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  1. So the control/input voltage would be 120v and the output would be____? Whatever the fog machines's switch voltage is? Which is 120? I'm confused on how the relay is wired
  2. What if I use a controller to drive the DMX. How does that work?
  3. What kind of relay? Can you post a link or a picture of the relay? Also, is it not true that your PC/USB485 can send a DMX signal. This product: http://store.lightorama.com/rjtoxlr3fe.html
  4. First, thanks for reading and helping :-) This is my current setup: PC Running S2 -> USB485B -> ELL(transmit) -> ELL(receive) -> Several CTB16PC & CTB08D units This is what I want to do: I want to dabble in DMX lights, foggers, and other things, who knows. I've read what everyone has said: start simple, work your way up, etc., despite already having intermediate knowledge of DMX prior to LOR. Nevertheless, I want to control one fog machine (just for example) so that it shoots fog at a specific point in my musical sequence. Lets say its a 1 channel DMX fogger and channel 1's value represents the % of fog output. (100-255 is 100%). These are my questions: What is the simplest way to do this with the hardware (Ill figure out the software part later) And what is the best way to do this so that I could add RGB fixures, or even a snow machine down the road. ;-) Lastly, I've been hearing the terms "dumb" and "smart" (I assume this is what determines if I need a DMX controller or if I can use my USB485 (but how?) )...what constitutes a smart and a dumb DMX-controlled device. Thanks!
  5. STILL SELLING?! I cant believe I missed this post. I have been looking to buy used for a while. Please let me know. Thanks!
  6. Well I havnt tried the controller in a different location but I did try the ELL on a different controller and the ELL still did not work. Its supposed to work out of the box...and it did when i first got it last week. So assuming Im not doing anything different or wrong, they are no longer working. Could something have fried the circutry? Or is that unlikely?
  7. The LED was flashing. I'm assuming the RJ45 jacks stopped woking? I tried 3 cables (2 of them BRAND new) and couldnt get the computer to see the controller. I just ran to the store and bought 100 feet of regular phone cord and hooked that up as a last restort and it works. So.... My ELLs stopped woking and the rj45 jacks on my controller stopped working at the same time. Coincidence?
  8. Heres how it all started: Thursday night: Finished up the programming and tested the sequences with my new easy light linker everything worked great! Firday night: Launched the show. It ran fine all night no problems. Saturday night: Show was running but no lights. The two ELLs werent communicating. I eventually determined that my ELLs failed... I think. Sunday night (tonight): Removed the ELLs and connected everything with Cat5. Still no communication to controllers. Partial solution: I bypassed the first controller. VOILIA! The hardware utility recognizes the other 4 controllers. I tried to communicate with the first controller by connecting it by itself with no success. So the question is: Why cant I communicate with this controller. And is the failure (or alledged failure) of my pair of ELLs related to not being able to see my first controller. (The receiver ELL was connected to this controller)
  9. Hmm... I have a sneaking suspicion that the ELL is not getting enougb power. SUPPOSE for a second that my USB adapter failed somehow would this cause the hardware utility to STILL recognize the ELL yet underpower it. In other words, could the ELL not be receiving enough power but still be seen by the hardware utility? Just theorizing.
  10. I just emailed support. Unfortunately I dont have a cable long enough to use in place of the ELL so no lights until LOR gets back to me... Sad. Hopefully someone is checking the email before monday... sigh
  11. I tried a new Cat5 cable on both, no luck. And yes, the hardware utility sees the ELL but when i do the search it says "Found 0 Units" I dont think it would be the cable since the ELLs work when they are right next to each other, they just dont work when they are further than 10 feet apart.
  12. TRANSMITTER: LED 1 is flashing about once per second LED 2 is flashing rapidly but dimly when in the hardware utility and it is STEADY ON when the show is running LED 3 is off RECEIVER: LED 1 is flashing about onnce per second LED 2 is off unless i move the transmitter unit right next to the receiver LED 3 is off
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