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  1. Matt Below is a better description of what I am seeing. I am not using superstar. I am just trying to import a S4 sequence that had a couple PE props in it last year. Up until I was able to do this. After importing, I used the append command to add the new RGB props that I am adding this year. All was well. As of the latest version, where a new view is created called "Pixel editor", I now am unable to append my matrix. It appears in the view but has a black background with cross hatching in it. It can not be programmed. I am able to append my 2 additional Pixel trees without any issue.
  2. I have read in the various release notes that the conversion has been redone a bit. I tried it on a sequence that I had never done before. As my Matrix was not part of my last years display, in the past I always did an append to get it into my view. When I do an append now, it shows up in the view, but the row is cross hatched out and can't be modified. Any idea what is wrong?
  3. S5 Enhancement - Conversion Issue

    Good Morning it looks like we have 2 different problems. I am not using superstar. I am just trying to import a S4 sequence that had a couple PE props in it last year. Up until I was able to do this. After importing, I used the append command to add the new RGB props that I am adding this year. All was well. As of the latest version, where a new view is created called "Pixel editor", I now am unable to append my matrix. It appears in the view but has a black background with cross hatching in it. It can not be programmed. I am able to append my 2 additional Pixel trees without any issue. I assume Matt got my report and is checking into it. Thanks for your reply.
  4. S5 Enhancement - Conversion Issue

    James or Default I have run into a problem where I can no longer get my matrix to work since upgrading to 5.0.8. If I try an append prop the it shows up in the view but is unusable. Just curious what option you are using when you mention converting above.
  5. I see the two colors when the mode has been switched to Start/End colors. I haven't played with it much yet. Try checking your mode setting next to the palette star, maybe it got changed by mistake. Steve
  6. 2 minor issues

    Hi I have 2 minor bugs to report and a couple new more serious ones which I will describe in other posts separately. Minor issues may have been in 5.0.6 too but am seeing them in 5.0.8. 1) When starting to play a sequence, after it reaches the end of the visible window for first time the time bar above does not change. The second time it gets to the end it "syncs" ok and the current time is displayed. 2) When I bring up the effect editor the colors in the default palette aren't right. I have a white box where the red box should be. If I reload the default palette it is ok. Sometimes it will do the same thing again sometimes not.
  7. Animations

    if you like the Pixel Editor and are willing to use the beta software you can create some interesting effects to get started. While not "animations" per se I have been able to construct some very cool stuff for my matrix. I have also created animations using GIFS off the internet, but it does take some time and a lot of times requires editing with a pixel editor. My 2 cents.
  8. I was working on a musical sequence today and had just made a change to my matrix. I had changed the effect and said ok. I got a window that said " a problem occurred while calculating the intensity data. Please save your file and exit the program. Parameter is not valid." So I saved the file. Now each time I open the file I get the same error and am unable to use the file. I also see a little "warning" icon like you would see while driving that is in the far upper left part of the display. It is in the place that spins while intensity data is figured out the "preview calculation status" The bad part is that I can no longer play the sequence. Any idea what to do next. I am a bit worried as the entire sequence is no longer usable. I tried the backup file and it is unusable too. Thanks
  9. Can't open file anymore V5.0.6

    I have figured out the issue. Please see my private emails to you.
  10. Can't open file anymore V5.0.6

    I just sent you the files via a private email along with why I am guessing the backup got corrupted. Steve
  11. Animated gif hangs editor

    Thanks for the reply above. I may take you up on your offer if I need to upload anything large. Just so there is no confusion on Matts part,, the problem I have is if I uncheck the scale image box, that causes the effects editor to hang and I must force quit S5 to do anything. So for now, until Matt has a chance to take a look at it, I am just not unchecking that box. This is not a big deal for me to not be able to uncheck the box. I haven't spent a lot of time playing with scaling on the gifs and the little I did on these images was ok. I'll try some more and see what happens. Steve
  12. I was playing with adding an american flag animated gif today. It is 296KB. When I unchecked the scale image box in the picture option, the editor hung in a seemingly endless loop flashing white boxes. I had to force kill SE. I played a bit more with it, and found that if I created a short music sequence the problem sometimes would go away after flashing for a few minutes. If I use a blank animation sequence it worked fine. It appears it somehow is related to the length and type of sequence. Let me know if you would like me to send the file, as it is too large to attach here. Steve
  13. Animated gif hangs editor

    Matt and Default I tried the GIF file you attached above and saw the same behavior on my machine, that I had seen with my other file. My effects editor screen shows part of the image and constantly blinks with white boxes in it. I have to force quit to get out of it. Not sure if it is my machine but I don't see the effect you described above regarding mouse movement. So Matt all I need is to be able to recheck the scale image button or to be able to get out of the effects editor without having to kill the whole s5 editor. Default.... I don't know how you managed to get the file attached as part of your post. If I try it, it says file too big. In any case, it appears we got the gifs from the same site as the names are identical usa-american-flag-waving-animated-gif-XX.gif. I am just using number 24 and you are using 34. Just replace the xx with 24 and you can try the file I use. Steve
  14. Animated gif hangs editor

    I just sent it to Matt. If you email me I can send it to you. It is too large to attach here. Steve
  15. Animated gif hangs editor

    For what it is worth. I tried what "default" suggested above. Start the S5 editor and do not load any sequence. I was not able to reproduce the hang after trying 3 different RGB props of increasing size. I then created an animation sequence 1 minute long and repeated the test. Everything a OK. I then added 37 seconds of music to my existing one minute animation sequence and converted it to a musical sequence. The problem remerged....S5 flashed various colored boxes in the effects editor left window and became unresponsive. I had to force kill it.
  16. Just wondering why these are gone in V5? Are they coming back in the future? I have a 30 minute sequence that I run in "off" nights and liked to be able to run through it quickly. Thanks Steve
  17. Multiple Copies of same prop after migration

    Tried it again the 5.0.6 and problem is still there as I am sure you know. I did not expect it to be fixed quickly enough to make the latest release. I just wanted to make sure you got the files I sent. Thanks Steve
  18. I am starting to import my version 4 files into version 5. I noticed that I have multiple copies of the same prop showing up after the import. The props in question are Traditional one channel per color. They show up at both the beginning and end of the track 1 all channels list. Only certain props are duplicated not all of them. They function properly and the sequence settings are correct. Shouldn't I only see 1 copy? Thanks
  19. V 5.0.6 Snowflake effect If you ever have some time where you have absolutely nothing to do, could you add a drift option to the accumulation part of the snowflake effect. Just my personal feeling, but the rectangle at the bottom does not look as good to me as drifts might look. It would be even cooler to able to have them moving horizontally like blowing snow drifts Thanks for considering this. Steve
  20. Hi I finally have all my ducks in order and am extremely pleased with the new features and stability of the beta releases. I am now ready to begin converting all my 2016 programs to their 2017 versions along with adding a bunch of new things to my display. I believe I saw, in one of these threads, that there were going to be changes in the next beta version related to importing channels. It caused multiple copies of the channels to show up. As I am importing a lot of props and changing a lot of channels and controllers I'd prefer to use the latest version when I start. I can't find the thread however and maybe I just dreamt I saw it. In any case, I was just wondering if the next beta is soon to be released. If it is I can hold off for awhile. If not no big deal. Thanks Steve
  21. Possible enhancement to simple shapes

    I gave it a try this morning and was able to get it to do what I wanted. Thanks At first blush however, I like the added flexibility and the ease of creating different effects that the peekaboo option gives me. Namely, I can choose Repeat, Movement, and peekaboo hold times. I will play with it more and see if I still feel the same way after a few days.
  22. I just thought I would see what you think about adding the peekaboo effect to the simple shapes options. Some shapes lend themselves better than others to this option, but it would be nice for a few of them. Just an idea.......
  23. Possible enhancement to simple shapes

    Thanks I'll give that a try. There is so much new stuff I definitely am on a steep NON linear learning curve.
  24. Pyro I have a similar problem. I have reported and submitted files to duplicate it. Matt is aware of it and looking into it. Steve
  25. Before using the beta software, I never had the waveform option turned on. Now that it appears by default, I love the vertical bar that slides along the waveform below the timeline. It makes it much easier to line up the cells below that I am changing. I was working on an animation sequence and noticed, as there is no music and the waveform is gone, the bar is also gone. As a temporary workaround, I turned my animation sequence into a musical sequence with 10 seconds of music. I have my newfound and beloved bar back. So to my question. Would you consider adding the bar in the timeline for animation sequences too? Thanks Steve