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  1. I could be wrong but from what I read I don't believe the verifier has been fully updated to support the S5 loredit format yet. As a test to see if things are ok, you might try just defining a show using the show editor. Then use the show on demand command in the control panel to run it. Watch the window in the control panel to see if it creates your compressed files. The first time it may take ages depending on your setup. After that they should run quickly. That is how I run my entire setup everynight and it works fine with no delays. Hope this helps
  2. Sorry to have mislead you, I assumed you were using Light-o-Rama controllers. I know nothing about Holiday Coro hardware. It sounds like maybe a time to check with Holiday Coro to get the proper definition to use with S5.
  3. thanks for correcting me. I never knew it was there until I saw a reference for it somewhere. I haven't tried it yet nor did I know that looped sequences could not be compressed until I read about it. I have been meaning to submit a request to have an option added to it to compress all loredit files in a sub directory but haven't gotten around to it yet. If Matt sees this please note my request.
  4. EBrown1972 As far as I know you don't have to have your hardware up and running to build the play files.I don't at level 5.3.6 that I'm running. Also I believe at your level 5.3.10, they added a new capability called the Sequence Compressor. Go to the LOR help and look under Software in the index and scroll down to Sequence Compressor. That may be what you want to use. Steve
  5. Hi Have you read the prop definition section in the help text? http://www.lightorama.com/help/ go to index and scroll down to prop definition. For anyone here to help more we would need type of strings you are using, the controller you have them connected to, along with their unit numbering Steve
  6. take a look in the help section on dimming curves that you set in the preview. . Select the strobe dimming curve. I am not 100% sure but it looks like what you are looking for. It says it prevents intermediate values from being sent to the device.
  7. check out this page on the LOR Support web site. It is all spelled out there. You might need to run an enhanced network. http://www1.lightorama.com/network-speeds/
  8. another FYI I am running 5.3.6 tests nightly. I have animations, background, and music sequences. It works fine, so maybe try backing off to it. I have seen the show player hang on starting a show. Starting it a second time fixes hat issue. Also if a sequence needs to get "recompiled" as something has changed, it can take a LONG time. Steve
  9. notredameforlife FYI as has been mentioned in other threads on this issue the playback files get created in a subdirectory path under your LOR Software install light-o-rama/LORinternal/playback/L/.... you can look there to verify they got created
  10. the locations are defined by you. A good place to check what you have, would be open the sequence and use the one of the first 2 options under the "sequence" menu. Choose either "sequence information" or "file references". It will tell you where each sequence is looking for the audio files.
  11. In the prop definition window, chose the type of tree you are creating. There are 8 types to choose from. I assume one of them reflects what you are creating. On the left side in the lights panels select RGB. On the right side in the channels window pick enter channel number on the first row auto number the rest and you should be good to go. the same goes for your CCC2 boxes though the shape you pick most likely will be different.
  12. It is a bit hard to describe it all here. Take a look at the link below. as a start, then let us know if you have any questions. Be sure you know beforehand if you have macros turned on in your controller. You can see this using the hardware utility. http://www.lightorama.com/help/ Read the section about prop definition
  13. jamills I imported the preview and created an animation file. as I had some free time this morning. The groups worked as I would expect. I'll be interested to see what default finds when you send him the file. He's the expert here.
  14. you should be able to apply it to the row for the groups motion effect. I am doing it all the time. A couple things I noticed. 1) If you have an effect in a row for one of the props in the group, it will override what is is the group, so be sure all the member props don't have anything in them. Also check other views, if you have them, as for some reason they don't always show up in every view for the same prop. 2) Effects don't always turn out the way you might think when applied to a group. It depends on the effect. I have some where I applied the effect and certain props did not light up. You should see this however in the preview.
  15. It is quite a bit different in s5. Try looking at the help info http://www.lightorama.com/help/ A good place to start might be the Network Prefences and Comm Listener section near the bottom of the index list. Also be sure everything is defined correctly in your preview.
  16. Could you provide a bit more info about what you are trying to do? I must not be understanding something. You can select "control R" and that will select the entire row and the then set it to what color you want.
  17. Not a DMX expert but take a look at the option in the channels area when you define the second identical prop. There is a selection right below the word channels that says uses the same channel as. It look like what you want and works in my small dmx test preview.
  18. I will put my 2 cents in, until someone with more experience adds their comments. I also ran into the same issue. I wanted the whole house to "twinkle". I defined a group and then created the twinkle effect on the group. It did not look right, so I had to go back and expand the group and apply the twinkle effect to each of the members to get what I wanted. I thought about the whole concept of groups and different effects and it does make sense how it works.For example if you want a wave effect to apply to a whole group that is different than a wave effect applied individually to each member of a group. Things like a color wash work the same on an entire group or each prop individually. So it boils down to the particular effect. Knowing this I found a good friend in the "paste special" command. Program the area you want on one member of the group and then do a copy of it. Then select the next prop in the group and its starting cell and right click to get "paste special". As an option under "repeat across all channels vertically" you select the button all the way to the end of. The drop down menu will let you select to the end of the group. This has saved me a ton of time.
  19. also I believe if you look at the preview prop there is a blue square which indicates where the beginning of the string is
  20. hi Try right clicking on the items to the right of the grid and above it. There are settings that you can change. Changing them got it back to the way I like it and close to what you are looking for. The default seems to have changed in the latest version.
  21. Matt I just got done testing the technique that user "default" said he is using in order to run shows on a slower "show" pc. It is described in my thread "Copy files from development machine to show machine". It seems to work fine. I understand your strategy to keep as much hidden as possible to make life easier and cohesive. I have no idea what the ultimate plan is. I just took a quick look at the hub program and see it has the option to create an SD card show. As I mentioned in my original post, perhaps you could add an option to "create a subdirectory for use on another pc. I actually would like to have a command in the sequence editor to "create" such a subdirectory, but can understand your reluctance to do this. Just my 2 cents Steve
  22. I can't thank you enough for that video and putting it up so quickly. It's exactly what I was looking for and very clear and thorough. I think I now know what my plan will be. I'll run a few tests to make sure it works and let you know if I have any problems. Thanks again Steve
  23. Thanks for your reply. I should have been more specific, in my post, of what I do. I always run the latest version of LOR Software. I have been remiss in updating my profile. I now have upgraded it to reflect that I am running version 5.3.6. I have been programming with LOR for many years now and have quite a number of sequences. Some are animated and some are musical. I run many different shows. Halloween, and New years animated only. During the Christmas season during the week animated only and on weekends and selected party nights musical with backgrounds.Also during the christmas season I run another show overnight on selected props. My largest sequence grown to be 30 minutes long with close to 6000RGB nodes In addition, I have incorporated a lot of animated gifs on 2 different matrixes. I always develop the sequences on the office faster machine. Since the advent of playback files I also made sure that they were built on the faster machine, as my show PC can't handle them. I also usually define the party show on the office machine as it is the most complex. On the "show" machine in the garage I may fiddle with any/all the shows at the last minute, but do not do sequencing or as I said build playback files. For a number of years when I started adding gifs and avi files I admit that I really did not understand/keep up with how it worked and ran into needed files not being on the show machine, so I found what worked best for me was to have my show machine be a mirror image of my office machine even down to the root directories of windows. I have a fast in house network so it was easier to do a copy of all files from inside to outside, if for some reason, I screwed up and I needed to get things back in sync. Now that we have the referenced file option in the sequencer this is less of a problem Also It was never an issue if the show part of all this in the garage didn't match inside as i never play actual shows using the inside machine. Sorry for being so long winded. It looks like with version 5.3.6 I am going to have to take the approach you did with the workaround you mentioned to create playback files. Is the workaround, that you create a massive show with all possible sequences in it to get the playback files created and then copy a set of files to the show PC? Whew....That was what prompted my original question .It seems I need to change my workflow this year to make sure that computer intensive stuff still happens inside yet I have the ability to redefine shows on the fly as needed. Any thoughts would be appreciated Steve
  24. I asked a similar question about this issue on August 16th in this thread. "Copy files from development machine to show machine" Also still wondering what is the best way to handle the new design Steve
  25. As I think a few of us do, I develop all of my shows/ sequences etc. on a faster more powerful machine and then copy them to a "show" pc I have in my garage. I generally just do a copy of the entire LOR installation directory from one machine to the other via windows networking. I was wondering is it documented somewhere for version 5.3.6 exactly the best way to do this. i.e. a list of subdirectories that wil guarantee everything necessary is moved. If not could you let me know. I don't use sd cards or anything. It just occurred to me as I type this, as the hub utility gains more importance maybe a command could be added to it. Thanks Steve
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