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  1. Curious too... cub do you mean +/- 10K per LOR enhanced network running at 500k
  2. The way I do it is to open the preview I am using and then select the prop I want to modify. Then above the list of props on the left side, select item ...modify. The prop definition window will open and you can make any changes you need to. When you are done save it. If you want a complete list of channels open the tab labeled "String summary" in the main preview design window. Then just make sure you are using the desired preview when you do your programming.
  3. I am using S5. I have 4 CCR arches that I am adding this year too. Each is also the length of one ccr ribbon. I have defined a prop for each and then grouped them into another prop.So far it seems to be working out fine. I mostly use motion effects on the group prop. Steve
  4. I am playing with this years display and added a new prop on "Aux O". I have 3 networks that I will be using in actuality, but placed it there for test purposes. Now when I run the create playback files, upon completion I get the message 16 networks in use. Shouldn't it actually just report the number I really have in use i.e. 3. Steve
  5. I will chime in too. I would start with S5. for all of the above reasons. I used the beta version last year for my production show with no significant issues. I am now working on the 2018 show using the release version....so many new features speed upgrades etc. S5 would be my choice if I were starting new.
  6. Matt I love the new green start button in the motion effects window, that allows me to test the effect I am changing. Have you considered adding a stop button there too. Some effects that I am changing have long durations. It would be nice to be able to stop it too. Steve
  7. a quick question...... I know you can't commit to when the next release will be, so I am wondering the best way to proceed with programming until the new sphere will be available. Currently as I mentioned above, I am simulating what I need by defining 2 matrixes which I have grouped together. As I will move to one prop rather than 2, after the next release, should I delete one of the matrixes and just use it? Another option would be to delete one matrix and use the current sphere available. In any case, to avoid having to do a bunch of reprogramming, when I no longer need 2 prop
  8. Thanks Matt Hopefully it will be of use to others too... Thanks Default too....looks like Matt has taken care of it.
  9. Sorry for the confusing description....let me give it another shot. Basically I am wondering if we could get the spherical shape to have some more flexibility. In my case. think of a tree that has a 10 foot trunk. On top of the trunk, the tree has been pruned to be a 25 foot diameter ball. An analogy might be a golf ball on top of a tee. For my tree, then divide the "ball" on top into 4 sections, each 25 feet high from bottom to top. The back 90 degree section is against my house and does not need lights. Moving to the left the next 90 degree section is partially blocked so on
  10. Hi I have a tree that is pruned in the shape of a 25 high foot globe. I have decided to convert it to RGB this year. I most likely will use the 16x50 RGB Bulb package. Given its position in relation to the house, I expect to have 3 strings that go up then over a bit and then down i.e. a 25 foot section folded in half. That would cover about a 90 degree wedge. For the next 180 degree wedge, I will have a 13 single strings of 25 feet go from bottom to top. The back 90 degree wedge will have no lights as it can not be seen. So now to my questions. I looked at the "Globe 8 row option"
  11. I will try to make this as simple as I can. As I mentioned in a previous post, I worked on a lot of pictures this year for my 32 x 25 matrix panels. Without getting into too many details, pictures that I got off of GIPHY seemed to look the best if I redid the pixel sizes to the range of 100 x 100 or so. I originally scaled them to a size much closer to my actual matrix size and they did not look very good. I always choose scaling on and left it at 100%. Sometimes I scaled them down a bit and that improved things. Sometimes it was not necessary. In other cases, if I turned the scali
  12. Hello I spent countless weeks finding and formatting pictures that I used this year. I bought 2 of the "standard" LOR 16 x 50 packages and built 2 32 x 25 matrixes using the 2 " spacing coro mesh. They turned out nice. Along the way, Matt was nice enough to add some things I wanted into the standard shapes of V5. I have more I would like to see in there, but I realize that there are much more important things that LOR needs to work on in the next year. As I mentioned, I ended up creating a lot of picture files. This involved finding the gifs, editing them with a Pixel editor to get the
  13. Hi FYI There were not any timing marks. What is strange, is that, scattered throughout the file I have these half second additions added before and after a cell boundary. In any case, this is a large file imported from version 4 that has had many changes over all of the various beta versions. I suspect I made an error somewhere along the line. If I see anything that looks like it is a problem I will let you know. For now everything is working as it should.
  14. Good Day I have finally had time to spend duplicating the problem I mentioned in this original post using the latest version 5.0.16. The problem that I am seeing is: I have a grid defined with 5 second cells. I create an effect across 6 cells i.e. 30 seconds. Everything looks fine in the preview and on the matrix. I then select these 6 cells and I want to copy and paste them into other places. For the sake of this example from matrix 1 to the next 30 seconds in the same matrix or to my second matrix. When I do, I get an additional 5 seconds added to the 30 second effect making i
  15. Thanks for the quick reply. I'll update today. I saw the info about the pixel trees in the release notes and was looking forward to trying it....another reason to upgrade. Steve
  16. Good Morning I was wondering if there are any issues running sequences together where the play files were generated some with 5.14 and some with 5.16? I "froze" the sequences I am using for my show at version 14. I was playing with making some minor changes yesterday and encountered a problem. Before I report it I know I need to upgrade to the latest version V 16. At this point, I do not want to disrupt anything and will wait until the season is over to figure if my problem is a bug or not if need be. If I go ahead and upgrade to V16 would you anticipate any issues. My
  17. I ran into this issue early on too. Fortunately I have 2 PCs that are dedicated to Christmas stuff. The high powered one for developing sequences and the lesser powered one, in the garage, for playing the shows. I reformatted the the garage one and set it up so the root file structure matches the development machine. Both are in the same home group, so I can copy in either direction without issue. Steve
  18. Matt What command is this in V5? I don't see a lines vertical. Just straight lines. Thanks Steve
  19. I can't help you with the keyboard question Jeff, but there are plenty of us that have been using it for months. So if you have a specific question let us know. I go live with my show itonight all done with V5. It has really helped me create some hard effects easily. Steve
  20. Hi I am using 3 of them and have them setup thusly.... left most panel same as yours middle panel: tree360 wedges, my truncate cones and tilt forward set to 0 start location bottom back CCW the rest same as yours this part depends how you connect the controller when you set the tree up..... right panel: enter channel on first row selected, next item not selected, separate unit # for each string selected selected, max circuit 150 Hope this helps I can't email screen shots. Works just fine
  21. Same with me Anthony. I submitted a trouble ticket. I also sent an email to matt expressing my concerns this morning. It has been just about 3 weeks that I have been unable to do anything. I am starting to get a bit concerned at this point as I am dependent on V5. It was my choice of course, but I am no less worried. Steve
  22. Good Morning Matt While not in dire straits such as anthony is, I can no longer convert my V4 sequences, nor can I edit them as I am seeing the a similar problem. I assumed I needed to wait until the next Beta version was released and things would be fixed. Should I also open a ticket in order to get by my current issues resolved? Thanks Steve
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