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  1. Id be interested to see, dont know if it would fit for my display but curious. Thanks wichard623@yahoo.com
  2. Im looking into starting Halloween this year and would love to check out all of yours to get an idea of where to start wichard623@gmail.com
  3. Id love to check it out wichard623@yahoo.com
  4. I would love a copy too, really looking for something different this year. wichard623@yahoo.com Thanks!!!
  5. I would be very interested in this one and any others you can offer. wichard623@gmail.com THanks!!!
  6. Problem is already solved and on a saturday. Great customer Service. Very excited it works.
  7. I received mine and assembled it and it is just one faint gray line across the top of the LCD. EDM told me that the chip was in wrong or one of the legs was bent, I check both before even emailing them but I double check and still nothing. I have now sent them pictures of it and am waiting to hear back. I really hope the service is as good as I have heard on here.
  8. wichard623

    First Year

    I also bought my first 16 channel controller this year. I have not done a thing besides work and play with the software since it has arrived. My wife thinks I am crazy. I used a lights and sounds controller the last 2 years and my neighbors thought that was cool. I really cant wait to see the LOR in action.
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