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  1. Something similar, I had a card loose its formatting, and fall back on a previous one with old shows and audio. I did not think that was possible if the FAT was over written by a newer one --Daniel L
  2. Well, this post was going to be asking why my mp3 controller was acting weird, and perhaps this will turn into that. I have a miniMP3-director. It has been working great. I have/had 4 shows on there that were event based to control some room lighting, like on/off, 50% dim and such. However, I noticed that recently, the triggers were no longer working, and basically my entire lighting system no longer worked. So... I had to use a light switch, instead of my push-buttons. Hard I know! Tonight, I put the SD card into a laptop just to see what was going on, I saw all the shows were gone! And a strange show was there, this has music, so I think I placed it at one of my earlier tests. Which, I would have done a format wipe before I went into production. So the question is, while I guess its possible the MBR, or partition tables in the SD card could be acting up, is it possible for a SD card to just jump back a format? What would be the main cause of this? Overuse? When I was really using this system, the controller/director was powered up and since all the sequences looped, I think every 2-ish min. But even that, for its intended use, it would be reading from the card constantly during a show for each command, I guess the factor would be the uptime. I did have everything powered up longer than the average Christmas show would be. Last question, does the director have the ability to write data? What changes does an SDcard do when it is being read? Thanks! --Daniel L
  3. I saw the http://www.actionlighting.com version at their IAAPA booth a couple years back, it looked really nice! I am too lazy to search their site now for the product.... --Daniel L
  4. I walked into a RS store and needed some wire and RCA jacks. So when the sales person asked me what I needed, I was walked over the the DVD stereo system stuff.... I bought some solder, RCA jacks and some wire. The Radio Shack sales people are very incompetent if you ask me. I applied there about 2-3 months ago, never heard back. Thanks Dan for the SD card heads up! Do we need to check the cards for our mp3 directors? The last thing I need is blurry lights..... --Daniel L
  5. Charles Belcher wrote: Hey, that was my idea a while back! lol When LOR needs to shock a critter, it powers down all the lights and directs the entire display's power to one point. --> :dude: --Daniel L
  6. LENNY RUEL wrote: It still sounds like you are trying to copy the images. You dont want that, you want the code below. Mine is... [URL="http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=10745"][img=http://christmasadventure.net/pcsigimg/tr.gif][/URL][URL="http://christmasadventure.net"] [img=http://christmasadventure.net/planetchristmasmembers/daniel/newpcimg.gif][/URL] [URL="http://amusementradio.com/?page=PCV"][img=http://amusementradio.com/images/PCvoice.png][/URL] [URL="http://christmasadventure.net/pcsigimg/index.php"]Looking for the classic signature images? Click here for the downloads![/URL] [URL="http://forums.planetchristmas.com/showthread.php?t=33683"]Audacity not working for you? Need help editing audio?[/URL] Which looks like... Looking for the classic signature images? Click here for the downloads! Audacity not working for you? Need help editing audio? Copy the text. Not the output/images. --Daniel L
  7. GOTO "http://forums.planetchristmas.com/" CLCK "Control Panel" Click "Edit Signature" NOTICE "the signature output is above, and the text/code to make it work is below" COPY "Code/text in the 'edit signature' box(not the 'preview')" GOTO "http://lightorama.mywowbb.com" CLICK "My Account" CLICK "Profile" tab SCROLL "down" PASTE "clipboard contents in signature box" CLICK "Save" Help? --Daniel L
  8. drrellik wrote: yes, but what if you are already maxed for power? LOL then what? Here is what you do, create a setup so a very low trigger voltage is going through the fence, and if someone touches it, a series of relays will shut off the lights and divert full power to anything and everything metal. MUHAHAHhahhaha!!!! lol --Daniel L
  9. It sounds to me after reading through things here, that it is reconized as a 157 channel LOR controller. --Daniel L
  10. I think so, I just received it from the sale. So I'm guessing yes. --Daniel L
  11. Hmm, that does not work. It does not advance to the next show. I am using two inputs. 1. is an "all off" sequence, and the 2nd is the 1 second sequence that in theory should advance the auto-play sequences. When powered, show 3 starts like it should. And when input two is triggered the sequence starts and finishes, but it falls back to show 3 instead of going to show 4. Am I interrupting the user manual wrong when I see that it will play the "lowest untriggered show"? If I am, thats no problem, I still get three presets. --Daniel L
  12. Ok, to my knowledge, you can have three shows triggered. 9 shows total. If a show is not looping, it will skip to the next un-played. So, in theory, I can have two looping shows via two inputs, and the third input is set to play a sequence that is .5 seconds long, and does not loop. So when the input 3 show ends it skips to show 4 that loops. And if show 4 is interrupted by input 3, it should skip to show 5 that loops? So basically its kinda like the juke-box operation. Is there any reason this would not work? Has anyone done this before? Right now, I have the lights in my room setup on a controller and have looping animation sequences that are 3 seconds long that have no timing marks. With this setup I have the option to select one of the three preset scenes to set the lighting levels. With the juke-box configuration (if it works) I should be able to have 9 presets instead of just 3. Thanks for any advice! --Daniel L
  13. aemnky wrote: Hmm well after the chip swap it did come back up, and it tested out ok. Hmm, not to sure still b/c it looks like the transformer discolored a bit, and it still gives off that melted-plastic oder. Operation-wise it works perfectly though. I am going to say it is fixed, ignore the smell and just see what happens next. I will be using 2-3 channels of this controller to control some lamps and such with my mini-director. So It will have a nice long test before Christmas use comes along. Ill shot LOR an email tonight ordering a few chips, one to replace the one I took out of my ctb-08 and a couple extras to have incase this happens again. While I am paying for shipping now, I think I am going to request the new firmware chip for the ctb-08. Might as well... --Daniel L
  14. aemnky wrote: Ok, that is encouraging. Ill do the chip swap tomorrow to see how it goes. If the board comes to life, Ill check everything out to make sure the heat did not damage it. I saw a chip that "may" be fading white from the heat, so not sure if that is damaged any. So Ill be checking it all out very carefully. --Daniel L
  15. When it heated up the AC was plugged in, U1 was installed, and the Cat-5 com cable was not connected. So the controller was standing alone. Like I said, I thought it was unplugged at the time. I am guessing it was the logic half that had power at the time. And since the LED does not flash with the U1 faulty, I had no visual to see if it had power before I closed the case. Yea, now that its cooled down enough to handle, Ill take the U1 out till I figure out what to do. I probably will take the chip out of my ctb-08 and swap it in to see what happens. If that solves it, then I guess all Ill have to do is order another chip. If that goes too, then Ill send it in. --Daniel L
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