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  1. floods

    hey guys quick question. I want to hook up my floods to a dmx controller i have for my dj gear. I bought the ethernet to xlr cable from lor but when i plug it in to my controller im not getting a conection, my board isnt asking for a uni or anything just a channel but inside my flood its not sold red its flashing so, not sure what to do.
  2. Christmas Ornament

    Hey everyone, So i have a Christmas tree ornament problem and I want to see if there is a fix for it. My wife and I have had this ornament that plugs into a bulb socket and it lights up and when it first turns on does this great tune of Santa taking off with his reindeer, its just been here with us since we first moved in together anyway we bought a new led tree and most of the plugins work except this one so i plugged it into an old string of lights and it works, so is there anything i can do so this will work on my new tree with out having to trow a old set of lights on it to get this to work, this thing is about 28 years old and not made anymore i check that out already. Thanks, Ralph
  3. 4.3.22

    is there a workaround for windows 10 users and 4.3.22, or is this something being worked on, without having to move to S5
  4. 4.3.22

    from the mouth of my nephew.......and you can't teach that!!!!!! thanks lor team'ers for listening to what i had to say. 3.24 is perfect!!!!!!!! thanks guys, oh its true its Dam true!
  5. 4.3.22

    ok to answer your question. if i try and connect any of my ctb*** and i have 12 of them not one will connect or be seen and then i open the listener and it says its conected bit i get nothing. also i un-installed it and re-installed it twice. the last 3 statuses on the listener is connected to comm listener, then connected to comm listener....but the controller really is not connected because the red light on the controller is flashing. then the 3 notice for the listener is ....comm listener error 3. comm winsock error / 10061: connection is forcefully rejected and then a few seconds later i get the connected to comm listener. so i go back to 4.18 or whatever the older one is and everything is up and running perfect. as soon as i connect the cat 5 to the controller solid red light. prefect....so this can't be on my end. so what do i do now.
  6. 4.3.22

    Hi, one more thing. in the listener page I have this error ....comm winsock error / 10061 connection is forcefully rejected
  7. 4.3.22

    Hey everyone. ok maybe i need some help. I do not have 10s i have windows 10 Home, so is there anything I can try to get this to work. when i updated to 4.3.22 the controllers stop being seen and the red light on the controller just blinks. also I was able twice to have the hardware utility find the controller but the red light does not stop flashing . so i went back to 4.18 and it worked again. so if anyone has anything I can try, that would be great ALSO I got a popup saying the hardware utility was unable to connect and told me to plug in a controller and try again. now back up to when i installed the update I also got a popup while installing that said I needed to have wmp 9 or higher and i think i do, but would that have anything to do with any of this. Id really like to get this working.
  8. 4.3.22

    Thanks for the info, my problem is my controllers are not seen when i use 4.3.22 so i will read and let you know. thanks for the help.
  9. S5 back to S4

    Hi everyone, I want to move back to the last ver of S4 i had can anyone tell me how to do this
  10. S5 back to S4

    Thank you!
  11. is there any way to either forward to or open in Microsoft excel or email the channel config other then printing. and is there a way to print out just whats in the visualizer? Thanks
  12. Channel configuration question

    Thanks George and Dave,
  13. Channel configuration question

    and i would think if its a sequence ive imported its gonna list everything from the viz im trying it now and will let you know
  14. Channel configuration question

    Dave, Thank you this is huge thanks so much..
  15. pixel toppers

    Hi everyone, I am building my first pixel mega tree a little over 10 feet tall. Can anyone recommend a good topper to buy and also does anyone sell a pixel base to do a 180° tree? I'm doing a 16 string tree with ws2811 5v nodes 50 count. I think the base might be a stretch I'm sure there's multiple ways to put them in the ground but I was just wondering if anybody designed one. This
  16. Coro candy cane

    hi everyone I've been looking like crazy if anyone could share with me a Coro candy cane one of Dave's it's a 16 channel candy cane could someone share the prop with me I'd really appreciate it thank you.
  17. Coro candy cane

    There was a single channel candy cane in the shared props. And thank you George that is so kind of you. I will let you know when I make the switch for sure. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  18. C9 Bulbs from Ray

    I wanted to make an update on Ray Wo, just to show you the kind of person he is I made a small order nothing crazy I bought an additional 20 sets of nodes WS2811 One day before his Chinese holiday and we all know the holiday runs 10 days, he really wanted to make sure I got them so he stayed late processed my order himself and lo and behold the package came yesterday. So no respecting any of the US sellers Ray after using him about a dozen times now has always come through we shipped very quickly and if there is something he does not have at the moment he tell you immediately at least for me anyway. Ray is definitely a trustable seller and over the last year or two we all know court a few others have come up with a sure are Great at what they do but Ray knows what I like I order on a regular basis and even know sometimes it's only a few products he still treats me is a big fish with respect. Yes Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  19. leaping arches....

    Turn what kind of leaping marches LED or pixel I'd be willing to give you one of my sequences in the song for one that I use my LED arches for my arches are 8 channel arches Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk

    Post Merry Christmas Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. cf50 flood problem

    Hi everyone, I am loading up the cf50 and worked in the channel config. but now i,m going to the visualizer and i know the flood is 5 channels, RGB strob on and strob off channels , but the strobe on an off channels aren't being added when i click on in the visualizer add flood light. can anyone help me on this
  22. cf50 flood problem

    so in LOR channel config i have the device added with no problem, so now go into the viz add the flood by using the flood button and then just add to it two extra dmx channels for strobe on and off? and i'm amusing save the prop as a group?
  23. cf50 flood problem

    Hi everyone, I am loading up the cf50 and worked in the channel config. but now i,m going to the visualizer and i know the flood is 5 channels, RGB strob on and strob off channels , but the strobe on an off channels aren't being added when i click on in the visualizer add flood light. can anyone help me on this
  24. Thoughts On Wireframes

    I also love wire frames I originally started collecting them when they were in condition and very slowly might I say very slowly I am finding more more problems with companies that sell the specific types of incandesce and bulbs I have you would think you could find them anywhere but I have not had such a great luck of that so I decided every year I'm going to switch two or three over to LED but other than that I love my wire frames they all very soon will need to be re-sanded and repainted but all of them are over five years old some of them in the realm of 10 to 12 years old and and other than having to re-tack them every once in a while with the welding gun have not had any problems some people don't like wire frames in their displays I love mine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. C9 Bulbs from Ray

    I have also bought a ton of pixels controllers power supplies from Ray never a problem even when I had a blown power supply questionable if it came from him blown or I didn't By a mistake myself he had one shipped and ready to go before I could email him a second time right is great people his products are always what you says just make sure you're buying what you need and you'll be fine Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk