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  1. I am sure he means with lor and I am sure it will not LOR is closed source same reason you cant load Renard on a lor system
  2. Dale

    Supported DMX Adapters

    let me see if I got this I can use a Enttec dmx box to control my dmx stuff I got that part but what about some thing like this, http://www.productionadvantageonline.com/Control-Adapters-Terminators/XLRJ45-5M.aspx can I use the rj45 coming out of my last controller plug it in the XLR dongel and go in to my first dmx light? then from that to my next dmx light and so on? Or do I have to put the Enttec open first in line and then send dmx out to all the LOR boxs and also to my DMX lights. Still just a little confused in the order and/or configurations I can use, has any one made a top-o-graphical map of how to use the dmx stuff? I am really specifacly looking at using LOR and DIY Renard boards togther can I use the XLR dongel out of last LOR then XLR then into my first Renard then to ren 2 ren3 ren4 ..ren10. hope this makes sense to some one
  3. Hi what I did for mine is i hung all the icicle lights on peices of 1/2 pvc the put small eyebolts on the pipe about every 3 foot with a stainles steel hook screwed in to the house I live the hook part screwed in year round to keep the hole pluged and all so makes it easier to hang and the stainless wont rust or any thing I have been using this set up for 4 years now with no problems
  4. http://www.cowlacious.com/ I am using this for this years new props they are inexspensive and have a good sound for props
  5. Dale

    Cables for UK

    there are other users here from the UK so your not alone I dont kow about the wire size but I have a few friends in Salford I could ask. I have read other users from UK using converters for the lights to change the plug size from your 3 down to are 2 so they can get in on group buys here in the US On a side note I will be in Man in July cant wait to go to a chippy
  6. Dale

    DIY vs Prebuilt

    I am in both camps. I have 9 lor boards and just finished my 3 renard 24 channel SS board. I have 3 more coming in the group buy I spent just under $60 for each board and all part including heat sink. My time is mine I am not paying myself for doing work for my self.it takes me a little longer to do each board just cause my skills are not as fast as some members but I am in no hurry to build them all. I am really waiting on LOR and there new DMX unit that is coming out this Summer to be able to run it all . as most of you know LOR use's there own language to speak to each controller so you cant use just any DMX dongle it has to convert LOR to dmx. I also believe the cheap case are coming from a group buy that is all ready closed on a different board. Dale L
  7. Dale

    DIY Renard boards

    Hi Jeff I would like to thank you personally sending me over to DoItYourselfChristmas.com has opened up a whole new world and I found out just how easy it really was I don't know why I thought soldering the boards was this magical thing but i have increased my channels buy 72 and it was supper easy followed the group buys and saved a ton of cash. I will be able to control all the arches i wanted plus every thing else in my display 9 LOR 3 renard 24channell SS boards = 216 channel's
  8. Will LOR control this type of board I know most diyers use vixen but i would like to try to control this with lor dosent have to be part of lor network just needs to be able to make and control sequnces.
  9. I was having weired light problems after upgrading to the new LOR software so I tried to upgrade the firmware while all the units where still connected and i hosed 3 units after going back and upgrading the firmware one at a time all is better now and with the new firmware all the weird light problems went away Dale L
  10. Thanks Dan I use PC and LOR forums so much I still think of them as one large forum Sorry for any confusion Dale L
  11. I have stated to change over from 20,000 mini's to all LED i figure about 3 years to get the hole house done I just orederd 6 cases from paul and all ready have 3 from last year next year I will probally get 6 more from paul and so on and so on till I get all the LED lights I need Dale L
  12. I would use purple on the ship then and maybe even a few strings of orange to help maybe outline or define the ship specialy in the dark it would hard to see and if you make cannons to go on maybe have some uplighting under them so you can see them from a distance depends on how big your yard is and distance from the road Dale L
  13. Dale


    That looks like the one I used On my foggers I have a small piece of extension cord going to the coil (The 2 prongs facing different then the rest) and have that plugged in to LOR. The fogger cord is plugged in to the wall the other end of the relay post 1 and 2 (I believe) are going to the fogger button. The fogger gets all its power from the wall and all the relay does is short the push button on the remote to trigger the fog I lost the directions I had for it but it was easy to do once I did one. Dale L
  14. I have 5 right time box's mounted on the front of my house each one has 3 holes drilled in the box and a 5 inch metal flat stock bar drilled with the same holes. I use a 3" wood screw with a flat washer on it to go threw the holes and screw in to a 2x4 that is mounted on the house and painted the same color as the house. And a pad lock on each box. It is very hard to get the box of with out removing the screws from the inside. But I really don't believe in any real full proof way to stop a person from stealing them if they really wanted to Dale L
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