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  1. Denny wrote: Oh was there? I never saw it, maybe I didn't search thoroughly enough, ill go back and look to see what I can find.
  2. Ive been having a similar problem ever since I upgraded to S2. This only happens at 1/2 or 1/4 speed though. The animation window is out of sync and the vertical bar that moves across the wave form is very jumpy. This make it very tricky to pinpoint notes, events, etc on the screen. The odd thing is that LOR I works fine and this problem is evident in MP3 files as well as WAV. Anyone have any thoughts on this? It would make things much easier because right now I basically have to listen to the song at full speed. Thanks! Ian Ferralli
  3. Also if you are unsure of your soldering ability, LOR has an amazing repair policy! Quote from thier website The Light-O-Rama Promise: If you choose a DIY product that requires soldering, we will stand behind you 100%. Almost every problem can be fixed via email or a phone call. If you cannot get your controller to operate we will attempt to repair it absolutely free. If you damage a component we replace it free!. If we cannot determine the problem we will replace the kit for free! In the extremely rare case, that you physically damage the kit beyond repair, our standard warrantee will cover 40% of the replacement cost! Note: Customer pays shipping for free repairs and free replacement.
  4. I believe the reason you couldn't run 40 amps through the PC controller is beacuse of the plastic enclosure supplied with them. I think if you were to bolt it straight to a metal enslosure (thus using the enclosure as a heatsink also) 40 amps would be fine Ian P.S. Dont forget to change the fuses!!
  5. This is a potential project for the future but we have a boat on lake erie and just for fun was thinking about LORing the dock for the fourth or something like that. The plugins on the dock are 30 amp twist lock plugs. theres about 84 30 amp plugs along the whole dock so i would have no trouble finding plenty of power. Would it be possible to use a single 30 amp power feed into the LOR board?
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