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  1. james morris, do you have any 64 channel songs. if you do and wouldn't mind sharing them, my laptop crapped out on me last year and im starting from the beginning. i bought 2 more controllers this year and just trying to get a show together at this point. thank you. g.cessman@gmail.com
  2. anyone have any 64 channel sequences they are willing to share i upgraded tremendously this year and went from 32 to 64, i have 16 channel and 32 channel for sharing if anyone wants them. my email is garysautodetailing@gmail.com
  3. anyone have any available all I have is 16 channel and have been out of this for 2 years now. Any help is much appreciated. Email is g.cessman@gmail.com thank you.
  4. james, do u have any dubstep sequences, i had one 2 years ago, and last year i didnt do anything so it owuld be nice to have it, my computer crashed and i lost just about everything, only had a few sequences on my phone. g.cessman@gmail.com
  5. could i get a copy of this too, i would love ot know how u sequence in less than a hour. g.cessman@gmail.com
  6. can i please have a copy to check out james. email is g.cessman@gmail.com. thanks again.
  7. Can i get a copy of let it go james, greatly appreciated. garysautodetailing@gmail.com
  8. I want to designate channel 16 for all my regular lights that dont go with music and hte blowups, but i need to make them stay on all the time while the controller is on, i cant have them go off into between songs, does anyone know how to do this.
  9. can i get a copy of this please : garysautodetailing@gmail.com
  10. Anyone know if there is anyway i can link my mr christmas light controller in with my lightorama, or any ideas because im getting a 16 channel lightorama controller and i have two 6 channel mr christmas light show controllers just laying around figured id use them but the problem is mr christmas plays preset songs. any info would be greatly appreciated.
  11. If anyone has one available for sale please let me know, or if anyone knows where i can get one on the net let me know.
  12. Im trying to do every lip on the vinyl siding in steady lights but the problem is the clips they sell only go on certain lips so i need something that i can put on every lip, i saw the 3m ones but they are expensive for a two pack and i woudl probably need some type of hook and alot of them. please let me know if you have any suggestions.
  13. nope not sold yet, taking pics tonite with my camera. if your interested email me at garysautodetailing@gmail.com
  14. Looking for $350.00 plus shipping for both. One used this past year and the other used last year. All put together. I do love lightorama, i just cant use it in my apartment. Paid $249.99 a piece. If your interested please message me at my email address: garysautodetailing@gmail.com. Ill take pics of both units. The only minimal thing is there is a hole in one of the plastic casings towards the top of the box cause i had to run the cat5 cable into it. ill show u in pics.
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