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  1. I think this is a HINT, get signed-up for the mail list now.
  2. I totally hear you. I took mine down too. I was worried all my Halloween blow mold pumpkins would come loose and maybe end up in some one's yard in Manchester, NJ
  3. I also have used the Demented Elf, in 2010 and now again in 2012. For an elf with a counting disability, he does a very good job. He is quick to respond to any changes and emails. I highly recommend him, good value for good service.
  4. One more day for entries, any other Newbies out there want to apply. Bob, This was a very fine idea. Not sure how I missed this last year. Glad I could throw a few bucks at you this time.
  5. The macros do work. I believe there were some demo sequences posted in the forums and if you look at them there are parts being done with macros. Also ItsMeBobO used to have a neat tool that you could use to set up the macro. Check out his profile and see if he still has the CCR macro tool. That might get you going. Also be sure your CCR is not in legacy mode because I dont think you can do macros in legacy.
  6. If you get a controller, and your expectations are set at a realistic level I say go for it! For someone already decorating it will be the start of going to a new world. There are lots of sources for free sequences for you to use and customize to your elements. You do not have to have FM transmitter initially. Just using the controller to add some fades and twinkles to your already used yard decorating can be fun too. I hope you can get a controller, actually a start-up controller package is what you really need to begin. Yes read forums, learn, but go for it, doing it is an education in itself. Just be realistic in what you can do in the beginning. My first year, hardly anyone saw my display, 16 channels, speakers in the yard but to me it was fantastic.
  7. A few years ago the answer to this was Yes, the starter package by that I mean 1 controller, 1 cable, 1 USB PC adapter, 1 Basic license was indeed a part of the sale. This is how I initially got started, I happened on the sale in July of 2008 and I bought a starter package. Have kept buying ever since.
  8. I think you might have to buy the LOR software. You really need the Hardware Utility to work with most LOR hardware (controllers, CCR, CCB, Flood). All hardware comes in a default configuration but you use the Hardware Utility to set the specifics for what you want such as LOR controller address. You also need the software to load standalone sequence for the device to run. I'd check with LOR support but you need to get software.
  9. I have never used triggers but have some knowledge. And you know that can be dangerous. Do you questioners have the little PC card attachment to run the trigger off your controller? On some controllers you need to have a small piece of hardware to wire your buttons into the controller. If you have a CCR controller I believe you can wire a switch directly into that and it may be used for interactive stuff. There are 2 components for set-up: the wiring up of a switch into the controller and then the setting up of the switch in the Show editior Interactive Tab. Hope this post is helpful or helps to get you the answers you need.
  10. I definitely think the dislike should go. Especially since you can accidentally hit the dislike and you cannot take it back. Nice to know my fat fingers can only hit the red one by accident 3 times a say.
  11. If you accidentally hit the red arrow or green arrow is there a way to un-do it. Yes I accidentally clicked on the down arrow and did not even realize I was voting down someone post. Not sure we really need this functionality but I apologize for my fat fingers because it will happen again. Go ahead try it on this post I will not take offense this time on anyone who wants to try it.
  12. I have been getting used to these new forums but I miss the old green arrow that took you to the last post that you saw within a thread. Is there anything like that in these new forums? I do not see it yet. I see some weird down arrow that will show you the first and last post (preview) but I do not know how to get to the newest post in a thread that I have not seen. I used that green arrow all the time and really would like to know how I do that now in these new forums. Thanks for any info.
  13. Interesting site, anyone wants to buy me a few Gift Certificates, I'd be very thankful. Attached files
  14. Ed P wrote: By posting on this thread, it spead up the process, actually I think it was just my number on the ship list had come up. Package shipped on Monday and received yesterday 11/8, so just about a month from order date. Nice being close to LOR, I get a 1 day ship time. Now I have to make the time to do the final assembly and I'll be good to go.
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