating their policies to all of their employees (remembering the TRIAC fiasco last season).
  12. Agreed. I've been running generic pixels with LOR for 2 seasons now. The more you have, the more you will probably rely on tricks, workarounds, and other software aids to get your work done, but it is very possible.
  13. I would only expect it to happen if "control lights" was selected and you had native DMX or E1.31 devices in the network.
  14. We can always hope. It's been a long wait for a lot of features
  15. Are you trying to control through the sequence editor? Make sure the control panel is launched and the DMX listener is running. Make sure "control lights" is checked. The colored square in the lower left of the SE window should be either blue or orange, not red.
  16. Oops, I meant 9V. I have 5V and 12V on the brain from RGB stuff lol. Spirit of my post is still correct though - I bet there's a short somewhere that's causing the booster to overheat.
  17. I just realized you have the "booster" adapter... If something is shorting out the power pins (e.g. faulty cat5, faulty jack on the controller) I'm guessing that would cause the symptoms you have. check the pins in the Cat5 jacks to make sure they aren't crossing over...
  18. Sorry to take this off-topic, but I didn't even realize you could have tracks with different lengths until I did it accidentally last season. Is there a good reason I'd ever want tracks of differing lengths, especially in a musical sequence?
  19. Could be a short in the 5V power (which is carried on 2 of the 4 wires used on the LOR network) shorting out somehow. I doubt it's AC or you'd have more than an unsoldered diode.
  20. The only thing I use tracks for anymore is when I want channels grouped in different ways. You can't do that in a single track. For example, I have a pixel mega-tree. On the main track, the whole tree is a group (just for convenience), and each vertical drop is a group. But sometimes I want to sequence it as a z-tree. So I have another track. Again, the whole tree is in a group, but this time, there are 5 sub-groups, corresponding to 5 vertical z-tree type slices of the tree. Since the channels in a single z-tree slice span all the vertical drops (which are all different groups in the main track), they have to be in their own track. -Tim
  21. Any unused IP in your subnet. Probably, unless you're using that somewhere else...
  22. Heh, Jerry just blocked me on Facebook after running there, crying that he was being "bullied" here, and I called him out on the fact that he insulted everyone who hand-sequences their display by saying we don't have a life. Class-act. P.S. Jerry - this is George's display. Do you think your auto-sequences are as good?
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