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  1. Hi James, If you have anymore copies left, can I have one also, Please. tmadak@comcast.net Thanks Tom
  2. LOR has always been top notch when it comes to support. I haven't had many problems but when I do, I know I can count on LOR. For me too, Thanks Dan and All at LOR! Tom Jeff Did they identify any specific problems or things that we can watch out for?
  3. Thanks rwertz, I'll give that a try. I did use different loads (all incond.); no leds were used on either of these channels. As a matter of fact, all channels on both units were incond. lights. I use a mixture of both leds and incond in my light display, but these units had incond. I will give that a try. Tom
  4. Hi everyone, I have two channels that are going to 50%, usually after it rains. But I've read the posts and here is the kicker; I removed both unit (they are on two separate units) and put them on the bench and the problem disappeared. But then the next time it rained or got significantly wet, they went to 50% again. Both channels are all incand. bulbs and have a load of about 2amps each. I did not try them on the bench again as I had spare channels and during the show did not want to remove the boxes again. I have many controllers, but these two channels are on units that I bought last summer. No other units have exhibited this type of failure. Is this the reset issue? I did open a ticket with LOR and had them send me some triacs. I will replace this now that the shows are over in order to get ready for next year. Any comments? Tom
  5. My problem happens randomly when running the show or sequence editor. Sometimes it happens, sometimes it normal (full screen).
  6. I found a temporary fix (at least it worked for me). If I do not put LOR into "Full Screen" mode and let the small box appear, then I can resize the box to "almost full screen" and it worked for me. You have to be careful not to maximize the box or it creates an error, but one time per show is better than nothing. If you do this for the first show, all others will be the same. Hope I explained it ok. Tom
  7. I had this problem also, but when I switched to wav file, it disapeared. Tom
  8. Hi Jerry, Sorry I did not get back to you last night, but I was away from my computer. The only difference I can see is that you are using an NVIDIA and I am using an ATI video card. But I'm no expert. Tom
  9. Hi Jerry, I've been running windows 7 almost all year with no problems. Just switched to 3.0.2 though. I'm runing @4mhz I7 processor with windows prof. Tom
  10. I suggest talking to LOR support on Monday. I think it's John who you want to talk to but give them a call and see if there is anything else they can suggest. Tom
  11. Ok, but there is at least one LED on the board lit? When you try to communicate with it, do the leds flash?
  12. Do you have an ohm/voltage meter and are you good at measuring voltages?
  13. I'm at a lost. Sorry I can't help. You might want to check to see if the antenna is tight. Another thing, has it rained lately? Make sure they are not wet or water has gotten into them somehow. tom
  14. Hi Kevin, I've used the ELL for two years now and here are my settings using the Hardware Utility: Freguency is ch16 Speed: 57600 Power Level 0dBm 1mW I am using them with about 150 feet between the two units and I have the about 8' off the ground. If you hit the "Get Current Configuration", you should get a status of the ELL Mine says: mfr=Light-O-Rama, Inc. dev=RF-V4 sn8affdfd6 ver=2.8 spd=57,600 chn=16 os=-1 pwr=odBm (1mW) crc=3535 cmd=0 mxc=0 xe=0rpo=0 rfs=0 rso=0 Hope this helps Tom
  15. I've used the kill a watt for 3 years now and love it. For less than $20, lets you know where you stand on all your circuits. Reads voltage, amps, watts, Hz, KWH, VA, PF and time connected. Works great. Tom
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