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  1. I appreciate you guys trying to save us money and having us troubleshoot on our end first. Totally makes sense. And I've responded to that ticket. i guess I just feel like now that the problem controller is rarely recognized with a brand new data cable and when it is, it's some random ID, it has to be the hardware. I've tried all the other network troubleshooting I was told to try.
  2. Yet again, the problem controller is not able to be recognized by the hardware utility and the lights from that controller are off during the show. The led status light in that controller is solid though. This seems to me like the controller itself has to be busted. LOR support insists that this is a network issue but I fail to see how this isn't the hardware in the controller itself failing or being broken in some way. Has anybody ever used the LOR emergency replacement program? How long does it take for a new controller to get to you? We're only a week out from Christmas, so I'm hoping they can overnight?
  3. Is there any way from the LOR software to view the IDs of running controllers while a show is running? For example, if I have 2 controllers in my setup and shows are running, is there a way to see what the live IDs of the controllers are during the show, using the LOR software?
  4. @Don - I connected just that controller and after setting the Max ID to as high as it could go, the hardware utility recognized that controller at some random ID that it shouldn't have been (and that I didn't set it to). The Delete button was greyed out in the "Stand Alone" section of the HWU. This random ID setting happens all the time with this controller. I have no idea why! This is so frustrating. I have no idea why this controller is rarely recognized by the HWU and why when it is, it has some random incorrect ID.
  5. I removed the old cat5 cord and replaced it with a brand new one. When I plugged the controllers back in, the lights from the one controller were still going all by themselves. I opened the Hardware Utility and shut all the lights off. That worked. When I ran the show, same issue. The lights were all out of sequence. Then the problem controller couldn't be located by the Hardware Utility. I opened the problem controller after and the led status light inside is steady and red. Is that expected? So clearly the cat5 cable wasn't the issue. Is the problem controller just busted??
  6. I haven't plugged them back in yet but I have no idea how a standalone show would get on the controller since I've never done anything like that. It doesn't have an SD card slot or anything.
  7. I ordered a new Cat5 cable and it'll be here tomorrow, so I'm hoping swapping that cable out will solve the issue. Tonight I noticed the sequences were all off and not synchronized to the music the way I had programmed them! The lights would even keep going after music ended. When I used the LOR software to disable shows, the lights kept going! I had to physically unplug each controller. Really hoping the new cat5 cable fixes this.
  8. @Don - Ah, that's a good point. Someone on the PlanetChristmas forums suggested I wiggle those a bit. I think I'll try that. Thanks!
  9. @k6ccc - I updated my profile with my location, great suggestion! I think trying a new cable is probably a good idea. I have a regular old ethernet cable - is there any special kind I should have?
  10. I have a 10 year old 1602w controller that keeps changing its ID on my 2 controller network randomly. This causes half my lights to go out, since the show expects a certain ID for that controller. The problem controller is the 2nd controller on the network, connected to the first controller with a phone line (originally ethernet cable but as part of my trouble shooting, I switched it to a phone cord). Sometimes the second controller isn't recognized at all. LOR support mentioned my network is probably having issues. I'm using the old serial adapter from 10 years ago and an ethernet cord that runs directly from the computer to the first controller. The ethernet cord is a max of 150 feet long or so, and at each end, there is some exposed wire between the end of the cord and the wrapping. Any ideas as to what's causing the issues with the second controller? I've considered replacing the controller itself, getting the newer USB adapter, or replacing the main ethernet cord altogether. Is there a special kind of ethernet cord I should be using? Any help is appreciated!
  11. @default - Yes, the hardware utility doesn't recognize the controller and any lights on that controller are off during the show. I have not updated the firmware on that controller ever. Any idea if that will break anything or which firmware I need?
  12. I have 2 LOR controllers daisy chained together. The first controller is a brand new Showtime controller purchased at the beginning of 2016. The ethernet cord runs from the computer running LOR software to the Showtime controller. That controller has another ethernet cord running to the second controller, a 1602W purchased in 2006.Every so often, the 1602W cannot be located by the LOR software and the Hardware Utility, even when I extend the maximum ID to as high as it goes. Sometimes it is located, sometimes it is not. Any ideas on how to get the controller to always be located?
  13. I have two controllers. Controller A is connected to the PC running the show via an Ethernet cord. Controller A is connected to Controller B via a phone cord. The LOR software isn't recognizing either controller. I read in the LOR getting started guide that some controllers have selectors that specify whether an Ethernet cable or a phone cable is coming in. Is this true? I don't see any such selector on my controllers. Why else would my software not be recognizing either controller?
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