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  1. Is this sequence singing faces or just light? Love to see it, hawk7@charter.net Thank you
  2. Hi JR, Sorry for the delay. Stuck at work late again. Ive been talking to James and he told me you did the faces and he the CCR. I run the typical 7 channel face with no outline. 1. upper eye, 2. lower eye, 3. upper lip, 4. mid lip, 5. bottom lip, 6. oval, 7. circle. I will check out Hallelujah. Trying to incorporate my my dads M37 and keep a Halloween theme is pretty hard. This whole theme this year is totally different from the last 2 years plus the cast will only be 2 character. Jack and his dog Zero. We plan on dressing Jack in camo along with an Army helmet and position him in a saluting manor. Then one face on the left of the truck, One on the right and the main face on the front. You have 2 audiences when doing a parade. One side sees the main face and the driver side face while the other side sees the main face and the passenger side face. Sympathy for the Devil has a Halloween name to it and was written back during Vietnam but also touches on religion which could create issues for some. Then Fortunate Son rocks but has no Halloween value to it at all but fits the timeline of the truck but could also create issues for some. Then there are 2 different artist for both songs. John Fogerty and Foo Fighters for Fortunate Son and then Rolling Stones and Guns and Roses for Sympathy for the Devil. At any rate its about the only to option I have come up with so far. If you do crate those 2 songs, please let me know. Thanks for taking time to write me and please so heck out Jacks Nightmare on FB and share any ideas or comments you have. Paul
  3. So I have don a huge local Halloween parade the last 2 years as our home display was such a hit, We wanted to share it with the city. You can see our setup on FB under Jacks Nightmare. This year my father restored his M37 Vietnam era truck and I am incorporating his truck into this year parade. Time is my biggest issue do to my current work schedule and I won't get a break from it the last week of October. If anyone is willing to share/sell these two seq. for 7 channel singing faces, It would be a huge relief. Sympathy For the Devil and Fortunate Son. Thanks in advance for your time and help.
  4. I agree, Not a fan either. I use the library from it so I can get all my words the same. Xlights has made it 100 times better but I haven't learned programming with it yet. Just played with it. Have a look at my Jacks Nightmare page on Facebook. https://www.facebook.com/Jacks-Nightmare-1508864339434108/?ref=aymt_homepage_panel We get over 500 trick R treaters each year and decided to take our singing faces to the Alton Halloween parade last year. We are doing another float this year. It will continue on with Jacks Nightmare but a different theme and song. This year is a Centennial parade (100 Years) so it should be a big one. Therese no way we can top last years parade considering all the time that went into making the life size figures but this years theme will be cool with 80's horror which is what Jacks has nightmares about.
  5. Got it. Than you. Are you using Papagyo or are you just doing it by ear? I use the dictionary from Papagyo so that all my words have the same movement but I program manually.
  6. it said that i didn't have access and needed to send a request for access.
  7. Love to have this as well. Hawk7@charter.net I have some I can share back if your looking. Also looking for Hey Ya by Outcast and a modified version of master mash I found below. I've done some face programming but am not a fan of papagayo.
  8. Most devices have an update list of items fixed or added everytime a newer firmware is released. When you go to LOR site and then the firmware tab, It lists all the updates but doent show any info on what the update did. Sometimes you can download firmware updates for other electronic itema and there will be a txt file attached stating what the update did. That isnt the case with LOR. Its only the firmware. Any ideas on where this info might be? I have 4 CTB16PCg3's with older firmware and there is a newer update but I dont want to do it unless I know what the update fixed or added. Thanks
  9. Its in the cord and not the rope lighting its-self. Power cord!!
  10. 1/4 speed work on both my deskton and my laptop. Both running win 7 and out quad cores AMD.
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