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  1. Sorry for the delay I'm responding Show Laptop crashed had to switch to this one....long story Just got things back to semi normal and yesterday found , Thanks to dibblejr , had actual 1st ( physical ) prop in enhanced network set to wrong network Only in the preview used to create Seq. once resaved using new preview and new props and correct enhanced network all RGB's and newer CCR's work perfect and , Thanks to Dennis , was able to get All the CCR's to work after updating the firmware Thank You Both very much Didn't get them going till after the new year but I'll be ready for next year
  2. CCrs have been running on reg network for years and will work now as long as the seq was not done in PE Hooked up The HS485 and still pixel tree nor ccrs work in seq created in PE not sure what I'm missing I'm sure its got to be super simple but just cant figure it out
  3. I'll try anything to get this to work and I really appreciate the help CCR's are OA, OB. OC, OD, 1A, 1B ( 0E & F died last year and that's the way my sons hooked them up, but they work fine in older sequences' ) CCRs are 1st and 2nd year they were available Everything is LOR Pixels are new ( with dip switches all off if I remember correctly ) as unit 2A That's also the way it shows in HU pixie 16 x 100 Unit 1 is 10+ year old pro 16 that hasn't moved in as many years 2 through 18 ( skipping 0*'s 1*'S ) are various pro / res and gens almost forgot pixels respond correctly through HU Thanks JR I hope this can help Dan
  4. thank you both yes both pixel tree and ccrs are defined as PE props and SE for the rest Have ordered the HS adapter, kind of figured that was the issue but I was way too frustrated to think it through I will let you know how it goes when it comes in and again thanks
  5. Have read as many post on PE and pixie16 as I can find and I'm sure I've missed something Have had ccrs for years no problem in SS older as well as newer ccrsin fact last two have died 16ea gen 2 and 3 pro and res 16 channel boxes on reg network 6 ccrs and 1ea pixie 16 X 100 on aux enhanced network all work in Hu but ccrs nor pixie 16 work in PE or seq ed with intensity file reg set to com 3 reg 56k aux set to com 4 enhanced 500k no overlapping channels created pixel props in PE Pe controls pixels, ccrs and SE for all others only thing missing is HS usb converter I am using 2 usb485b's have been trying for over a month { since they came in } to get them to work any help would be greatly appreciated as pixel tree is main focus in the yard and getting a lot of flak from my sons
  6. Dan willis

    General Foam Blow Molds

    Sorry Dan3477@aol.com dan
  7. Dan willis

    General Foam Blow Molds

    Just stopped by gen. foam today they have ALL there inventory out to be sold as they are going out of business for good on dec31 they mostly have trees with a lot of 3pc. nativity , Santa and a few snowmen other various b.m.s if anybody wants anything please let me know the plant mgr told me he expects it to be all gone by the end of Oct. and all of the molds have been sold { sorry forgot who bought them } oh they do have a few Halloween items
  8. Dan willis


    Thanks Not much for posting and can usually can figure out by just reading Yes have been trying to test in HW utility can see and fist 50 work fine so I'll try a quick seq. and that's why I didn't put in show last year Running 4.3.20 advanced on vista pro I've never had a real software issue just a learning curve every 4-5 yrs. when I upgrade computers which is time to do again Ill let you know if it works in a sequence , just like to see it work first
  9. Dan willis


    I cannot get second set of rgbs to work only first 50 , they are from last year test will show all channels in dual normal but i'm not able to effect them I've not been able to find this in the forums or docs. just need a push in right direction have no problems with the older ccrs