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  1. Randy wrote: How do you have them on a separate network? Using what adapters for it? I'm using a USB adapter right now for my network, I'm having hang up Fireflys.
  2. chuckd wrote: I have had the same problem, that you been having the last 4 weeks or so. A dsl tech came out to test the lines, everything was fine for him, that was before i found out that the show was causeing the problem. I have tested everything that was in these posts and plus some. I called up the same dsl tech today and told him it was my show that was the problem, he had to see it for himself. He came out a little while ago to check it, it was the first of the kind of problem for him. The only thing he could figure out to do is to put a dsl filter in the box outside of the house. And wire the dsl on a open pair in the wiring. so the dsl and the phone is on different pairs in the house wiring. and it work, so have a tech to try that. good luck james oh by the way i'm useing ELL and i had one controller that was causing the dsl to jump off. I didn't told him that tho. but filter in the box fix it.
  3. Randy wrote: i have thought about having 2 computers running two shows, the problem i'm having with that is my audio from the fm transmitter would only be sync with my main show. if it wasn't for that, i would just do that. and you could almost see both houses at the same time, being in the right place. i appreciate your thought Randy, cause sometimes the simple way is the best way a lot, by the way, i love your display. make sure you tell your son to for me. thanks james
  4. Max-Paul wrote: max, on the ELL it says on the side of light o rama, "wireless Module 902-928 MHZ". the antennas that comes on the linker looks like this one, http://www.mouser.com/Search/ProductDetail.aspx?qs=hlEtao5wRdr2tiWji%252bnTKQ%3d%3d, if it is the one then it's a RP-SMA Plug for the antenna, i'm also going to send a e-mail to dan, seeing if he could tell me what connector i will need. james
  5. i found out on mistaken that you could take off the top antenna. i was thinking about ordering http://www.l-com.com/item.aspx?id=20230 to connect the 2 houses, that way i woundn't need to run a long cable or use a controller in the middle. i was also wondering if anyone else know what connector is on the the linker, and if i need a RP-SMA plug for the antenna connector. thanks james
  6. the distance between the house is about 1080ft. one house is up on a hill, that one is where my computer runs the show. the other one is down on the road level. i have tried it last month some, it wouldn't get a clear signal. i wish LOR made ELL with removable antenna, so you could use directional antenna with them. james Attached files
  7. could you take 2 light linkers and connect them back to back, i know they get they power from the controller, and you would need to supplies the 9v into the cat5. then one would be on one channel and 2nd on another. i have a long way in between 2 houses i want to do this year with running the same show. if that would be possible what are the pinout on cat5? james
  8. pixeldigger wrote: I have tried using TCP/IP. EDIT Bottom line - it was jerky /EDIT how would you use tcp/ip with it
  9. i couldn't find a topic about this, one of my computer buddy and i got talking tonight about my light show, would it be possible to send the command signal from my computer to his house like 2 miles or less, like if you would stream radio on computers. i know you can do it with ELLs, but you have to have one every 1000 feet or so. just wondering
  10. here a picture of my 64 channel display, share your setup Attached files
  11. thanks for sharing, that is good information to know
  12. jonstacey1 wrote: like Steve said, how far would you like to reach out far. how much money you want to put into it, how much would you want do you sound like pros
  13. jonstacey1 wrote: http://www.intertechfm.com/index.php?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage.tpl&product_id=87&category_id=34&option=com_virtuemart&Itemid=1 i came close to get this one, the price is up there. but one of my radio tech bubby said it looks to be a good, i got a 2 watt mono one, but looking into upgradeing it
  14. no, i have last year home depot leds they was saleing. i have reset that controller that does it but have also updated the frimware in that one to see if the leds work right afterwards, but it doesnt. i had put 33k resistors on the lights to make them work with fading. i m thinking it could be the frimware v4.2 on that only controller, rest has v 4.01 , maybe???? james
  15. i have the same problem just about it http://lightorama.mywowbb.com/forum71/17493.html, there the info and file if anyone wants to look
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