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  1. I have been fighting a problem for a couple days now and just figured out the issue. I had been creating various groups for different combinations of props without any issue and they worked as expected. I was trying to create one large group for the entire house. It consists of about thirty props and 5100 plus pixel bulbs. I would create it and try to use it and it never worked. I only had a list of the individual props and their effect channels. It finally dawned on me, that this particular group had no top level effects row for it. I went in and added one to it and lo and behold it works as expected. So my question is. Should S5.3.4 create a group without at least one top level row? If so can you issue a warning that this has happened. Thanks
  2. I will try to be a short as possible, as I don't fully understand the "create playback File flow yet for 5.3.4. I see that the create playback file option has been removed from the sequencer File pulldown menu. It appears that they only get created now after I put them in a show and start the show. Not sure if that is correct or not. In any case. I tried to run the verifier on a new updated sequence and it could not find the .las file for it. After a bit of sleuthing and creating a show for it, I found it in the directory Lightorama>LORinternal>Playback>L>XXX where xxx is a directory I created for this years files. I ran the verifier and all was well. Is there a writeup anywhere that describes the old way we did things regarding playback files and how thy work now i.e. their creation and where they are placed and when. Thanks Steve
  3. Hi I just upgraded to 5.3.4 and ran into this error. It happens when I select the green play triangle above the preview window. If I select the green triangle in the programming area in the middle of the screen it kicks off the recalculation of intensities and all is well. After that the one that failed works. It looks like the button that failed after the initial load should also start the calculating intensities if needed. I also have another question about the verifier I will put in a separate post Steve
  4. thank you....that did the trick I should have known
  5. I hope that I can describe this accurately.. I just upgraded to 5.3.4 on 2 machines. Now when I open the sequencer i have all the tools there with words next to them describing their function. They are spread across the top and on the right side of my timing grid. So my timing grid is very small almost to the point of being unusable. I have tried resizing windows within the sequencer, and turning off tooltips. I can't get the words to go away and just have the icons as before. Can someone tell me how to get it back to the way it was in version 5.2 I looked in the updated help text also and the pic shown does not describe what I am seeing or how to change it. Thanks Steve
  6. Hi Just saw this and was wondering about how I would "superimpose" the face definition onto my existing matrix. It is currently defined as matrix vertical - Rectangle 16 strings, 50 nodes per string 1 fold in each string. Thanks
  7. Notredameforlife You may be running into a problem I had a year ago that had me stumped for a long time, when I went to V5.V5 does things different. It took Matt logging into my system to figure it out. In some cases, the items are being added to the new view with NO motion effect rows Then you see what looks like a chain link fence or cross hatched row. The way to fix it for me, was to right click on the items name and choose "add/modify motion effect row" effect rows. Then add the number of rows you want. Steve
  8. Not an expert here but my first question would be Does it look right when you run the effect in the editor on the preview image or only when you run it on a "live" show
  9. I certainly would start out by checking the speed you have your Com ports set at that are connected to the LOR Network. It is in the device manager under com ports not sure which tab for win 7. As i posted in a different thread. I have 8 gen 2 and gen 3 controllers on a single network ...2 pixie 16's, 3 pixie 2's , 3 pixie 8's see below......... For what it is worth....another data point I upped my AUXA 500K enhanced LOR front yard network this year, by adding some new RGB props. It has about 600 feet of cat5 wiring and 8 controllers. I now have just over 3100 pixels and upwards of 9000 channels. I use 1/10th second timings. Some musical sequences are ambitious as far as color changes. I finished my final testing last night and no problems seen. I do have a newer pc however.
  10. Matts suggestion did the trick. I added some time to the file and the problem went away. The file has been sent to him in case it can be of any value to look at. Steve
  11. I have a sequence that I have had for years, that suddenly gets an error when loading in the show player. It works fine if I run it via the sequence editor. As with all my sequences, I have made changes to them and created new play files, however this is the only one of about 15 or so that gives me the error when I add it to my show. The error is: 6:27:11 PM: ERROR WITH SEQUENCE (Invalid end centisecond for last replacement event: 11100; channel is 11030 centiseconds) Musical: C:\Users\steve\Documents\Light-O-Rama\Sequences\2018 Sequences\2018 V51 JingleBarbara.play.lms Has anyone seen this error or have any idea how to fix it? I have retried saving the play files. I also tired shortening it a few tenths of a second to see if that would make a difference. No luck Running 5.2.0 PRO Thanks Steve
  12. Thats what I thought too after figuring out the issue. As far as I know, I had no commands for the devices in the 2 different sequences at the same time, hence my post. After I get everything running this week, I will go back and check for sure. It usually turns out to be my fault. Perhaps a warning diagnostic would be nice to alert the person in case they make such a mistake.
  13. I took a very quick look and could not find anything on this topic. If it is somewhere ignore this request. I have displays in both my front and backyard. The front has a legacy network at 56k and a Enhanced LOR at 500k AuxA. The backyard runs on a separate network Enhanced 500K AuxB. Both the front and back have a 800 pixel matrix in addition to a number of other props. The backyard has 1 prop that is part of the musical sequence. On a normal "non music show" night, I run a show that duplicates the same thing on the front and backyard matrixes. I have a preview built that has all the front and backyard props in it. I run animation only sequences. Everything went as planned no problems. On the nights that I run the full blown "musical show", i have the music playing and controlling the front yard lights and a different sequence running the matrix in the backyard . To do this I created various musical sequences for the front yard and a animation sequence for the backyard matrix. In the show player I have the backyard sequence set as a background sequence and the front yard musical sequences in the music tab. So now to the issue......When configured this way both matrixes were choppy and not keeping up, in addition to other props failing. I initially thought I had a performance issue even though they were on different networks. After a bit of troubleshooting, I found that I had to create 2 different previews for the musical show nights. One for the backyard that had the only backyard matrix in it and another that had the front yard props and the 1 backyard prop used in the music sequence. . I redid everything and created new payback files and all is well. I would have thought that this would work with a single preview file as I had no overlapping programming i.e. between the front and backyard matrixes. I doubt many people would run into this but thought I would bring it up. If that makes sense maybe there should be some additional documentation on this subject. Thanks
  14. I don't know anything about getting the necessary files onto the SD card and I am sure someone will chime in....but In S5 you need to create the play files before you can run your show. Open your sequence in the editor and look under the file menu for "Create playback files" I would guess this is the file to copy to your SD card.
  15. For what it is worth....another data point I upped my AUXA 500K enhanced LOR front yard network this year, by adding some new RGB props. It has about 600 feet of cat5 wiring and 8 controllers. I now have just over 3100 pixels and upwards of 9000 channels. I use 1/10th second timings. Some musical sequences are ambitious as far as color changes. I finished my final testing last night and no problems seen.
  16. thanks for the reply. I wanted to make sure the verifier was not telling me something important. I spent the morning trouble shooting my problem. It appears I have a bad CCB string. The offending string works fine up to the 13th bulb and then displays erratic colors after that. I switched ports on the controller and get the same result on a different port. It fails both while running a show or testing the offending unit number in the hardware utility, always at bulb 13. Steve
  17. I am trouble shooting a problem with pixels not working as expected. I think I have overloaded my network...but I ran the verifier to see if it could find any issues and got 17 application file does not exist errors. I have seen other threads indicating some verifier errors can be ignored. Can anyone tell me If I can ignore these? If not any suggestions how to fix them. The errors are listed below LORVerifier Results 1114.txt Steve
  18. Thanks for all the tips.. As is usually the case, it was a user error. On my show computer in the garage, I had the control panel setup to automatically start a schedule. It looks like when it started the schedule even though no shows were set to run until later in the day, it grabbed onto the comm5 port. What threw me off is that it reported the error only on the regular network and not the enhanced ones. In addition, I was able to play a sequence in the sequencer on the enhanced networks without an issue, just not on the regular network. That led me to believe I had a more serious problem than I really had. All I had to do was cancel automatic starting of the schedule and all is good. Matt not sure if there is any diagnostic you might add to help others that make the same mistake in the future. Steve
  19. thanks for the idea.....yes I did close the hardware utility whats odd is I get the error in the sequencer then close it and run the show on demand and all is well
  20. I just ran into this error yesterday and was wondering if anyone had an idea what may be causing it. I am in the process of connecting the actual display outside. I have 3 LOR networks. comm 3 500K enhanced comm 4 500K enhanced comm 5 56K regular I run the hardware utility and discover all controllers on all 3 networks as expected. No Problem. I enable the control panel... no errors that I can see. When I attempt to run the lights within the S5.1.4 editor by selecting the control lights tab I get an error. A window pops up titled Enabling comm port. The error in the window says " unable to connect to regular on comm 5" and the show won't run. If I uncheck the offending network within the control lights tab, the other 2 enhanced networks run fine and the show starts. If I create the play files and use the control panel to run a show on demand all 3 networks run fine and the lights appear to be controlled as expected. This error only shows up if I try to run it while within the sequence editor. I have checked the comm ports in windows and all are ok. I have no channel conflicts etc being flagged within the editor that I can see. Anyone have an idea where to look next. Thanks Steve
  21. Ribbons as I mentioned above using Matt Johnsons design...see the video below they really look good with the tubing he suggests
  22. Thanks for the info K6ccc. I have about 12,000 pixel channels spread over 2 enhanced 500K networks. I think the LOR protocol should be able to handle anything I should ever need in the future. At my age I am not interested in tackling DMX or e1.31 Steve
  23. Curious too... cub do you mean +/- 10K per LOR enhanced network running at 500k
  24. The way I do it is to open the preview I am using and then select the prop I want to modify. Then above the list of props on the left side, select item ...modify. The prop definition window will open and you can make any changes you need to. When you are done save it. If you want a complete list of channels open the tab labeled "String summary" in the main preview design window. Then just make sure you are using the desired preview when you do your programming.
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