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  1. Thanks very much for your input! Dave
  2. I would like to add some video to my Christmas show. What video mapping software are you using?
  3. I also wanted to have my ccp controllers further away from the ccp's. I now have my controllers 22 feet from the ccp's. I used 22awg 4 conductor strand/shielded security cable. Works great for me. Have fun... Dave
  4. I cut one of my CCR's into 24 pieces and mounted them to a star/snowflake. It's one of the star/snowflakes I use in my show. They are suspended around 10 to 12 feet above the ground. I didn't want to have the control box and the AC adapter hanging up in the air and trying to waterproof them from that position would have been a bitch. That's why I wanted to extend the white 4 conductor wire. So much easier to do that than the above. It will be easy to put the controllers and the AC adapter in a small box on the ground and waterproof them from there. Dave
  5. A quick follow up. I went ahead a cut a 22ft piece of 4 conductor shielded security cable (22 AWG) and hooked it up. I's been running flawlessly for the past 30 minutes.I'm throwing everything I can at it, to try and make it screw up. So far, not one pixel out of place. Dave
  6. I would like to extend the white power/data cord. The white one (4 wires) that goes from the ribbon to the controller. I think its about 6ft. Would like extend it to @ 25ft. My question is, would there be any problems doing that if I keep the same gauge wire? Thanks, Dave
  7. My question has been answered. Thanks Tim and Frank. Dave
  8. I am cutting one of my CCR's into 24 pieces. Do you think I could get away using the small wires that are inside a CAT5 cable for wiring them together? Using the recommended 22 gauge is going to add more weight than I want. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thanks, Dave
  9. After looking further in the posts I found my answers. Never mind.... Thanks, Dave Dave
  10. I need to cut one of my CCR's in many pieces. 18 4" pieces and 6 12" pieces. Question 1) After they are cut do I need to keep them in the exact order when rewiring them or can they be mixed up?. Question 2) Is there a problem programming if I use only use 45 of the 50 pixels? I only need to use part of a string. string. Thanks everybody Dave
  11. Hey Don. Thanks for the advice. I think the network solution is the way to go. In the past I was using Firefly's from delights, and had gotten gun shy using networks (pixels coming on and off when they wanted to etc..etc...). I'm hoping I won't have those problems with the CCP's. Firefly's have been a pain for me. Once again, thank for the help. Dave
  12. Currently I am running 5 LOR 16 channel controllers, all being run by my Showtime Director. By adding 3 CCR's and 2 CCP's can I still run everything using the Showtime Director, or will have to setup another network and use my laptop (laptop running the show opposed to the Show Director) for this to work? Thanks, Dave
  13. Greg wrote: Hey Greg. One of the things I said to myself was I had to be able to pack everything into my motorhome (no trailers ect..). So far so good. Glad your kids liked the video. Thanks everybody..... Dave
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