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  1. I got it copied to the blog. Thanks for your help.
  2. Download the installer from this page? There are two options shown on the page: 1.) Download Latest Version of Software near the top of the page 2.) Showtime Software Suite S# 3.1.4 at the bottom of the page Which do I use?
  3. I have a question about upgrading from 3.1.2 to 3.1.4. Do I click "Upgrade" or "Download" to do this? I just do not want to cause any more problems than I already have. Does 3.1.2 need to be removed prior to the upgrade? It has gotten to the point that when the show does not start running all I can do is hold in the power switch because the computer is locked up. Once it restarts the show starts running as scheduled, show stops as scheduled, but does not restart the following day. As I mentioned I purchased two"new" computers and downloaded 3.1.2 because LOR replied "NO similar problems had been reported running 3.1.2" and blamed all of the problems on the computer.Each of the computers "eventually" developed problems just as posted in the bug fix. I guess I will try 3.1.4 on one of the spare computers since my show computer is still limping along with 3.1.2.
  4. I'm using Google. I give it another try. The blog is at lightsonflagstaff.blogspot.com
  5. Please let me know which HP model number you purchased. Did you select the one you purchased for a specific reason or just the cost? You mentioned paying $290.00. Was that just for the computer or was the monitor included?
  6. Did you buy the HP off the shelf as configured? Did you have any of the software removed that usually comes preinstalled removed prior to purchasing it? Are you running an anti virus program? I was using an older HP for the first three years which was running the original version of LOR that I purchased which was 1.6.9 ? and everything was fine. I upgraded to 2.9.4 which was the max. for my license. I tested it and it seemed fine. I purchased the two additional controllers and the ELL's from LOR and also some new sequences from WOW Lights. I had been testing everything over the summer and it seemed fine. Next the virus showed up that my anti virus software could not remove. After having it removed and system files repaired I still got the error that" LOR Mointor has encountered a problem and needs to close" which shuts down the show. Then it was on to the used PC that I purchased and the upgrade to LOR 3.1.2 and all of my current problems. I know I have repeated my self, but I'm still trying to make some sense out of this and what I need to do to get the show running.
  7. Please let me know exactly what you purchased or if anything changes as far as how the new computer is working. I have tried two other "new" computers, but have run into different problems on each of them, so maybe it is time to buy a brand new one. All of them were well above the system requirements for LOR 3.1.2. I am still having problems with the show starting automatically ever since upgrading to LOR3.1.2. The last time it failed to start I got an error I had not seen before. It said "tm Next Action_Timer Error: Object variable or with block variable not set". I have also gotten errors that say " Cannot read show file" which other LOR users seem to have had the same problem with after upgrading to 3.1.2. I am really regretting making the changes I did this year which include: Upgrading to LOR 3.1.2, adding 32 more channels and ELL's since I cannot seem to get the show running correctly.
  8. When I copy the URL and submit it for creating my own gadget I get an error that it appears to be broken.
  9. I have a blog where I post information, pictures and video of my holiday display. How would I go about posting the "Light O Rama User with 64 Channels" logo onto my blog? I have used other gadgets such as Halloween and Christmas countdown, but have no idea how to include the LOR logo. Lou
  10. Good luck with your new PC. I'm starting to think I should have purchased new rather than used. Let me know how it works out.
  11. I checked the hibernation settings and everything was set to never as far as the PC going to sleep. I also turned off the screen saver and turned off the real time scanning for the antivirus software. I set up a show to start at noon to run once every hour and it has been running as scheduled so I thought the changes I made fixed the problem. It just occured to me that I also restarted the PC which always corrected the problem when the show did not start in the past so maybe I have not proved anything yet. I also installed LOR and downloaded my sequences on another PC to be used as a back up. Everything went fine until I tried setting up the USB to RS 485 converter. I installed the drivers as in the past and when I plugged it in got a message that new hardware was found and was working correctly. When I tried to open the LOR hardware screen it only partially opened so I was not able to configure the COM port. When I closed the hardware screen it said it was not responding. Tried using several different USB ports and had the same problem.The sequences seem to play OK,but cannot communicate with the controllers since I cannot configure the COM port. I will be out of town for a couple of days, but usually have wifi available if anyone has any ideas how to correct the latest problem. Lou
  12. This was to be my fourth year running LOR. Ran 32 channels and original version of LOR for 3 years. Updated to 2.9.4 several months ago which was max. version of my lisence. Added 32 additional channels and light linkers which I had purchased a couple of years ago, but did not use because of health issues.Tested show using 64 channel versions of original sequences I had purchased, and again with new sequences purchased. Everything ran OK until I started getting a message that LOR Monitor encountered a problem and needs to close. Did Windows XP and Media Player updates as suggested by Bob at LOR. Still had the problem and then virus scan found a problem that could not be removed. Had virus removed and system files repaired, but still have the same problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled LOR, but the problem remains. Purchased a used PC with fresh install of XP and anti virus software. Updated to LOR 3.1.2. Everything ran OK while testing for several days except the last 2 times when the show failed to start even though it was enabled and had the correct start time. Found the show started up after rebooting the PC without having to do anything else both times.I had been setting up a back up PC which I purchased that had been running fine, but started getting a error with the sound card, so it must have a hardware problem. The only time any of these PC's are on the Internet are for downloading sequences,updating Windows and anti virus software. Virus scans have not found anything since the original problem. Have a third PC which is a replacement for the one with the hardware problem, but at this point I'm not sure how to proceed or if the problems are PC or LOR software issues. Does one version of Windows work better with S3 such as Windows 7 VS. XP? I'm supposed to be leaving this afternoon to vist relatives for a couple of days for Thanksgiving, but may end up staying home to resolve this problem since I usually start running the show this weekend.Sorry for the long post. Just trying to give enough details to get the show running. Almost ready to give up,but a lot of people are expecting it to run.
  13. Anyone else had problems with Sylvania LED Icicle Lights? We bought ten sets of them several years ago and they had been working fine. We recently took them out of storage in our garage as we are working on setting up our display. We found most of the LED's had rusted and fallen out of the sockets. The the sockets also have rusty colored stains on them. These are supposed to be for outdoor use, but the pins on the LED's actually rusted off. We did not store them any differently as in past years and never had the problem before. We purchased ten new sets of the Sylvania lights to replace them and had problems with three of them only being partially lit right out of the box. They were supposed to be blue LED's, but two sets had some clear LED's mixed in. The new sets seem to be somewhat redesigned so we are hoping for better results this time.
  14. Please let me know if they get the exchange process worked out. I purchased two of the EDM LCD's as part of the group buy. Both have been assembled and tested, but I would really like to have at least one with the RDS feature. I used one for Christmas last year and the other is a back-up. EDM is considering the possibility of allowing folks with a non-RDS EDM LCD to upgrade to RDS capable model somehow. This is under consideration.
  15. The window that the transmitter is currently by does not have solar film on it. I was thinking of moving upstairs for next year, but that window does have the solar film on it.
  16. I did find a frequency that seems to work and also moved the transmitter and antenna by a window at the front of the house. I still have very limited range as it only seems to work directly in front of the house. As soon as you start going around the curve the signal gets bad. There is also a hill on the street coming from the other direction and the signal is gone as soon as you turn the corner. As far as the EDM LCD settings it is on the low power range and the variable adjustment it at it's max. If I remember correctly the higher setting wasn't supposed to used in the USA. It would be nice if some cars were waiting to pull up in front of the house that they could listen while waiting. Am I expecting the impossible because of my location? It sounds like many others that purchased the EDM get at least a block of range on their signal. Has anyone used an outside antenna with the EDM?
  17. Yes the cover does shut with the extension cords plugged in otherwise it would defete the purpose of using an enclosure rated for outdoor use. The enclosure is 8" deep and the front of the receptacles only extend out 3 " which allows 5" for the plugs. I did use # 12 wire to feed the GFCI's since I wasn't sure how much power I need being my first year using LOR. Building the sub panel only became a priority because I was having some siding repairs done on my house. I thought it would be a good time remove the receptacles I had installed many years ago when I thought they would provide all the power I would ever need. I attached a picture of what I used prior to installing the sub panel. I don't have a clear cover over the buss, but it is something I could easily add once the weather warms up. I do keep the sub panel locked unless I am workng in it. Attached files
  18. I received and installed the flltered USB cable yesterday. The show ran as scheduled, but I still had problems with the show not starting this morning. I found the LED's in the contollers blinking even though status said the show was running. When I unplugged the USB cable to the USB485B adaptor the computer freed up and after restarting the computer the show started to run. I have now installed everything on a different computer to see it LOR II with run on it.
  19. I have the sub panel fed with a two pole 60 amp circuit breaker which gives me 120 amp's of power at 120 volts. The ground fault receptacles do not provide over current protection. Each of the circuits has to be protected by a fuse or circuit breaker to protect the wire and receptacles. I went with the 15 amp receptacles because of cost and the LOR controllers I am using are 15 amp's per eight channel or 30 amp's per controller.
  20. It was already dark when I took the pictures. What you are seeing at the top are the 24 fuse holders for each of the 15 amp circuits. My controllers are going to be located out within my display. I put the LOR network connection in the panel so I can disconnect the network cable when it isn't being used. I have five holes punched in the bottom of the display for the extension cords, but four are currently covered with weather tight hole seals. I'm starting out with 32 channels, but wanted room for expansion. I will get some close up's taken, but like everyone else doing a display I have a lot to do in the next two weeks. I did attach another picture that is slightly closer. Attached files
  21. Here is a picture of my new outdoor sub panel. It has 120 amps of dedicated power with 24 - 15 amp circuits, 2 - timer controlled circuits, 8 - outputs for my 8 channel audio to light controller, speaker jacks and LOR network connection. Attached files
  22. I found that the show stops during the scheduled run time or does not start at the scheduled time. The play back mode " shuffle or play in order listed " is not causing the problem as I thought it was. When it hangs the status says it is playing even though it is not. This morning the show did not start and status said no shows were scheduled even though there was one scheduled to run. I have been working with Dan from LOR to resolve this problem. Unplugging the USB cable to the USB485B adaptor free's up the computer, but I can not get the show to restart without restarting the computer. Dan is sending me a filtered USB cable to try although he is not sure it is a USB hang problem that 100's of other LOR users have had. After doing a search I found some information that had been posted on a similar problem, but yet nobody replied to me.
  23. I am using 32 channels of LOR and the sequences I purchased from them. I have had a problem with the show stopping during the scheduled run time. When this happens the lights and the music stops, but the status indicator shows it is still playing. I've been letting it run while getting other things ready, but if I recall correctly the LED's in the controller's were blinking vs. being on steady when the show is running. The only way I could get it to restart was to turn off the computer by using the power button as shut down and restart did not work.The computer I am using is running Windows XP with a speed of 766 MHz, 192MB of RAM, and 18.1 GB of free space. I did watch it long enough to know it plays through all of the sequences without a problem. I had the songs set to play in the shuffle mode when the problem occured. I set up a show to run until 5 AM this morning and it played all night. The only change I made was to play the songs in order as they are listed in the show. I set up another show to run until I get home from work to see what happens. I am using the USB to 485 adaptor. Is this something that I should have a spare for or don't they ever fail?
  24. 1.) I have a question about connecting my EDM LCD transmitter to my computer sound card. I currently have it connected directly to the sound card output. I would also like to feed the signal into my stereo system amp so I can also use speakers as I have in the past. Is it OK to use a "Y" adaptor to split the signal to feed both of them? Will this cause a problem, if so is there another way to use both the transmitter and speakers? 2.) I have also been having a difficult time determining which frequency to use. I too as other found the frequencies that were supposed to be vacant in my area were not. I also found it varies by time of day if it is vacant or not. I had chosen a frequency in the afternoon, but found later in the evening it was no longer vacant. Is there an easy way to narrow this down without spending a lot of time checking frequencies? 3.) Is it better to keep the transmitter antenna near a window rather than on an inside wall of a room? I am using the test antenna that came with the EDM LCD. Our attached garage extends beyond the front of the house and seems to lessen the distance of the signal in that direction.
  25. I received mine from batch #6 in Minnesota yesterday. I only had time to check for open frequencies and am hoping to assemble and test it today. Is it common to have a back up transmitter? I was thinking of purchasing a second one, but want to test the first one before doing that.
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