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  1. Just wondering when this would be used? I don't see any changes on the effect in the effect generator window or my matrix. Thanks
  2. S5 Intensity Data

    I don't have my complete display set up yet which consists of about 10K Lights on the 64 regular channels and about 6500 rgb channels. I currently AM controlling 1 of my 3 pixel trees and a 32 by 25 pixel matrix live via an enhanced 500K LOR network. The rest I am watching via simulations. I have a total of 68 props currently in use. Yes I started using PE last year. For my display it does the job. I have looked at superstar but it is overkill at the moment for what I do.
  3. I have created a group of 3 pixel trees called "Pixel tree group". I get one row that I can use to control all 3 trees. A OK. Expanding the group Pixel tree 1 is assigned 2 additional channels; effects 1 and 2. The remaining 2 trees are only assigned 1 channel effects channel each. Is this the way it is supposed to be defined?. It just seems funny that the first tree gets 2 subordinate effects channels and the rest only get one. The same goes for the group definition is there a reason why it only gets assigned one channel? I would think it should have 2 each. I am just starting to delve into this so pardon my ignorance, as I don't fully understand how I am going to use these features yet. I do see that an individual prop channel overrides the group effect. Thanks
  4. S5 Intensity Data

    Dcroc I can't comment on superstar or dmx but I have many thousands of RGB Channels and 64 plus "regular" lor channels. I have been running the beta ver 5 and PE since the day it came out. I did not run into any significant problems. My old sequences migrated over without any problems. The only thing I have had to do is to get used to the new features. As I become more familiar with them, I am finding it easier to do things than previous versions. You do have to rethink things. Both views and previews are perfect for my display. For beta software I have been pleasantly surprised how few issues I have had.. Just my opinion
  5. Play Visible Turns off last effect used

    Thanks for the suggestion default. Take my comments with a grain of salt, you folks are the experts and realize better than I the side effects of some of the things I am saying. Matt For me it is easy to tell when my play visible has stopped....the music stops, the red bar stops moving , or the view changes back. I have not begun to explore zoomed views etc yet.. So As I said above, I don't begin to understand the "side effects" for more complex displays In any case it seems intuitive to me that the last effect I was using should remain persistent until I change it. It seemed odd that hitting the play visible would negate it. In any case just my 2 cents as a new user of V5, PS I never use shortcuts for what is worth. I see I may have to learn some now. Steve
  6. here is a sequence of events. I would prefer the last effect to stay selected. What do you think. 1) Create an effect in the effect generator. 2) Save the effect. 3) Select the effect and turn on for x number of cells. Now my question. If I decide I want to add a couple more cells and set the effect on all is well. If however I use the play visible button and then decide I need to add a couple more cells I get the error " you must choose an effect" when I try to add it. I then have to go back and reselect my last effect. I would hope that the last effect would remain selected regardless of using the play button or not. Steve
  7. View sorted by color

    I can send you my file if need be but... I have a view which I call all channels. If I select one of the props I mentioned above and right click, a window opens up that starts with the command zoomed playback. There are a number of choices in it. Second from the bottom is "sort channels" If you select it you have 3 options: by name. by color, and reverse. The by name and reverse seem fine. The by color is the one I was referring to. Steve
  8. View sorted by color

    thanks for the info. I was aware of that and have already created groups for each color as you describe above. I just wanted you to know about the sort behavior I described above in case it was a bug.
  9. View sorted by color

    The prop is defined as traditional in the definition. Predefined as: tree180, 1 string, 150 lights per string, 10 folds. I have about 30+ of them defined in the preview. They are equally defined using 4 colors: blue, red, green, and white.
  10. View sorted by color

    It looks like the sort option in views by color does not work correctly or I am misunderstanding it. Should it sort by the color defined in the prop? When I select this option they are not grouped by prop color.
  11. I just went to add a new view and see that on Beta ver 2 the options have changed. I now only have 1) Save current view as 2)Delete View 3)Rename View before it was add, delete, copy, rename. Was this intentional? Steve
  12. Glad we testers are rooting out some bugs. I was going to bring this up before, but decided to wait. Now that you have figured out is is a bug, I have noticed that when I create a new effect, e.g. on my matrix, and then say OK and go to use it I get the error " you must select an effect". Not knowing how things were supposed to work I was waiting to mention it. The only way I can get around it is by saving the new effect in my favorites. I don't think it worked that way before , but could be wrong. You may want to check this out. Steve
  13. Toggle button

    It was purely an academic question on my part. I have 50 single color mini trees each on their own channel. I created a view for them and was playing with the chase tool. Since I had not used the chase tool much, I went back to some posts to figure out how to use it. I saw one post that used it and then used the toggle button to reverse the chase and was going to try it. It appears Titus has a strong opinion on it, so I will defer to him. Steve
  14. Basic Christmas tree shape for Simple Shapes

    Great....thanks for the above tree. I have a tree and a bunch of other stuff that I am working on daily to improve. I have spent hours with Piskel resizing, getting backgrounds and shading right etc......suffice it to say I think any "standard shapes" that you can add to make our life easier would be appreciated. You're adding of the adjustable resizing REALLY helps me. Thanks Not sure if you're interested or not, but I have attached a couple other pictures that I am using with the picture option that you might consider. For the tree I would just like to be able to just change the outline color and/or the inside fill color. Off to the programming of the day. I will let you know if I see anything else that qualifies as a bug. Steve
  15. I have noticed that many times, if I open the motion effects generator window, the tiny window on the top right hand side where you chose the prop has nothing in it. If I select the arrow no list shows up. I can get around it by closing the window and selecting a saved effect from my favorites. Not sure if this is normal or not. It also seems to happen if I select a range of cells on an RGB prop, e.g. like a pixel tree. I thought the select prop and effect would be in the effect generator by default. In order to get it back I need to choose it again from my favorites. Steve