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  1. Mike, Thank you for the reply. I thought that it may be in the Registry. I nosed around but did not come to the correct place. I will just set up computers next to each other and do it one item at a time. I to do see a need for something that will allow a person to transfer those settings from a person development system on to their system the run the show on, if not the same. Chuck
  2. I just recently built a new show computer. I have been playing around with configuring DMX networks on my laptop. I wish to transfer the network settings to the new computer, without recreating all the settings. Is there a file that this information is written to when a person modifies the network configuration? Where is this file?
  3. I do not know how many of you know Jackie and Walter Monkhouse. Walter came up with the idea of the JUMP pole. Instructions for building one are here. http://www.magicchristmasnews.org/magic_christmas_news_002.htm I have seen this in action and it works well. Jackie can put up their mega tree alone while Walter does other display items. Chuck
  4. Do as I did and go to the plumbing supply house and order a full 21' section of pipe. There will be no seams. Yes it is a pain to put in the sleeve in the ground, but no weak point. This works fine till you have the desire to go higher than than the pipe will reach. In my case I am using like 1.5" pipe and they were even able to deliver to my house. Chuck
  5. Sure i have found an error before. A simple email to LOR got it fixed and a thank you.
  6. http://www.lightorama.com/Documentation.html
  7. One input cord or 2? If one input there is a possibility that what is happening on 9-16 could be causing noise in the 1-8 side. Why not try the sequence now, with the display down...on just that controller with just 1-8 doing anything. Does the flicker still occur. Also, you can always push the same version of firmware that is on the controller. On the outside chance something did not load correctly originally. Chuck
  8. Any CFL (compact Floresent Lamps) being used this year that were not used last year. These do not necessarily have to be used in your display, but in your house anywhere. It has been know that these can cause issues. Chuck
  9. My best guess would be one of two things. Loose connection of the wiring connected to the terminal block. Second would be water. Rain water is conductive and this is an area of the board where power and neutral are very close together. Chuck
  10. Check your flood light fixtures for water in the fixture. I agree sounds like your GFCI is tripping. Chuck
  11. As far as I know it does not write to a file. You have the option of copying the status file to another file. Also the log only holds so many entries and then starts over. Chuck
  12. Are you testing all of the outputs on the same power source that has the GFI? Are you only testing one at a time? The GFI compares current out to the current return. So if you are only testing on output circuit at a time that may not reach the threshold to trip the GFI. Whereas when you run the show on the controller. There are more circuits on at a time and it is accumalative in nature. Chuck
  13. you see no change in the Device manager when you plug/unplug the usb adapter? If windows assigns a comm port above about 16, the Hardware utility will not find it. You will need to adjust the port down below 16 for the hardware utility to properly find it. This only applies once you get windows to recognize the usb adapter. Chuck
  14. http://www.lightorama.com/Jumpstart2011.html Although presently there is no schedule.
  15. The answers were above. What more do you want? If LEDs are not turning off completely try adding resistive load. Such as a single C-9 bulb. Try a controller reset. If that don't work then most likely a triac bad. Chuck
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